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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Free Kindle Books for 7/29/14

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Chances are, you're tired. You're busy, your mind is swarming and your day is crowded. Every day, day after day, it's always something. Be honest: Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Is your mind constantly active, plagued by thoughts of today, tomorrow, and the unforeseeable future? Wish you knew how to fall asleep? How to sleep longer, and how to sleep better?


Here is proof the ancients possessed “secret technology” that made them exceptional worriers. They might even have had the capability to annihilate their formidable foes utilizing nuclear-like devices.

The question is how did they come about such an innovative science?
Did they develop such devices on their own? Did God give the “chosen” unheralded power over their enemies? Or were ancient astronauts somehow involved?

David Medina, along with Sean Casteel, Tim Beckley, Olav Phillips, Brad Steiger and Tim R. Swartz tackle an intriguing subject that gives evidence to the fact that the ancients had supernatural powers that were often lethal. For the first time, here is a detailed analysis of the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. Learn how the Ark was built and housed, and how the priests that tended it were required to wear protection clothing to shield them from what we call today nuclear energy. Moses even used the Ark to create a “controlled earthquake” to punish a rebellion by some of the Israelites. The desert ground opened up and swallowed the rebels, and of course it is said to have been responsible for the collapse of the walls of Jericho.

Discover also astounding air battles, and a very advanced type of “Thunderbolt Energy” that caused catastrophic disasters. There are also the issues of Magical Swords and superior aircraft mentioned in various ancient texts. This work contains fascinating insight into high-tech, death-dealing devices that predate our own by millennia. Did humankind develop such an “advanced technology” on its own? Or did beings for other worlds we have come to identify as Ancient Astronauts responsible for such a wondrous but catastrophic advance in the military sciences and weaponry?

You’re about to discover how to...
Practice the techniques and strategies of Reiki and use it as means of healing your mind, body and improving your overall quality of life. You will also learn how to heal others, its benefits and different positions for self-treating.

Health Through Chaos is a personal journey through cancer, and my eventual return to health. Shortly after I turned 53, I had my first colonoscopy as part of my yearly physical. Thirty seconds into the procedure, the doctor found colon cancer. I spent the next 2 years having multiple surgeries, radiation, and over a year of chemotherapy. I am happy and blessed to be cancer free, with the sincere hope of remaining so.

The most shocking part of the experience was to discover that once the treatments were over, my journey had just begun. Healing my body and soul was a long and arduous process with little guidance or help. I had to discover how to get well on my own, and after 3 years of daily effort, found myself well again.
My book is about that part of the journey, sharing what I discovered, my triumphs and my mistakes. It was not a journey of finding the one ‘right thing’ to do but rather discovering that there is no one thing. There are many facets of wellness and some are obvious and some very small, but each is vital. It’s a personal journey, but an empowering and life altering one.

This book is not intended for cancer patients only. It is intended for anyone hoping to regain their health and for people who have never been healthy.

A simple and informative how to guide for all aspiring home growing indoor horticulturists. This number 1 guide gives you the information you need for your medicinal home growing needs.

A new and different way of looking at dreams…

Dreams are the problem child of modern psychology. For thousands of years considered the voice of the Gods; nowadays considered the folly of teenage girls and new-agers. Many have tried to unlock their secrets; but somehow the fanciful symbols, predictions and insights we’ve grown accustomed to never quite satisfy.

Anders Johansson connects common sense with ancient wisdom to deliver a brand new perspective on dreams. Dream to Survive explains the purpose and meaning of dreams and reveals new principles for dream interpretation. The bravura theory behind this dream dictionary will help you understand your dreams and even show you how to predict future trends.

Rainbow Laser Grimoire is an intense journey through surrealist thought, philosophy, short stories, prose, and wild hallucination-induced fantasy.

This is one to be read carefully. Cryptic metaphors and dada-inspired nonsense are littered throughout this text.

Through knowledge of Gematria, psychedelics, pop culture, and Thelema culture perhaps one can fully appreciate all of what this grimoire has to offer.

Container gardening is one of the best ways for novice gardeners to improve their gardening skills and can be enjoyed all year round! With the right crop selection, materials and tools, you can enjoy an easy, time efficient gardening that reaps great results. Container gardening can be used not just for ornamental plants but in growing organic vegetables as well.

Container gardening consists of growing plants in containers such as clay pots, wooden boxes or recycled gallons and cans. These plants are grown in the containers until harvested. It does not require a backyard garden or a front lawn and you can grow the plants of your choice even if you’re living in a small apartment or a trailer. Not only will container gardening allow you to enjoy and develop your gardening skills, it will help you do your part for the environment. It is a creative way of designing your living space and recycle materials found at home!

Not only is container gardening applicable to ornamental plants, you can actually use it to grow vegetables! These vegetables when grown and maintained properly produce fresh and nutritious results that are enjoyable and good for your health. Start your own indoor garden today and reap the rewards!

If you have a plant or a home garden then it is highly unlikely that it is free of any or all kinds of pests. Many people would turn to harsh commercial sprays to get rid of them. But stop! Before you do that, there are lots of natural solutions by which you can prevent and control the pests and bugs in your garden.

Companion Planting For Thriving Plants
Learn how plants protect and nourish each other when grown together, resulting in healthier plants with bigger, natural yields. The healthy way to encourage plant growth and yields.
Companion Planting Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs
If you answer yes to any or all of the following questions, then this companion planting guide is for you!
Do you want to know which plants should and should not be planted together?
Do you want to grow nutrient rich plants without the use of chemicals?
Do you want to use the gifts that nature has provided to protect and nurture your crops?
Would you like to improve the quality of your soil naturally?
Do you want to know how to start your plants from seed and grow them on using only natural methods?
Do you want to know more about compost? How to make it? How to use it?
Do you want to know which plants are repellent to which pest?

This companion planting guide will show you how you too can grow healthier vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Tomatoes are undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite “vegetables” and there’s no greater satisfaction than growing your own. Tomatoes are the perfect choice for growing in confined spaces in urban areas and are also a fantastic plant for people who are new to vegetable gardening. With a little help from this practical and informative book, you’ll be enjoying your very own delicious tomatoes in no time!

Many gardeners look for other ways to experiment with their gardening and other gardeners look for ways to grow vegetables and fruit in small confined areas.

With 'Growing Upside Down Tomato Plants' you will be able to do just that - experiment and grow in a confined area.

Needless to say there are tricks to being successful with any gardening technique and in this ebook you will find out how to set up a planter and how to maintain it to its optimum.

Stay hydrated all year long with the Fruit, Herb, and Tea Infused Vitamin Water Recipes! Creating marvelous, do-it-yourself drinks with vitamin and mineral boosts that have never been simpler. Parse from fruits and herbs you have lying around your home and create beautiful, vibrant infused drinks. In the process, eliminate all the dangerous factors of dehydration. Rev your metabolism, allow your digestive system to shine, and bring life and glow to your exterior skin. Take the humdrum from drinking water, and take the health risks from staying dehydrated. With an infused water in your hand, you’ll be ready to conquer every day’s task!

Dehydration is a scary element affecting us each day. Any time you feel a little dizzy, a little dry-mouthed, dehydration is already taking its toll on your body. It’s causing your blood vessels to work entirely too hard, and it’s causing your kidneys to retain unnecessary, waste-filled fluids. One day of dehydration doesn’t do so much damage; however, a lifetime of dehydration can play a rough hand—leaving you with severe kidney damage. Kidney damage affects every aspect of your body, keeping good, filtered blood from your every one of your organs.

Keep yourself at your best fighting power. Lift yourself from dehydration with these stylish, taste-filled infused water drinks. No two infused drinks look the same. Each recipe is inspired with creative, colorful fruits and herbs from the natural world. And each fruit, each herb bleeds its nutritive powers into the water, boosting your water to the next level!

The Ayurveda lifestyle has been around for centuries, but it has recently found a new rise in popularity. With this way of life comes a change in what you eat. While “diet change” may bring thoughts of bland, disgusting meals to mind, this cookbook gives recipes that allow you to follow the Ayurveda diet while still eating appetizing food. Pick up your copy today and make the most of your new life!

The book, Carrier oils for beginners is your mini guide to carrier oils – the oils used to ‘carry’ your favorite essential oils into your body!

This book introduces you to the fascinating world of aromatherapy and provides information on almost all carrier oils that are used in this science. Through this book, you get to understand the manner in which you can shop for and store your carrier oils along with the uses of a number of such oils.

The book also details some very interesting massage blend recipes that you can incorporate in order to elevate your psychological and physical well -being. You can say that this little book on carrier oils is packed with information about specific essential oils blends that can be used in synergy with certain carrier oils to help enhance your health and happiness.

"Today I will combine skepticism with optimism in my search for a happier truth."

Home Groupies is a ‘thought for the day’ book in the form of a novella. Rather than being spoken by a disembodied voice, the daily messages arise from the lives of flesh and blood characters. They struggle with their own issues as they deal with their friend Sharon's struggle with cancer.

"Today I will accept sometimes I am powerless over that which is most precious and painful."

David, a fifty-something, bipolar, entrepreneur. David cheats on his third wife with a ‘newbie’ half his age who is pregnant by her married boyfriend. What’s unreal is not the soap opera life he leads, but his rock solid belief in himself.
“Before you judge me, think about this with an open mind. I am keeping her from hooking up with more predatory men. I am showing her that she can enjoy herself without using drugs. Because my needs are being met elsewhere, I am taking the pressure off my wife. All the while, I am sharing my knowledge of Twelve Step programs and how they work..."

Skipping through the whole narrative is a little girl, Chanel, who has seen way too much, but whose spirit cannot be crushed:
“Small for her age, Chanel was seven, going on thirty, going on three. She would tell you with great pride she had completed second grade and could name all fifty states. Chanel had seen the police and paramedics come for her mother. She knew the smell of crack smoke, and how to be invisible when adults thought someone had stolen their drugs. She wanted to be held, and to know when she would see you again.”
Sue is the most prominent of the female characters. She never smoked a cigarette in her life, and had the tenacity to become the first female president of the local carpenters’ union. Sue is dying of lung cancer. She struggles with two issues: being scared out of her toughness, and her anger at the unfairness of it all.
Sharon, Sue’s best friend, accepts the unfairness of Sue’s situation, but worries about her other friends. Sharon’s biggest regret is that she was born too late for Woodstock. She is fluent in eastern philosophy, and mystified others don't share her appreciation for the mystical.

No To Nuclear

If I haven't said it enough, I am about as Anti-Frack as one can be.  In my opinion we shouldn't be just limiting where fracking is permitted, we should be banning it all together.  And in time I feel we should take that same approach to coal and other fossil fuel dependent forms of energy production.  Looking at the headlines lately, I would say that a great deal of American's agree with me, at least where Fracking is concerned.

In an effort to escape the clutches of fossil fuel dependency our government has taken steps funding Nuclear Energy options.  They are touting nuclear energy as "safe" and "green."  In other words, they are lying straight to our faces!

Oh how short the memories of politicians (and a great many citizens) are.  Nuclear power is "green" compared with fossil fuel related pollution.  But lets think for a moment what is "green" power?  What does it mean to be "green?"  In my mind, and I believe in the minds of most Americans, it means "eco-friendly" or "Earth Friendly," which Nuclear Power is NOT!  IF we skip over discussing all of the dangers associated with accidents, and purely focus on what happens with properly working nuclear power plants, we still have some rather horrific issues to discuss.  And of course that means we don't mention all of the inevitable accidents and mistakes which take place whenever humans and nature get involved in anything.

In fact, even when handled properly and without ever being affected by natural or man made disasters, the post fission waste products are extremely toxic (and radioactive) to everything surrounding their disposal sites.  Ground and Water toxicity are common near both waste storage sites and surrounding the plants themselves.  Radiation surrounding plants and storage sites have lead to HUGE spikes in cancers, plant deaths, water contamination and mass animal die offs.

And of course that's all ignoring the fact that Nuclear Power has a tendency to blow up in our faces!  Think, if you will, back just a few short years to the Fukushima disaster.  Nothing the staff did was improper.  In fact from what all reports have said the plant was run extremely well and there was no foreseeable risk of disaster prior to the disaster.  But as usual, Mother Nature had her own agenda which ended in a complete meltdown in March 2011, from which we have not recovered.

Although all of the relocations, injuries and deaths associated with the Fukushima disaster are NOT directly linked to the atomic meltdown, the fact is this - Those living within 12 miles of the plant had to be evacuated from the surrounding area, few of which will ever have any hopes of reclaiming their homes. And of course because of it's placement along the ocean, we are STILL hearing warnings about eating fish coming out of Pacific waters...  Radiation from the disaster didn't just affect those local to it though, in fact radiation warnings were announced even as far away as Southern California.

Rewind back a few more years to the 1986 and we find another major disaster associated with Nuclear Power.  Chernobyl is possibly the most well known nuclear disaster as it's remains have become popular among the many programs which focus on the decay of abandoned man made structure.

The Remains of Reactor 4, Chernobyl
Unlike the disaster in 2011, Chernobyl was not caused by the wrath of Mother Nature, but was purely man made.  According to reports from USSR officials there was a "sudden and unexpected" power surge.  Workers attempted an emergency shutdown which caused an much larger spike in power output which then lead to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of explosions.  As a result the graphite moderator of the reactor became exposed to the air and ignited. The radioactive fallout set off alarms in a nuclear plant in Switzerland and have since lead to the evacuation of over 350,000 people from what their governments believe to be the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. It's worth noting that these evacuations are ONGOING!

The death toll related to Chernobyl is difficult to track down.  The direct death toll from the accident has been completely limited to the reactor staff and emergency workers, at 31 individuals.  Since that time the "official" number has climbed to 64 as of 2008. But, the eventual death toll estimates reach as high as 4000 from radiation related illnesses and injuries. It's worth noting though that this estimate ONLY takes in to account deaths, and makes no mention of the thousands of individuals who have been affected by thyroid, immune system and brain damage related to radiation and chemical exposures following the disaster. Nor does it take in to account those who are affected YEARS after by ingesting affected foods and waters or living in areas which were exposed to low levels of radiation or other contaminations but which were never evacuated (or weren't evacuated soon enough.)

Of course these disasters didn't happen here, and with few exceptions they didn't directly affect the American population.  So it's easy to brush these off or include them in to the "other" category when discussing all the reasons why Nuclear Energy should be cautioned.  In fact, when discussing Nuclear Energy with my American peers I'm often surprised to hear that these examples are seen as something that won't or can't happen here. There are arguments like "American's wouldn't make those mistakes" or "America doesn't have tsunamis" or others similar statements which seem to imply that while the Japanese and Ukranians can make mistakes, Americans are somehow exempt...

The Three Mile Island Accident in Progress
Which of course brings me to the topic of Three Mile Island.  Raise your hand if you remember that one!  NO? That's most likely because unless you are a member of my mother's generation or older, you've never heard of it - or don't really have any understanding of what happened even if you heard the name. No, as a rule it's not something our government prefers for us to talk about. But in fact, it was our very own Nuclear Disaster.

So what happened?  Well, it began with failures to a secondary (non-nuclear) system, and then one of the pilot-operated relief valves in the primary system got stuck open. This lead to the escape of a large amount of reactor coolant.  Due to a lack of proper training and inept design plant operators failed to identify the accident as loss-of-coolant soon enough. Because the accident was not properly classified, when the automatic emergency cooling system started, an operator manually overrode the program, believing there was too much coolant water present in the reactor.  This lead to a steam pressure build up and release. This a partial meltdown resulted in the release of an unknown amount of radioactive gasses and iodine.  It was eventually rated a 5 out of 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.  The cleanup took 14 years and over a BILLION dollars of tax payer money.

Thankfully, it was not on the scale of Chernobyl or Fukushima and there have been very few directly related deaths.  However there HAVE been a great number of cancer and other health related illnesses linked to the disaster in the area surrounding the plant.  As our government so often does however, they have held tight to the idea that there is no correlation between higher cancer and illness rates in that area and the 1979 nuclear disaster.  They are now claiming that the disaster which took place on Three Mile Island was ever of any danger to the public.  Their claims however are at extreme odds with the facts of the incident.

Toxic water, toxic soil, radiated plants, higher rates of disease and cancer in humans and animals...  None of these things occur with truly "green" energy forms!  I'm not going to say there aren't some issues with wind, hydro and solar electric issues, because they aren't perfect.  But when there's a solar spill, people don't die - hell, they go out and play...

So my question now becomes WHY is our government putting BILLIONS more into the development of new Nuclear Power sites instead of energy sources which are truly ecologically friendly?  In my opinion, it's all about the money!  Energy sources such as water, wind and sun light have low long term income potentiality.  It's sad, but true!  And from where I sit, there are just two ways this renewed love of nuclear power is going to end - 1.) we the people step up, in mass, and refuse to support it or 2.) a massive disaster forces the reality of nuclear disaster to be realized.  I for one would prefer not to see yet another disaster, so it's time step up, put our foot down and tell Washington - NO TO NUCLEAR!!!
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