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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do You Listia?

I am ADDICTED to Listia! I have gotten hundreds of items and gift cards off of this site for FREE! I've also been able to get some of the crap out of my house by giving it to people who actually want it!

Watch the video - Learn how it works-  Then Join!

Kurt Cobain was one of my first celebrity crushes, and continues to be one of my great loves, even to this day... Not only was he an incredible musician, but he was an incredible person!

CoSleeping Facts & Information

If you've watched the news lately, you've heard all the crap their trying to feed parents about co-sleeping. "It's Dangerous," "Children Die From Co-Sleeping," and my favorite "It's like letting your child sleep with a loaded gun." SERIOUSLY? Apparently the fact that people have been co-sleeping since the beginning of time and the species hasn't died off completely missed these people!

Co-Sleeping has been shown OVER AND OVER again to be not only safe, but the healthiest option for your child. The ONLY time when this isn't true is if a parent has a sleeping disorder, is on medication or drugs or if they've been drinking. Any time a parent is in a state that will not allow them to wake properly, Co-sleeping is not a good option. However, for the vast majority of us, that's not the case!

So, do your research before you open your mouth, and better yet, before you have children!

Evolutionary Parenting: Bed Sharing & Co-Sleeping: Research & Overview

Dr. Momma Baby Sleep Resource Page

Preparing for the worst!

While no one can really be 100% prepared, there are basics that everyone is going to want should something happen. And while we all hope something horrid isn't going to happen, no one ever knows what tomorrow is going to bring, so it's usually best to hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

For Full Article: 

My favorite items from the list - Portable Toilet & Duct Tape! lol

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You IKEA!

So, everyone knows IKEA for their awesome furniture - none of which I can ever afford mind you - but did you know that they were one of the first companies to openly support the LGBT community?

This commercial aired in 1994. It only aired ONCE, after which IKEA received so many bomb threats they were forced to pull it. Apparently, America just wasn't ready - but IKEA was! So thank you IKEA!

Herbed Garlic Bread

OMG, I don't see me sharing this! Make your own!
No yeast, no kneading, no rising time!

 Recipe at: 


NEED HERBS?  Check out Mountain Rose Herbs

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries - YUMM!


~Learn How~

The best reply to teabagger idiocy ever!

HA! Awesome! If anyone knows this woman, PLEASE hug her for me!

THANK YOU! Dutchess St. Rollins! I couldn't have said it better!

Oreo Moon Phases

Who doesn't love Oreos?  Now you can use them to teach the moon phases to your kids too... Which makes all the extra calories SOO Worth it!

**I don't know what site this pic actually came from. I will happily post it if I get it. If it's yours, please let me know!

Chipolte Style Burrito Bowl

Okay, I can't wait to make these for my family! These would be AWESOME in tortilla bowls!

Square Watermelons?

Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of watermelons... BUT, my kids LOVE them. So more than not, I end up wrestling them in to the fridge and cutting my finger trying to keep them still long enough to cut through them. Square watermelons would make ALL of that easier. BUT, the idea of altering them so that they grow square is frightening! So, here's a way to grow your own SQUARE Watermelons without altering them on a genetic or nutritional level!
Click Link to visit: http://www.ufseeds.com/Growing-Square-Watermelons-Gard1.html

The Fine Art Of Dying Your Hair with Henna

Yeah! No more Chemical Hair Dye!


Notice to all readers!

Keeping up with multiple blogs, three children, 2 facebook pages, a local business group, a house, my lessons, writing a book and starting a business is simply to much for this lady! And, as most of you can tell, the Blogs have gone by the wayside! So, I have made a decision! I will no longer be stressing myself over blogs. I am officially combining all of my blogs in one place! You may not like it, but frankly, you don't have to. If you don't like recipes posted along side political opinion and religious information, go find another blog to follow... This blog is about me, in my entirety, and I've decided not to try and quarter myself off to fit the needs of others any more. SO, expect to find a little of everything - RIGHT HERE - from now on!
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