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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Kindle Books for 10/23/14

The following books are just some of the Free Daily Kindle Book Offerings...  Books listed relate to numerous categories, with the greatest stress being placed on Earth Based/Pagan Religion, New Age Spirituality, Witchcraft, Homesteading and Holistic Living.  Visit Amazon's Kindle Book Page for more free titles.

**All books listed are FREE at the time of posting. Prices may return to normal at any time. Please be sure to double-check the price before purchase! Get them before they're gone**

Don't forget, you do NOT need a Kindle to read Kindle Books!  Reading Apps are available for PC, Smart Phones and Tablets - or you may read using your internet browser.  For FREE reading apps CLICK HERE!

Zen Buddhism is commonly misunderstood, and this is because people do not understand how Zen is different than Buddhism. It is often seen as a religion when it is not, and this sets people up to misunderstand what Zen can be and how it can be incorporated into your life. Zen can be used in conjunction with other religions, but it is more concerned about the present. Zen is something that is a way of life and healthy habits.

Zen is not meant to answer the philosophical questions that many people struggle with, like other religions. Zen is meant to bring you peace and happiness, as well as self-awareness. This is why people practice Zen Buddhism, and it can leave you both happier and healthier than you were before. It can boost your confidence and center your mind and body. Zen brings a sense of peace that many people have yet to experience.

Your fortune teller in your pocket. Experience all the thrill and excitement of your own fortune cookies, now in an interactive book. The fortune teller will ask you to make your choices - but pick wisely, as your choices will decide the outcome. Whether you are looking for love, wondering about your riches, or simply some guidance to help live your life better, you will find all the answers in this book. Do you dare to unlock the secrets of the fortune teller?

Discover the Alchemist's secrets. The function of a talisman is to make possible the powerful transformations which a person would not normally feel empowered to do without a little extra help.
Although there's no basis in science for luck, and maybe luck is only an illusion of control, but control is what we try to seek in a random world. Lucky talismans, charms and amulets can give a sense of preparedness, a feeling of control and a more positive outlook on life, which in itself may give us that 'edge' an extra push to help improve our life, and change it for the better.
"In making a talisman, there must be a link, a bridge, joining both 'Universal Life Force' and the recipient."
Be prepared, with the help of this book, positive changes are about to come.

Chakras, whose name comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” are the spinning energy centers where energy channels meet, allowing your life force to flow freely.

Although chakras are not part of the physical body, they can have a great impact on your health and well being. When particular chakras become under active, a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments can arise.

There are seven main chakras, and each chakra affects the body in various ways. For example, one chakra is primarily tied to human sexuality, while another plays an important role in love, compassion, and the health of the circulatory system. With the proper knowledge, you can learn to recognize imbalances in your chakras simply from the symptoms you experience.

Once you know that your chakras are unbalanced, there are many steps you can take to restore balance to your chakras and keep energy flowing throughout your body. With simple and easy techniques ranging from meditation to yoga, you can care for your mind, body, and spirit by ensuring that your chakras are open and balanced.

Readers will discover the numerous benefits of meditation; many of which are often overlooked and underused.

We are amazing beings and sometimes we need others to help us remember. No matter where you are in life, if you feel the need for change, here you will get the guidance you need to set of on a new journey of change and more well-being. Learn and remember how you can allow more energy, love, health and all the other good things into your life. This book is part 1 and covers the basics.

Visualizing assists us to make the hard-to-do things in life much easier and even fun.

It can increase sports abilities to give you up to 24% better results.

It can increase your confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in strange surroundings.

This is a basic How To Guide to Creative Visualization for personal focus and guidance..

There are many misconceptions that follow the word meditation and what it really is, as there are various ways that someone can meditate. This book helps to clear all that up. The world of meditation is vast, and this book acts an introduction and guide. You can meditate your way to a healthy and happy life by only taking a few minutes a day.

Become more aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your emotions by meditating on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit in a dark room with your legs crossed, and in fact meditation can be personalized to fit whatever you want out of it. You can have different goals with meditation and still reach through the various types of meditation that are within reach. Become a healthier you through meditation, and discover a little more happiness in your life.

You put in a good hours work building a beautiful sandcastle, and right on cue, right when you finish the tide comes roaring up to tear it down.

If there was a way to prevent the destruction of your sandcastle, you would have used it, right?

You just planted your garden and you think it's all going to go well and grow well, except you forgot one vital piece: insect control There are so many insects watering at the mouth waiting to destroy your work, just like the tide and the castle.

Not to worry, this time you actually do have a solution to your problem. Unlike the tide, you can control the insects, and I want to share with you the method I use to help my gardens grow in beautifully and unharmed.

In early days, gardening was all about having a huge open space and growing plants in it. But, in the modern day lifestyle, homes are becoming compact and small, so not everyone can get a lush green lawn they dream of.

It has brought into place a new trend – indoor gardening. With indoor gardening, you can bring nature inside your home, and enjoy the pleasure of having green foliage around. Some people opt for indoor gardening to add to the decor of their home, while majority of people are making their indoor gardening even more functional.

With organic gardening of fruits, vegetables and herbs, indoor gardening has widened its scope. The joy of picking a vegetable from your garden rather than picking it from a supermarket is incomparable and cost effective too.

Is your home cleaning giving you sleepless nights? Are you tired of buying the toxic industrial cleaning products?

Do you want to save money as you conserve the environment? Do you want to know what goes into each product you use for cleaning especially for the things you use every day around the house? This book is just perfect for you, as it addresses your different concerns.

Do you want to fruit trees and produce wonderful fruit? Learn how to easily raise the fruit of your choice and have tons of fresh fruit available at all times. Easy to follow instructions and a wealth of information on the most popular fruit trees await you.

The woods surrounding author Eric Beuning's property are filled with abandoned tools and gadgets, such as his first sausage stuffer. After it failed to perform properly, it was thrown there and left to rust and corrode through rain, spite and hatred.

Everything Eric owns goes through a rigorous field test. The tools and equipment that pass his test of heavy use over time continue to serve their purpose of feeding, warming or protecting his family. Those that fail the test are thrown deep in the forest to corrode through rain, spite and hatred.

This book is about the tools and equipment that have passed his test as well as the skills you will need to use them. With wit, wisdom and humor Eric shares his hard earned knowledge gained from years of hands-on research.

Most people who are working toward self-sufficiency combine gardening with some form of animal husbandry.

The purpose of this book is to take a closer look at three of the most common and easy to raise animals in the homesteading lifestyle:
- Chickens
- Goats
- Pigs

It’s easy to foster a bucolic vision of scattering grain in front of a flock of free range chickens before harvesting their still warm eggs. It’s easy to take this fantasy and add to it a pair of cantankerous goats causing no end of mischief while a lazy old pig chows on some half rotten slop and wallows in a pool of mud.

If you’ve gone so far as to take an interest in this book, then it means you realize there is more involved in raising healthy chickens; goats are worth more than just the random hijinks; and there is a good chance that you can raise a pig that doesn’t just fester around in the mud, reeking of its own filth.

This book takes a realistic look at raising chickens, raising goats, and raising pigs. This includes understanding the numbers. If you are going to raise an animal you should know how much it will cost you and how much added value it brings to your homestead. After all, at the heart of the homesteading lifestyle is a philosophy of self-reliance. The whole notion hardly holds water if it costs you more to raise a goat than you get back out of it!

Whether you have already decided to add animals to your homestead and are looking for solid hands-on information about raising them, or you need some guidance in weighing the many factors such as the cost, care requirements and benefits of raising animals, this book has a wealth of experienced advice.

These days, there are three main concerns when it comes to household maintenance: safe and effective cleaning solutions, saving money and environment-friendly options.

This book aims to address those concerns. This book contains information on natural and eco-friendly cleaning solution ‘recipes’ as well as tips that would be handy in keeping your home safe and clean. Finally, you would be able to keep your home clean without relying too much on harmful synthetic chemicals.

What makes this even better is that since most of the ingredients are already present in the typical household, preparing the cleaning solutions could be easy. All the recipes include detailed steps that are quite easy to follow.

Baking soda is one of the most important materials to have around the house as it has so many vast uses. As a prepper, this product can be a very inexpensive yet valuable item for your stock. It has many uses both inside and out.

This book introduces you to the most common and easy to grow herbs that you can use to prepare your own homemade remedies.

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