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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How food companies trick you in to thinking their food is healthy.

So, I currently feel like the worlds worst mother!  I took my daughter to McDonalds for lunch!  And I did this knowing how their grease bother's her belly. But she's been begging me for chicken nuggets, and we were out running errands, so I broke down and got her some.

After bringing them home and setting her up to eat, I started reading the bag.  On it I'm reading things like "Made with all white meat chicken," "We wash our lettuce twice," and my favorite "All Natural Apples!"  And as I'm reading this, I started thinking...  It's no wonder people buy in to the idea that you can eat healthy at places like this. I wonder sometimes how they can get away with such false advertisement, but then I remember - they aren't technically doing any false advertising. The key though is learning to read between the lines.

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to do this.  They read "All White Meat" and think that means that their actually using "All White Meat Patties. But the truth is, what it means is that whatever portion of that nugget or patty is chicken, is white meat. It doesn't mean the whole thing is chicken though, and THAT is really the issue - well, it's not the only issue, but it's one of the bigger ones.

So I decided I would share with you all just a FEW common "tag lines" companies use to trick people in to believing their products are healthy options and what they really mean!  Think about this the next time you are watching a commercial, reading an add, or even just reading labels in the grocery store...

What It Says
What It Means
Made with...
A small portion of this product is this item.
Whatever small portion of this product is made with this item, is made with 100% pure. Ex: 100% Angus Beef: The small portion of beef that is in this, is Angus beef.
Select Variety
We made a deal with farmers to get their cheapest variety at half price because we buy in bulk.
This item probably wasn't frozen when it was delivered.
All Natural
Ingredients are – or come from – natural sources. Non-Organic, Possible GMO, often contains preservatives, and additives from naturally occurring chemicals, like HFCS and Polysorbate 60.
Low Fat/Salt/Sugar/etc.
We've replaced some of the fat/sugar/salt/etc. with an unnatural, chemically created alternative.

The best example of all this that I know is what McDonalds says about their fries, and what's actually in them!

The bag reads "We use a select variety of all-natural potatoes. From Potato to Perfection!"  One reading this would easily assume that their fries are all-natural potatoes and oil. But what's really in them?  Well, this graphic from GreenTidings spells it all out rather well, don't you think!

And now you see why I feel like Worlds Worst Mommy right now!

Ignorance isn't bliss people - it's cancer! 
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