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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I need to do today over...

Okay, so seriously, but 8am, I felt like I needed a do-over for the day, and it only got worse from there. Alec hasn't been feeling well, so we kept him home Monday & Tuesday. Today, he went back to school. So I needed to be up by 6:30 so that the boys could get up on time. So you would think I would sleep the night before right? Yeah, sleep would have been wonderful,but I spend the majority of the night trying, but it simply didn't happen...  Every time I would start to doze, something would scare me awake... 

My alarm is set to go off at 6:25, so don't you know the baby gets up at 4:45 and doesn't go back down til 5:40. Hunter, then got up at 6...  So I get up, get him situated, and don't you know the baby wakes back up. Once again, I nurse and rock her to sleep...  Now, it's time to get Alec up. I didn't even get my tea.

Then there's no clean dishes... So I have to use the kids plates, which are less than great, for their waffles... And there is syrup everywhere. I put my tea in the microwave - FINALLY!  I go to pack Alec's backpack, and I lost his progress report I was supposed to send back in... For the next 20 mins I search high and low for it, never did find it.

Baby is up again... I still haven't gotten my tea, but it is in the microwave getting cold. Get baby changed, dressed and put her in the living room to play while I get dressed and ready to take Alec to the bus. The boys get dressed, I write Alec his notes for missing school and one to say I'm sorry but I lost the progress report, and get everything ready to walk out the door.

Baby pees through her diaper, clothes and on the floor... Change the baby AGAIN. Take Alec in to brush his teeth before we leave, and I can't find his tooth paste anywhere. I try to get him to use mine, but it "burns his mouth" and he spits it all over me...

Finally, it's 8am and we are out the door... Everyone is dressed, clean and packed up. My head is pounding! Bus top goes smoothly! But by the time we get home, Maddie has pooped all down her leg. The joys of trying to clean up a baby who is trying to crawl away!

The plans for the day said clean the kitchen. So I try... Yeah, that lasted about 10 mins. My sink is clogged. I try to unclog it, and the pipes underneath it start leaking water as if they were full of holes.

Shortly after that, Hunter starts complaining his head hurts. Turns out, he has a fever... So I get him all tucked in to the couch... But now the baby is crying, there is water running out of my sink pipes all over my kitchen and Hunter is screaming like he's dying cause his head hurts...

From there on, it just got worse... Alec's bus was late, I didn't have the right card to pay for the groceries, Family Dollar couldn't take the card I had...

Seriously... it's time for bed, and I couldn't be more thankful!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playing the Victim...

I am all about speaking up, speaking out and standing up for what you believe. If I wasn't I wouldn't be me. But I don't understand this need to play the victim just to get the point made. If you want to spread the word about something, teach someone something or just make a point, great, speak up and have your voice heard. HOWEVER, you should be able to make a point without making yourself, or your cause, seem like some kind of victim or target. For the most part, you aren't! Sure, there are always going to be groups out there who have different agendas or beliefs than yours, but that doesn't mean they are working to actively harm you!

I was just reading another blog (and if you read my comments on it, you know which one I'm talking about) which was talking about how "OB/GYNs will try and force you in to a vaginal exam during pregnancy." Really? I have 3 children, I've never once been forced or even pushed in to a vaginal exam I didn't want. In fact, my doctors didn't ever ask to start doing them til I started dilating and was in pain. Now, am I saying ALL doctors are this way? Of course not, but scaring expecting or soon to be expecting mothers in to "Refusing" a vaginal exam before the issue ever comes up isn't necessary to educate them on the fact that it's not needed...

And I run in to the same thing in just about every advocacy circle I run in... Breastfeeding circles would have you believe every shop owner out there is trying to have you removed from their property by force if you try to nurse your child there... Non-Vaxing circles would have you believe the schools will try and lock you up for not vaxing your kids or that you have a fight on your hands when it comes time to register for kindergarten. Religious Tolerance circles would have you believe that every member has had their life threatened just for being different. Pro-Choice circles want you to think that abortion doctors fear for their lives. Pro-LGBT groups want you to think that gay kids everywhere are in danger of being attacked by their teachers, families and fellow students...

Obviously, in SOME cases, these groups aren't totally wrong. But at the same time, they aren't always completely right either... I do my best to raise my voice and make a difference where I can. I educate others to the best of my abilities on the realities of Natural living, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, non-vaxing and non-medicating. And I am usually the first to speak up for the rights of women, homosexuals and anyone I feel is being abused or bullied in any way! But I do my best to do so without trying to make myself or my cause in to some kind of victim. The truth is, I'm NOT a victim! And neither are the vast majority of those in these groups. Have I been bullied, victimized and threatened? Yep! And I've always made it known when it happens and used it as both a learning and a teaching experience, but I have NEVER, and will NEVER assume that because I take a stand on something that I need to come off as the victim to make my point. I know how to educate and advocate without bullying, victimizing or threatening others - which is really what you're doing when you start playing the "they're the bad guy" card every time you open your mouth...  So cut it out!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Police Rescure Victims From Fiery Crash

When I wake up in the morning I usually turn on the news, this morning was no different. But what is usually a rather depressing way to start my day, with story after story about loss, death and tragedy, one of the stories I watched this morning brought me to tears - in a good way.

I live in a nearly crime free area. In fact they closed our police force a few years ago. What crime there is is the quite kind that takes place behind closed doors. Our small town and the next small town over now share a police force. Unfortunately not all of the police on that force are as noble or trustworthy as one would hope police to be. In the past year we've had one arrested for drugs and another for murder. In past years it's been a trend to see them arrested by the "higher ups." And no one really bats an eye any more when we hear about them beating their wives, being to violent with a perp or getting in bar brawls.

In neighboring areas police are something to be feared. They've allowed their power to go to their head all to often. Accusations and stories of police beating, raping, framing and otherwise abusing the people who depend on them abound. So needless to say I have never had much respect for police. Which as an adult I find rather depressing.

I am a huge fan of police dramas, and while most dramas you see on television will generally have ONE or TWO rogue police per force, the dynamic seems to be much different here in the real world. So I sit dreaming of a day when life could emulate art in this case. This morning however, I watched a video on the news where this was very much the case.  Police played the roll of protectors and saviors for those in need. Watching these men reminded me that while the majority of the Police in my area have "gone bad" that is simply not the case for all. Police like these men deserve to be honored and respected. I only wish they were all this brave!

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Million Moms Against Dancing With The Stars

I am a HUGE fan of Dancing With the Stars. Originally I thought there was no way I could get in to that show, then I watched it, now I'm hooked! I love dancing, always have, and the fact that these people are dancing from nothing is fascinating...

This year they have some good talent, and a few who I have never heard of. However, one contestant, more than any other, has been getting some attention - and not the good kind - or maybe, the good kind, I guess it depends on where you sit on the subject. A group called "One Million Moms" a subgroup of the Christian Hate Group "American Families First" has dedicated much of it's time to try and squash Chas Bono's chances of winning. This however, seems to have blown up in their faces as more and more people have come out in support of Chas and against OMM.

In addition to coming out against Chas Bono, the OMM is also targeting a second celebrity dancer, Carson Kressly. They are blaming ABC for trying to force the LGBT agenda and for "forcing these issues in to the homes of Christians."

Seriously? If you don't like the show, turn the channel! If you don't want your kids to know Chas Bono was born female, don't tell them. And if you really want to change the world why not put the power of "One Million Moms" in to feeding hungry children, stopping human trafficking or child abuse, or any of a million other issues... Focusing on the guests of a celebrity dance show is not only ridiculous, it's only going to work against your cause.

This mornings Good Morning America covered the story and the out pour of support for Chas has been wonderful to see. If anything this fight against the LGBT community only brings out more support...  Which is never a bad thing...

Personally, I plan on voting for JR Martinez cause he's just awesome! But if Kressly or Bono have the spunk, they'll get my votes too... Maybe I'll vote for them just to spite this group of assholes women who aim to spread hate... We'll see.
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