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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free Kindle Books for 9/20/14

The following books are just some of the Free Daily Kindle Book Offerings...  Books listed relate to numerous categories, with the greatest stress being placed on Earth Based/Pagan Religion, New Age Spirituality, Witchcraft, Homesteading and Holistic Living.  Visit Amazon's Kindle Book Page for more free titles.

**All books listed are FREE at the time of posting. Prices may return to normal at any time. Please be sure to double-check the price before purchase! Get them before they're gone**

Don't forget, you do NOT need a Kindle to read Kindle Books!  Reading Apps are available for PC, Smart Phones and Tablets - or you may read using your internet browser.  For FREE reading apps CLICK HERE!

A gripping work exposing the truth behind the myth of religion, J. William Nash’s premiere The Myth of Religion & The Common Sense of the Soul, describes a society deeply in need of awakening. Passionate, deep and thoughtful, The Myth of Religion confronts humanity with the facts about its faith, beliefs, dysfunction and imminent need to change.

Do you find yourself having an overwhelming amount of negative thoughts? Do you find it hard to stay positive, regardless of how much "will power" you try to muster?

This book will help you first accept where you are right now, it will show you that resisting negative thoughts will only make them stronger. Then we will go into accepting these thoughts and seeing the power they hold and (believe it or not) how to to use those same thoughts to your advantage. There are two sides to every aspect of your life. The same things that are causing you to have these negative thoughts are things that can make you stronger and provide you with an unfair advantage in your life.

So stop fighting your thoughts, let's learn how to accept them and let's turn your life around!

If you have a lot of clutter in your place, you may not realize this but mentally you don't have the same level of clarity as someone who lives in a clean, organized space. Sorry if that offends you, but my guess is that you're here so I can tell you the truth. You want to be more productive, you want to be more efficient? Then the good news is I can help you.

I once lived a place that was a complete disaster, and I used to think that it didn't affect my life at all. I ran a business and I just thought that it was the sign of a "busy person". The problem was that being busy doesn't quite mean being efficient. I know it seems like it's "such a chore" and it will take time from other valuable activities.

However, take it from someone who's been as messy at they come, taking the time to organize your enviroment will do amazing things for you. It will bring you clarity and it will make you more efficient. It's almost as if you're inner world is a reflection of your outer world.

In this book I'm going to show you how I do it, and how you can do it to: The best way to get organized!

In this twenty-first century, we seem to be losing control over our personal and professional lives. There seems to be not enough time to accomplish everything. Stress mounts daily, keeping up with the status quo becomes impossible, and life is just what you think it should be. This seemingly never-ending rat race has people yearning for a simpler, more meaningful way of life, and it is for these people that this eBook is written.
If you are looking for a change in your life, simplifying it can be the answer. “How to Simplify Your Life” is a simple process based on ten key ideas which each chapter presents. If you want an uncomplicated life, apply the principles that branch out from each key idea.

Additionally, this eBook provides many tips and techniques for simplifying specific areas in your life, from effective attitude change to simplified shopping. You can use these tips to work for you immediately. We've also included some time-honored principles that have served as good, solid advice for generations. This advice, along with the principles of simplifying your life, might seem deceptively simple. But they are powerfully effective when practiced consistently.

Whether you're intent on climbing the corporate ladder, whether you want to find a way to play more golf or make love more often, or whether you're deciding to raise a family, this eBook will help you find your focus, develop a plan, and simplify your life. Put these ideas to work and you'll find that you have the time and energy you need to make your life whatever you want it to be.

This eBook will give you simple but easy-to-miss ideas on positive living. It will provide key principles and practical steps on how to create more positivity in your life. This book contains the proven and the most effective ideas that will absolutely turn your life around if you apply them faithfully and diligently.

They are easy to understand and follow, certainly doable, and you don’t need any special resources other than yourself and an open mind and heart. It is very exciting to know that you are about to read this, as this book promises to make a change in your perspectives about life, happiness, contribution, and positivity in general.

A spirit intrusion sets the author on a transformational journey from which there is no return. This is a true story of how Annabel Elizabeth Henley, who lived in the sixteenth century, reaches through time to relay a message of grave danger to her reincarnated lover. In so doing, Sheila is drawn into his circle of cultic mysticism. This journey leads to the realization of unbounded possibilities of the vast spiritual world and the conclusion that all of us are connected with spirit.

All beings, visions and scenes borne of spirit or related to regressions are reported precisely as they occurred. Although the remainder of the characters are based in reality, names, settings, descriptive detail, and circumstances have been modified; thus, any resemblance to living persons is purely coincidental.

If you are interested in tarot reading – whether you are experienced tarot reader or a new reader, or just an amateur – have you ever felt the urge and aspiration to step up to a higher level and improve your reading skills? Are you interested in becoming a better tarot reader, hoping to become a unique reader, rather than a standard one?

If your answer is positive, you can learn how to combine the building blocks of Astrology and Tarot by the help of the book "The Magical Combination of Tarot and Astrology", and take your readings to the next level. If you have stepped into the world of Tarot, driven by the desire to improve your life and help others improve theirs, adding astrological interpretations to the classical interpretations of each card will give depth and insights to your reading.

Ruth Aharoni is an astrologer and a Tarot reader with thirty years of experience in consulting and teaching Astrology and Tarot, and is the author of many self-help books on the topics of astrology, tarot, channeling, meditation, yoga, personal change and spiritual development. She offers a synergy of Astrology and Tarot as a very powerful and effective tool to improve Tarot reading as well as reading of astrological charts.

The combination of Astrology and Tarot will improve a lot both your skills as a tarot reader and an astrologer. By learning the fascinating art of Astro-Tarot, you too can improve your skills. The combination of tarot and astrological interpretation is very creative, surprising and absorbing. The astrological concepts in in this book are explained simply and clearly. Descriptions and interpretations of the cards, provided in this book, will allow you to understand them better and fully comprehend their meanings. The methodology presented here helps you grasp the spirit of the cards and utilize the combination of Astrology and Tarot to fully know yourself and others in all levels of life.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to understand the true nature of insomnia as a disease and to devise ways on how to overcome it on your own.

The Pergamum Collection publishes books history has long forgotten. We transcribe books by hand that are now hard to find and out of print.

Early Britain covers the history of Britain from pre-Roman times until the 11th century.

Throughout the ages; there has always been a suspicion, that there exist those who are not of the human tribe, yet who walk in human form; creatures of a borderland between the waking world and the world of dreams. These entities have been both feared and at times revered by the human herd. Now the secrets of these outsiders are revealed, and the theory of the sorcery of shape-shifting is explained.

How we create pictures and images in our mind can transform what is there. It is not our senses that creates our story but our interpretation of what we see and hear, touch, taste and smell. This book looks at the importance of how we interpret our life pictures. How we have the ability to make them something which they are not and if so, then how to use this skill. Being aware in the moment can identify what is actually there, being able to dream, visualise and create intentions, can imagine how we would like things to be. Can you use these skills to your own benefit? This book takes you down the road to start, with a mandala meditation and a gradual build up to stunning illustrations. Be aware, be present and always remember how to dream.

This brief, gentle guide is not normal advice on how you can become happier. That’s because the recommendations in here aren't theoretical. Abstract advice on happiness can be a wonderful thing, but this book is very different from that.

The reason we won’t be going over anything abstract regarding happiness is because these lofty ideas confuse us a lot of the time. I know I spent a long time inadvertently confusing myself over the subject of happiness, and I imagine many of you reading this have had similar struggles. Here’s the good news - this difficulty and sense of confusion is completely unnecessary.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily relax and feel relief from stress, pain, and fatigue? And without going to a doctor, gulping down pills, or getting pricked by needles? Wouldn’t it be a gift if you were able to read the subtle signs your body sends in distress, and then correct the problem before it becomes intolerable? Well, believe it or not, this is indeed entirely possible. Craniosacral Therapy is an alternative healing technique based on the idea that there are small rhythmical vibrations between the various bones of the skull, face, and backbone. Through gentle and specific touch, these vibrations and the regulation of cerebrospinal fluid are used to cause physical and mental relaxation and spark self-awareness of one’s own body, its depth, and its untapped potential. This book will explain the fundamental concept of Craniosacral Therapy, and will take you through numerous simple exercises and techniques that you can perform on yourself so that you can come to understand the inner vibe of your own body and take the first step in the journey of healing.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of.”

How right he is. Our lives are always tied to the tiers: past, present, and future. Unfortunately, many people are either hung up on the past they can no longer have, or anxious of the future that is still to come. Too few of us really live in the present. We squander the time meant for the present on the past and future.

It’s a corporate world we live in, with money and numbers zigzagging around our atmosphere. We’re hardly living, and merely existing. It doesn’t help either that our film industry has sought to keep producing zombie films. Perhaps the zombies are us?

This eBook will show you some ideas and ways on how you can train yourself to live in the present, to actually live in the now. You will learn ways to unclutter your thoughts, to stand still but fulfilled in a busy world, and to take charge of your life. So, brace yourself, your life is about to change.


A suicidal woman is making no progress in her therapy, so her therapist calls in a friend who is a medium. The terror the woman feels is found in one past life, but it takes more effort to discover an obsessing spirit from the Inquisition who wants to kill the woman.

This account of 3,500 words is taken from the files of George Schwimmer, Ph.D., past-life therapist and spirit-releasement therapist, who was trained as a psychic and medium and was able to uncover and remove the debilitating thoughts and feelings of a therapist’s patient.

Bipolar disorder, also known as the “suicide sickness,” is becoming more prevalent in the world at large. Everyone knows someone who is struggling with this, or some other disorder of the central nervous system, yet ingestion of psychotropic drugs is at an all-time high.

If medication for bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses really worked, why are so many people with this condition on disability and unable to function normally in the family and in society?

This book contains the true story of a woman who, after a half century of mental illness, almost gave up. It was nothing short of a miracle that she found the solution to her condition, and she became a pioneer, along with thousands of others, of a new approach to treating bipolar disorder.

'What you see in life, is what life sees in you'

At the core of this book are two practises that promise to free you from the entanglement of the conditioned mind, forge a new cognitive perspective, and help you regain emotional sovereignty.

The techniques are simple in nature, highly effective and easy to implement. However, true success can only come once you understand the limiting mechanism that governs humanity, and is present in each of us. This guide will show you how to successfully navigate the multitude of pitfalls that ensnare most into a lifetime of futility, shatter the limiting illusions thrust upon you by others, and allow your prosperity to soar beyond expectation.

Fact and philosophy are fascinatingly interwoven to not only break down complex ideas, but provide a thoroughly engaging text that has the capacity invoke deep personal reflection and free you from a lifetime of mental imprisonment. At the very least, you will find yourself questioning your most fundamental beliefs, perceptions and behaviours. What begins as a personal journey, has the potential to influence those close to you and beyond.

Whether you are tired of spinning your wheels in the daily grind, looking to regain a solid mental and emotional foundation, or would simply like to step outside the traditional paradigm of society, this book will not fail to inspire you.

Do you easily forget where you placed your keys? Do you often misplace your wallet in the house? Are you having difficulty concentrating at work? Do you easily forget the names of people who were introduced to you 5 minutes ago? Do you find it increasingly harder to think clearly and fast? If you answered yes to any of the questions, chances are your brain is slowing down and needs to be boosted.

In today’s knowledge-based economy and fast-paced society, you can’t afford to slowly process things mentally. You need to be quick on your feet and sharp as a knife mentally. If not, your chances of getting promoted will decline or your chances of succeeding in life and in business will become less and less with the increasing competition from younger, hungrier and possibly more productive people. You can’t afford to be left behind. Learn how to boost your brain power and cognitive performance through many different means by DOWNLOADING this book…NOW!

Most of the time you know what you need to do to create positive change in your life. You know which foods are good for you, you know to exercise regularly, you know which job you’d rather be doing, you know who you would rather socialise with, and you know what needs to happen so you can do these things.

Do you know how to live longer, living longer, living longer and healthier? ... Here's how!

Most human want to live longer and it is quite normal! But how does one live longer? Well it's easy! Indeed, the stuff can live long depend on simple tricks and it’s quite normal and easily.

Do you know what the successful and happy people think about all day long? The answer is simple. They think all the time about what they want and how best to get it. The power of positive thinking and the efforts we are able to provide to develop a positive attitude are the most important two qualities that a person needs to improve his life.

Many psychological experiments show that people have happier life than the average; this is mainly due to their optimism.

Optimism can be learned. You can learn to be more optimistic and more confident with those around you, decide only to see the good side of things.

If you really want to live longer, happier and healthier, some ultimate good tips are show in this ebook, just follow it, you will have a different life after reading this ebook, don't hesitate to read it!

“I was always super ambitious about getting the most out of life. I figured, that there had to be other (more efficient) ways to have the lifestyle you imagine in your wildest dreams. I wanted more. You get raised to fit into the hamster wheel and keep running in circles until you die. The same happened to me too. And suddenly you find yourself in a job you don’t like, working your ass off for somebody, realizing THEIR dreams. And you start to cut down on your OWN visions and passions.” - Thomas Mondel

You go to school, then you graduate and then you get a job. Next there is maybe getting married and buying a house on the list. But this was never my plan. I always disliked living an average (“normal”) life. But still I found no way to break out of it! There were so many missing puzzle pieces and I had no person around me that really was a role model for me – someone who “gets it”. So I decided that I will find it out by myself.

I read every piece of educational literature that I could find and I thought might be helpful in fulfilling MY version of a happy life, trying to see the bigger picture a tiny bit clearer each day. So I took the leap of faith and quit my day job with no real assurance of what will happen next. I started my own little business tried to strike it rich in the app store. But when I first started out, I literally failed in every way or form. I made every mistake in the book and burned big amounts of money just because I didn’t know better back then. I learned some pretty hard lessons.

It wasn’t until I graduated college and learned the right way to “do the business” that I started to see positive changes. Somehow nobody prepares you for the real world in college. So, I figured if it took me several years filled with mistakes and “banging-your-head-against-the-wall”-experiences to find success, there had to be thousands of others out there who were struggling to see positive change for them as well, whether it was happiness, financial independence or just a more abundant and rich lifestyle.

On top of that, when I think back on how intimidated it was when I was first started out, I can only imagine how many other people must feel the same fear holding them back. There had to be others who were paralyzed by these same thoughts and I wanted to help.

Native Americans have always believed in past lives, but it wasn’t until 1928 that the first past-life regressions in the United States were developed and conducted by A. R. Martin of Sharon, Pennsylvania. In 1942 he published a book, RESEARCHES IN REINCARNATION AND BEYOND, describing the experiences his ‘reviewers’ had.

Not only were Martin’s efforts unique, but so were the results. His ‘viewers’ would go into a complete trance and leave their present selves, behaving and talking like persons from the past, sometimes speaking in languages that they did not know when conscious.

It is not often that a record is left of an important innovator, which record, in this case, was provided not only by his self-published book but by one of his daughters, who was in her eighties when she was interviewed.

This booklet of 6,168 words is a ‘must read’ if you are interested in reincarnation, past-lives, and past-life regression. A copy of Martin's book is presently on sale for $400. The information in this article is not in print anywhere.

A person's mind can literally be their best friend or their worst enemy. It is all too easy for us to allow our minds to be affected by the disturbing forces of anxiety, depression, stress, and negativity that we experience in our daily lives.

However much you may feel that external forces determine how you feel, it is you alone who allows these situations to affect you. No one else has control over your mind,, only you, and it is you who determines the state that your mind is in.

If you find that your mind is troubled from day to day it may benefit you greatly to use meditation to calm your mind and take back control of your life.

Black Magic, in the path of necromancy is an attempt to recognize knowledge and influence of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, speech and speech communications, those influences on the destiny and health of the victim. Generally magicians believe that dark magic is an exercise in isolation and secrecy to have personal spiritual growth. They state that usage of black magic has been sustained since the earliest human cultures and deliver a significant spiritual, religious and medicinal use in many civilizations. They further added that theory of black magic is a fact which can produce a result somewhere else, cooperation with the evil spirits those causes the adverse effects and black magic is a scheme of knowledge used for adverse actions within societies.

Generally, magic is divided into different categories. Here is the magic used by the wizards of today and there is black magic practiced by witchcrafts and wizards now a days and of ancient time.
All of today's magicians will readily acknowledge that they are simply practicing the art of misrepresentation and illusion.
Even the world's greatest magicians, those can make the statue of liberty disappear in front of masses eyes or cut a person in half and put him back together again readily acknowledged that they just deceive the masses and the stunt is based on some clued-up deception.

You don’t really know who you are.

Oh, I don’t mean your name or other sorts of identities – which actually hide who you are. No, what I mean is your cosmic identity and nature.

Did you know that you can be trained to heal with your hands, very simply, for a very modest cost? Did you know that you can regress yourself to your past lives and find out how they are causing your problems today and furnishing you with abilities that you developed in past lives? Did you know that you can access altered states of consciousness or travel out of your body? Did you know that there are probably several earthbound spirits attached to you right now, who sap your energy and may be creating problems for you? Did you know that there are modern ‘mystery schools’ in the United States and that anyone can attend these, not just ‘the chosen few’? Did you know you can train to be a shaman, right here in the U.S. of A.? Did you know that many teachers today are trained academics, with advanced degrees?

George Schwimmer, Ph.D. trained in all of these metaphysical disciplines, and helped many individuals with these techniques. In this booklet of 12,000 words, he explains how and why you have extraordinary latent abilities, which at this time it is possible to develop. He puts forth the thesis, first stated by Jesus, that, “Ye are gods.”

This is not a religious tract, not even a spiritual one. It is an account of experiences that Dr. Schwimmer has had over the past thirty-five years, and how you can have these experiences too, can learn all of the techniques he learned. He even gives a long list of metaphysical books you can read, as well as the names and contact information of the organizations where he received training and instruction.

Edgar Cayce was ‘the door opener’ for Dr. Schwimmer, and this booklet can be your ‘door opener’, which gives you all of the information you need to start trudging on your metaphysical/spiritual path. He also lists fifteen of the metaphysical books he has published on Kindle, which are available at very low cost.

If you’re ready, this is your starting point.

The Pergamum Collection publishes books history has long forgotten. We transcribe books by hand that are now hard to find and out of print.

Madame Blavatsky and Her “Theosophy” is a biography and overview of Theosophy.

This narrative comprehends mind and matter so as to justify our desire for eternal material life.

A vividly detailed account of the training George Schwimmer, Ph.D.- a metaphysical practitioner and writer for more than thirty-five years - received from Dr. Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society in 2005 - 2007. Dr. Schwimmer experiences many extraordinary inner events in the course of five week-long shamanism trainings, and recounts them in a fascinating and entertaining way.

He learns to give—and receives—illuminations, soul retrievals, energy extractions (spirit releasements), simulated death rites that take him out of his body, and many procedures that clear and reconstitute his Luminous Energy Field.

He also receives the nine sacred Munay-Ki rites—three of them from three Q’ero shamans of Peru—which join him to a lineage of luminous healers, and while receiving these he perceives and ‘hears’ both men and women spirit shamans giving him these energy transmissions.

This book is intended only to describe this training, so that an individual can learn what sorts of things are taught and one student's experience and reactions. This is not a book for advanced practitioners. It is not intended to be a teaching manual or a philosophic memoir. This is one particular path of shamanism - there are others.

A wonderful introduction to practical shamanic healing techniques adapted for modern life, containing some amazing accounts. This book will open your eyes and change your view of existence, as well as provide you with avenues for spiritual healing. It gives you a view of what to expect, should you wish to embark on this shamanic path, or wish to receive this form of shamanic healing.

Also check out MU: THE FIRST GREAT CIVILIZATION And Its Connection To Peru, New Mexico, The Hopi, And Santa Fe, which recounts substantial facts to demonstrate that the fabled lost continent and civilization of Mu (Lemuria) existed, and that these shamanic teachings were brought to Peru from Mu.

Don't we all want to be happy with ourselves and our lives? It may be easier than you think! This book will give you simple and concise information on how to make yourself and your life happy, despite what's happening in the world around you. Our world continually changes but you don't have to struggle through it, you can find peace, happiness and contentment with all you do in life without having to spend years figuring out how! Learn to be happy today and every day; after all we are only here for a short time. Make it count. Everyone deserves to be happy, so start today!

Jake and Adam make a discovery that is unequalled! Or is it? Find out how the two brothers help save the aliens in trouble by reading- We Found A UFO!

Have you got any idea of what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is? Have it or not, i must tell you that you came to the right place.
The Neuro Linguistic Programming is a new way of psychology (Since the XX Century) which each person can apply to their daily life.

The Neuro-Linguistic programming, will help you to change your life. Nlp, will help you to look at your daily activities from a different point of view. You will find that this things that you believe you couldn´t do, now, with this book help, you will have the power to do them.

Affirmations are a big part of our lives. We have used them to change our circumstances and they are an amazing tool. But what happens when affirmations don't work or stop working?

This recipe book compiles 20 of the most delicious chicken recipes that can be made in a slow cooker. There is a bit for everyone in terms of ingredients and spices, from Mexican heat to Asian aromas or Italian flavors and more.

Find recipes and tips all about baking in your skillet! You'll see unique recipes for cornbread, coffeecakes, cobblers, and more!

Smoothies help in weight loss and offer a delicious, nutritious way to lose weight. Learn how to start a green smoothies diet to lose weight, and get loads of delicious smoothie recipes!

Do you want to lose weight quickly through the popular smoothies diet?

If you are trying to get healthy and need tips and recipes on healthy smoothies and drinks, this guide has smoothies recipes to help you lose weight easily!

When you hear the term “raw food”, it can be hard to imagine what that might consist of. Your thoughts might jump to sushi or something similar, but there’s actually an entire diet based on eating raw foods. What exactly is the raw food diet and why do people stick to only eating raw foods? And why do raw foods make sense for your sandwiches, salads, and smoothies?

To start, raw foods are unprocessed and uncooked foods. This means that if you’re on a raw food diet, you’ll be eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. Ingredients that you’ll want to avoid include meats (unless they’re raw), most dairy, most store bought foods, cooked items, and processed foods. Most people are under the misconception that you can’t heat your food at all if you’re on the raw food diet. There’s actually a magic number that you can heat your food up to, but not over. That magic number is 118 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can eat fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. as long as you’re not heating anything up beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Why only 118 degrees? By heating up your food over a certain temperature, the level of nutrients in your foods (especially fruits and vegetables) as well as the natural enzymes in your food, which help you digest your food, are diminished or destroyed.

There’s a lot of reasons why someone may choose to go on a raw foods diet. A diet made up of raw foods will typically be high in a lot of the nutrients your body needs to function since you’ll be eating more fruits and vegetables than average. You’ll also be cutting out any processed foods out of your diet, which is healthy for you as well. We’ll go over some more health benefits later, but there are also some misconceptions or unproven benefits of the raw food diet you should be aware of.

Those on the raw food diet claim that going on the raw food diet can help cure allergies, asthma, and a whole host of other diseases. Although going on a raw food diet can reduce your risk of several diseases, there’s no scientific proof of a raw food diet curing you of all your ailments.

For thousands of year’s cooks, chefs, herbalists and medicine doctors from all over the world have been fascinated by the wonders put forth by garlic. Garlic has even intrigued gardeners since the beginnings of agrarian societies, and no wonder! Garlic’s reputation as a medicinal and healthy food, its variety of flavors, and its ability to be a companion plant to protect other plants from pests make it a good choice for gardeners.

Flavorful and simple to grow, garlic is among the easiest of foods to store. The design of this book is to help give you a foundation from which to choose the best types of garlic to grow in your zone and region and select the best flavor to please your palate.

It demonstrates how to prepare the planting bed, encourage the growth of your crop, and finally leads you into the harvesting, curing, storing and many uses of your homegrown treasure.

Last but not least, you will find recipes for dishes and sauces with which to creatively use your new harvest, as well as a collection of unusual and handy non-traditional uses for garlic.

Growing garlic is an enjoyable and relatively easy activity to be practiced by people of all ages from small future gardeners to seniors enjoying the relaxation of their garden plots. With the instructions and information provided in this book, the process is simplified.

Are you tired of taking out bags of trash every week with the knowledge that they'll just get sent to fill out the already crowded landfills?

Not only can you lessen the amount of trash you produce, you'll be able to produce incredibly fertile soil that you can use to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables.

In a desperate attempt to cure myself of debilitating back pain, I tried everything: physical therapy, pills and supplements, exercise, alternative methods and more. Nothing seemed to lessen my excruciating discomfort.

I thought my quality of life was truly shot and my case was hopeless - until I discovered the MELT method of self-treatment. This restorative method doesn’t require a lot of time, a lot of money or trips to the gym. Instead, through a series of revolutionary techniques that you can perform at home and take only minutes out of your day, you gradually lead your body to heal itself by focusing on the central source of all aches, strains and stiffness.

If you want to live pain free and get back to a more active lifestyle, my book presents an overview of how to apply the MELT method and start experiencing the relief you’ve been waiting for.

Are you tired of using different body creams that never give you that smooth skin or those pain killers and sedatives that never seem to relax your body and mind or are you looking to improve your hair using natural methods? If this is your predicament, then this great book, packed with loads of valuable information, brings you the solution you have been looking for.

This all natural solution will help you rejuvenate your skin, improve your hair, and relax your body and mind.

You can always find what works for you from the 30 unique, yet simple recipes outlined in the book. The recipes are easy to prepare at the comfort of your home and uses readily available natural ingredients from your local groceries. That in itself, gives you the peace of mind to achieve your health goals.

And that is not all, the fact these essential oils need to be used with other carrier oil add to the health benefits.

Have you ever enjoyed a fresh cut of mint? If you have, then you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These oils usually give plants their distinctive smells as well as offering plants protection against predators.

Essential oils are crisp and clean to touch and are usually absorbed immediately into the skin. This not only rejuvenates your skin, but brings out a breath-taking aroma that you can fondly identify with.

Essential oils were originally referred to as “quintessential oil.” This stemmed from the ancient Aristotelian theory that matter is made up of four elements – water, earth, air and fire. But there is a fifth element known as the quintessence and it was considered as the life force or spirit of life. Essential oils can inspire the user to achieve a positive emotional well being. The fragrance of these oils alone can provide you with a unique and pleasant scent that can help brighten your day. Some oils can uplift the user's spirits, but others are known to empower the human soul so as to release negative habits and thoughts. Needless to say, if you want a balanced and fulfilling emotional life, it is recommended that you make use of essential oils as a key.

Sure, menopause is a normal part of aging…but it is a misery for too many women -- due to the hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog and/or hard-to-escape weight gain. Natural Relief for Menopause puts relief 100% within reach. Here are dozens of proven, natural treatments from the leading women’s health experts.

A necessary resource for anyone interested in alternative approaches to healing, this book contains hundreds of easy-to-follow ways to heal your body naturally and maintain excellent health the natural way.

The book makes using herbal supplements and alternative medicine easy while giving up-to-date clinical information about their history, safety precautions and medical uses.

At 852 pages, The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables and Alternative Medicine is the comprehensive go-to reference brimming with guidance for individuals wishing to improve their health naturally.

As an author and health expert, professional writer, speaker, and health journalist for 20 years, Stacey Chillemi and Dr. Michael Chillemi shares the details of herbal medicine and alternative medicine in the pages of The Complete Guide to Natural Healing. The book’s detailed information on herbal medicine for hundreds of conditions are complemented by color imagery, a section on how to benefit from vitamins and supplements, how to be smart and stay safe when using vitamins and supplements, the comprehensive well-detailed herbal supplement directory, conditions and natural remedies to help heal the body and a thorough bibliography, and reference section.

Easy to follow and well-organized, The Complete Herbal Guide to Natural Healing is a straightforward, educational, inspirational, and ultimately extremely useful reference. It is a much-appreciated gift for the person fascinated with health, healing, natural foods and alternative medicines. With a simple yet direct writing style, the book reads as if your friend and personal tutor are guiding you through the extraordinary world of herbal health and natural healing.

If you are not planning to fight vampires with garlic today, lets fight some pathogens and other pests. Starting from microbes to big pests, garlic can keep harmful things away from you. Garlic is something which everyone knows, unless you were born before 2000 BC. Every cuisine and every culture in the world uses garlic differently.

Garlic has a lot of advantages and a few side effects. This book talks about garlic and its uses. It also provides precautionary information about the bulb. Though garlic helps to repel a lot of infections, it is very prone to fungal infections and other pests. Thus, garlic you buy from the supermarket would have pesticides attached to it. Going organic is the best way. This book teaches about growing, harvesting, curing, storing and using garlic.

Why do you need this book? There are a lot of medical conditions which you may not find severe enough to get medical help, but are causing a lot of problems in your daily life, like the flatulence, heartburn, stinky feet problem and many others. This book tells you that all it takes is a clove of garlic to reduce all the problems. The book also explains about using garlic as a cosmetic for skin and hair care. Imagine a person applying garlic on his face and imagine how much he would stink. However, using the right set of essential oils and other ingredients, the book helps you to make face packs and hair lotions, which would have the effects which garlic does but you would not have to deal with its smell.

Discover the key ingredients necessary to lead you to a healthy life. Inside this easy-to-read guide is a plethora of information at the ready to guide you through the process of healing many of your ailments and troubles. You will find natural remedies for anything from insomnia to a sore throat within this manual and will have the tools necessary to combat many of the illnesses that are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

This book offers the basics of aromatherapy and enlightens the beginners of its essence to the body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy has been practiced since long time for relieving many ailments, but today, it is not only used for physical well being but also psychological purposes. Aromatherapy has been used in spas, hospital, offices and homesteads. The handbook also explains the benefits of essential oils in human life and how it blends with other oils. Aromatherapy oils are then used topically through aromatherapy massages, or released to the atmosphere via diffuses or sprays.
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