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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breastfeeding & Nudity...

I am a HUGE supporter of Breastfeeding, personally I don't understand how anyone can call themselves a decent parent and choose to not even attempt to breastfeed. I don't understand the fear or issues mothers have with it accept to assume that they have been taught in some way that it is gross or wrong... Which blows my mind, but I know even doctors used to tell people this crap.

Anyways when you're promoting breast feeding - especially when you say you have no issue doing it at the mall - you always get someone who hits you with the "I don't want to see all that nudity" or something similar. To which I always say "WHAT NUDITY??" I have seen so many women nurse in public I can't count that high, and never once - NOT ONCE - have I seen someone remove their shirt, bra or any other clothing to do so. The ONLY part of the body that's exposed is possibly a small peek at the belly where the shirt is lifted, but there is a baby in front of anything else...

Then today, I log on to Facebook and see not one but TWO pictures of women breastfeeding in the nude. Once woman was actually standing on her head... Really? Come on! This kind of thing really pisses me off! Breastfeeding is something that I don't believe should be hidden, but at the same time it's photos like this, with completely naked women in their yards or other places that makes people make nasty comments about nudity... Then it's the same women who post these pictures that don't understand why people get upset.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that you could NOT see anything in the photo! She was standing on her head and the baby was nursing while standing on the ground and everything else was not visible because of the way she was positioned... There was no nudity, but it's obvious that she was in fact naked... Now how are Breastfeeding advocates - one of which had this picture on their page - supposed to argue with people who have issues with nudity when there are women out there doing insane things like this? Not only does this kind of thing make us all look nuts, it adds one more round of ammunition to the Breast v. Formula battle...

So Good for you, you stupid woman! You reinforced exactly what you meant to tear down!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I need to do today over...

Okay, so seriously, but 8am, I felt like I needed a do-over for the day, and it only got worse from there. Alec hasn't been feeling well, so we kept him home Monday & Tuesday. Today, he went back to school. So I needed to be up by 6:30 so that the boys could get up on time. So you would think I would sleep the night before right? Yeah, sleep would have been wonderful,but I spend the majority of the night trying, but it simply didn't happen...  Every time I would start to doze, something would scare me awake... 

My alarm is set to go off at 6:25, so don't you know the baby gets up at 4:45 and doesn't go back down til 5:40. Hunter, then got up at 6...  So I get up, get him situated, and don't you know the baby wakes back up. Once again, I nurse and rock her to sleep...  Now, it's time to get Alec up. I didn't even get my tea.

Then there's no clean dishes... So I have to use the kids plates, which are less than great, for their waffles... And there is syrup everywhere. I put my tea in the microwave - FINALLY!  I go to pack Alec's backpack, and I lost his progress report I was supposed to send back in... For the next 20 mins I search high and low for it, never did find it.

Baby is up again... I still haven't gotten my tea, but it is in the microwave getting cold. Get baby changed, dressed and put her in the living room to play while I get dressed and ready to take Alec to the bus. The boys get dressed, I write Alec his notes for missing school and one to say I'm sorry but I lost the progress report, and get everything ready to walk out the door.

Baby pees through her diaper, clothes and on the floor... Change the baby AGAIN. Take Alec in to brush his teeth before we leave, and I can't find his tooth paste anywhere. I try to get him to use mine, but it "burns his mouth" and he spits it all over me...

Finally, it's 8am and we are out the door... Everyone is dressed, clean and packed up. My head is pounding! Bus top goes smoothly! But by the time we get home, Maddie has pooped all down her leg. The joys of trying to clean up a baby who is trying to crawl away!

The plans for the day said clean the kitchen. So I try... Yeah, that lasted about 10 mins. My sink is clogged. I try to unclog it, and the pipes underneath it start leaking water as if they were full of holes.

Shortly after that, Hunter starts complaining his head hurts. Turns out, he has a fever... So I get him all tucked in to the couch... But now the baby is crying, there is water running out of my sink pipes all over my kitchen and Hunter is screaming like he's dying cause his head hurts...

From there on, it just got worse... Alec's bus was late, I didn't have the right card to pay for the groceries, Family Dollar couldn't take the card I had...

Seriously... it's time for bed, and I couldn't be more thankful!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playing the Victim...

I am all about speaking up, speaking out and standing up for what you believe. If I wasn't I wouldn't be me. But I don't understand this need to play the victim just to get the point made. If you want to spread the word about something, teach someone something or just make a point, great, speak up and have your voice heard. HOWEVER, you should be able to make a point without making yourself, or your cause, seem like some kind of victim or target. For the most part, you aren't! Sure, there are always going to be groups out there who have different agendas or beliefs than yours, but that doesn't mean they are working to actively harm you!

I was just reading another blog (and if you read my comments on it, you know which one I'm talking about) which was talking about how "OB/GYNs will try and force you in to a vaginal exam during pregnancy." Really? I have 3 children, I've never once been forced or even pushed in to a vaginal exam I didn't want. In fact, my doctors didn't ever ask to start doing them til I started dilating and was in pain. Now, am I saying ALL doctors are this way? Of course not, but scaring expecting or soon to be expecting mothers in to "Refusing" a vaginal exam before the issue ever comes up isn't necessary to educate them on the fact that it's not needed...

And I run in to the same thing in just about every advocacy circle I run in... Breastfeeding circles would have you believe every shop owner out there is trying to have you removed from their property by force if you try to nurse your child there... Non-Vaxing circles would have you believe the schools will try and lock you up for not vaxing your kids or that you have a fight on your hands when it comes time to register for kindergarten. Religious Tolerance circles would have you believe that every member has had their life threatened just for being different. Pro-Choice circles want you to think that abortion doctors fear for their lives. Pro-LGBT groups want you to think that gay kids everywhere are in danger of being attacked by their teachers, families and fellow students...

Obviously, in SOME cases, these groups aren't totally wrong. But at the same time, they aren't always completely right either... I do my best to raise my voice and make a difference where I can. I educate others to the best of my abilities on the realities of Natural living, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, non-vaxing and non-medicating. And I am usually the first to speak up for the rights of women, homosexuals and anyone I feel is being abused or bullied in any way! But I do my best to do so without trying to make myself or my cause in to some kind of victim. The truth is, I'm NOT a victim! And neither are the vast majority of those in these groups. Have I been bullied, victimized and threatened? Yep! And I've always made it known when it happens and used it as both a learning and a teaching experience, but I have NEVER, and will NEVER assume that because I take a stand on something that I need to come off as the victim to make my point. I know how to educate and advocate without bullying, victimizing or threatening others - which is really what you're doing when you start playing the "they're the bad guy" card every time you open your mouth...  So cut it out!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Police Rescure Victims From Fiery Crash

When I wake up in the morning I usually turn on the news, this morning was no different. But what is usually a rather depressing way to start my day, with story after story about loss, death and tragedy, one of the stories I watched this morning brought me to tears - in a good way.

I live in a nearly crime free area. In fact they closed our police force a few years ago. What crime there is is the quite kind that takes place behind closed doors. Our small town and the next small town over now share a police force. Unfortunately not all of the police on that force are as noble or trustworthy as one would hope police to be. In the past year we've had one arrested for drugs and another for murder. In past years it's been a trend to see them arrested by the "higher ups." And no one really bats an eye any more when we hear about them beating their wives, being to violent with a perp or getting in bar brawls.

In neighboring areas police are something to be feared. They've allowed their power to go to their head all to often. Accusations and stories of police beating, raping, framing and otherwise abusing the people who depend on them abound. So needless to say I have never had much respect for police. Which as an adult I find rather depressing.

I am a huge fan of police dramas, and while most dramas you see on television will generally have ONE or TWO rogue police per force, the dynamic seems to be much different here in the real world. So I sit dreaming of a day when life could emulate art in this case. This morning however, I watched a video on the news where this was very much the case.  Police played the roll of protectors and saviors for those in need. Watching these men reminded me that while the majority of the Police in my area have "gone bad" that is simply not the case for all. Police like these men deserve to be honored and respected. I only wish they were all this brave!

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Million Moms Against Dancing With The Stars

I am a HUGE fan of Dancing With the Stars. Originally I thought there was no way I could get in to that show, then I watched it, now I'm hooked! I love dancing, always have, and the fact that these people are dancing from nothing is fascinating...

This year they have some good talent, and a few who I have never heard of. However, one contestant, more than any other, has been getting some attention - and not the good kind - or maybe, the good kind, I guess it depends on where you sit on the subject. A group called "One Million Moms" a subgroup of the Christian Hate Group "American Families First" has dedicated much of it's time to try and squash Chas Bono's chances of winning. This however, seems to have blown up in their faces as more and more people have come out in support of Chas and against OMM.

In addition to coming out against Chas Bono, the OMM is also targeting a second celebrity dancer, Carson Kressly. They are blaming ABC for trying to force the LGBT agenda and for "forcing these issues in to the homes of Christians."

Seriously? If you don't like the show, turn the channel! If you don't want your kids to know Chas Bono was born female, don't tell them. And if you really want to change the world why not put the power of "One Million Moms" in to feeding hungry children, stopping human trafficking or child abuse, or any of a million other issues... Focusing on the guests of a celebrity dance show is not only ridiculous, it's only going to work against your cause.

This mornings Good Morning America covered the story and the out pour of support for Chas has been wonderful to see. If anything this fight against the LGBT community only brings out more support...  Which is never a bad thing...

Personally, I plan on voting for JR Martinez cause he's just awesome! But if Kressly or Bono have the spunk, they'll get my votes too... Maybe I'll vote for them just to spite this group of assholes women who aim to spread hate... We'll see.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm all shook up!

So today I survived my first earthquake! Okay, so I survived my first tremor.

I'm sitting on the bed rocking Madeline to sleep when I feel my either bed shake. It looked like something out of the Exorcist or something...  It shook hard enough to shake the pile of papers on the dresser over and fall on the floor. At first I though one of the kids was at the foot of my bed shaking it, but when I looked they weren't there... Then I kinda got freaked like "WHY did my bedroom just shake" then they broke in on the TV and said earthquake...

From what I'm gathering on news reports the quake was a 5.9 and based in Virginia. But it was felt as far away as Canada and New Mexico. Honestly, I thought it was neat... I never felt anything like that before. If it weren't for the damage they cause I would say send more!

So anyways, I survived... Apparently my mother and husband live in a bubble though because neither of them even felt it... Oh well.

Reasons why children should NOT be saying the Pledge of Allegiance!

Recently there has been a "Statement" going around on Facebook. It's rather unoriginal and people are simply copy/pasting it over and over... I think I've seen it at least a dozen times! But apparently, as is usually the case, no one thinks before they post... And people prefer to choose emotion over common sense. So, it's become an issue that was simply never meant to be one...
Anyways, the post is as follows:




As usual I'm the only one who doesn't blindly click "like" and re-post. Instead choosing to use my own brain! But unlike so many parents out there, I don't want my children to live exactly as I did because I admit that there were flaws with the way things were 20 years ago and change is needed! This is one
of those places!

So lets explore why children shouldn't be saying the Pledge of every morning...

1. Children Can't Pledge To Anything!
First it's important to understand fully what a Pledge is. According to Dictionary.com the actual definition of the word is "A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something." Essentially it's a contract of some kind.

Now I would think that most people would agree that children should not be making "solemn binding promises" or entering in to any form of contract. Children simply don't have the understanding or mental capability to take such action. It's this same reason most people use to argue against teen weddings or children making medical choices for themselves. Children simply don't have the ability to make a promise to or for anything on a life long basis, hell, my kids promise me every day they aren't going to argue, they'll keep their room clean and they'll let their sister sleep... And they can't remember those promises 3 hours later, so how can we expect them to take a life long Pledge of Allegiance to a country?

We don't allow children to enter in to ANY form of contract in any other context. And the reason simply is because they do not have the maturity to make those choices for themselves. Who in their right mind would think a child has the ability to do such a thing? Yet, we expect them to Pledge their Allegiance to our country every day they go to school?

2. Devaluation of the Pledge & What it Stands For.
A pledge is only as valuable as the sincerity and ability of those who take it. Children tend to be very sincere, but only because they have no grasp of forever. Every day when my children promise not to fight, they are very sincere about it, they truly mean it. But hours later, it goes right out the window when someone sits on the other's bed or plays with the other's toys... Which takes me to the "ability" aspect. It's not that children don't want to do what they say, they simply don't have the ability to follow through with long term promises.

You wouldn't put much value in a blind man's pledge to watch your child. Why? Because no matter how much he promised to do his best, he can't see them. So how can we place value in a life long Pledge taken by children who can't grasp the reality of what life long means?

I am the type of person who feels it's important to place value on promises and pledges! I teach my children never to promise something they don't plan to keep or that they aren't 200% sure of. At one point in history breaking an oath or pledge was punishable by death. Thankfully we aren't killing people for breaking promises today. But we are setting our children up to fail. I mean any child who decides to move to another country, travel the world, or take up a political opinion or belief which counters those currently held would in fact be breaking this pledge which they took as a child.

Complete devaluation!

3. It's Unconstitutional
Each of us has a constitutional right to a freedom of religion. That freedom means we are guaranteed the freedom of our own religious beliefs and that our government has no ability to dictate or control our beliefs, practice or worship in either public or private. This means by having children Pledge their Allegiance to anything but themselves or their God limits their freedom to have their own beliefs... 

It's also worth noting that the original Pledge of Allegiance had no mention of God. This wasn't in fact added until 1954, prior to that there was no direct religious connection. But it did still limit one's ability to properly follow their own convictions.

For those who do not believe in God, saying this Pledge violates their freedom by mixing religion with politics. For those who do believe in God this violates their freedom by aligning their beliefs with a God whom may or may not be the one they believe in. In addition it also supposes that this God would approve of the government as it stands today - which there is no way to prove.

Now, don't get me wrong, I believe that the Pledge of Allegiance should be taught. However I don't believe children should be expected to say it. Those who take this oath to serve and honor our country should be of sound, stable and mature mind, they should have the ability to understand the seriousness of their oath and know that it doesn't counter personal or religious beliefs to do so. Children simply can't do that.

I love this country. I hope my children will as well. And I believe that if someone is to promise their allegiance to it they should be expected and obligated to do so. Anything less is traitorous, and should not be tolerate! Again, children have no ability to take such and oath or to understand the breath of what they do when they repeat those words.

Now, I've been told that this is a subject I take to seriously. But I say if you aren't taking it seriously there is something greatly wrong. The Pledge of Allegiance is in fact an oath of loyalty to our flag and to our country, it is a serious thing - It should be taken seriously! And it shouldn't be taken less seriously by children, instead it's seriousness is something we need to impress upon them so they understand the weight of those words! It something which they need to understand can not be taken back, can not be broken and can not be taken lightly...  An oath of loyalty to ANY government, group, person, faith or belief is something which a child should never be expected to enter in to. They are adult matters and should only be entered in to by adults who both understand the weight and length of what their words mean!

Pride in this country can only be taught and expressed by showing a child how great this country truly is! Our political system, our legal system, and our history are awesome and worthy of honor, love and pride. As far as I am concerned they are more than enough reason to pledge your loyalty to this country, but only by those who have the ability to properly make that oath. So teach your children the history of this great land! Teach them the good and the bad! And allow them to see the greatness which their generation is about to inherit. Don't teach them to take blind oaths and easily breakable promises. The ability to repeat a 120 year old poem does not qualify someone as a patriot - Knowing that this country is the greatest on Earth and being willing to make a life long oath of loyalty and love knowing full well they may have to back that up with their lives does! There's a HUGE difference!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot Sauce and Cold Showers for a 7 year old?

The following video is from today's Good Morning America Broadcast. As a mother, the video brought me to tears! - Just a warning!

I am NOT against physical discipline and agree that I would prefer my children learn consequences as children than be faced with adult consequences later. That said, there is a difference between physical discipline and abuse!

Hot sauce is NOT an okay way to discipline a child and can cause health issues. It's literally acid! Putting acid in a child's mouth is simply not okay! And let me be clear here, adding hot sauce to food, which dilutes the potency, acidity and pain is completely different than forcing a child to hold a mouthful of sauce...  Want proof? Do it yourself! Take a spoonful of hot sauce and hold it in your mouth, now tell me there is no difference between that and food!

And as for the cold shower...  I shouldn't even need to address this! Cold showers were used as punishment and torture by the Nazis. And are used today as torture by armies trying to force confessions or information from war prisoners all over the world. Why would ANYONE think this kind of treatment is okay to use on a SEVEN year old CHILD? Hell, for that matter, there is some debate over whether or not it should be used for prisoners of war... 

Now, to the question of "does she belong in prison?" Believe it or not, I'm on the fence! First, I am a firm believer that child abusers belong in prison! And I don't believe they should have the right to regain custody after they get out either... But here's the thing, this woman belonged to a generation where this type of punishment was considered normal and even loving by some. The idea that we have to be hard on our children or they will grow up weak was very much a part of the blue collar culture for many generations. I don't believe it was any more right than it is today, but the fact is, that's how it was.

My mother picked a switch off the tree, her father used a belt... Today, I would hope someone would remove children from a home like that, but then, it was not only accepted, but expected! I feel this woman is repeating that cycle and honestly doing what she believes she is supposed to do. The footage is from an episode of Dr. Phil where they were attempting to help mothers who had issues with anger and went to far with physical discipline. She was trying to get help, not just for her, but for her son. She was taking steps to better herself for the sake of this child.

So I think she believed she was doing what was best for the child, in an attempt to better his life and give him a good start... The child himself was an abandoned orphan from an alcoholic mother and a criminal for a father in Russia. When he was removed from his mother he and his brother were sleeping on shelves... This woman didn't only have four children of her own, but had adopted this in need child and his twin brother. She wanted to do everything she could to give him the life he deserved... But good intentions can sometimes lead to bad actions, and in this case, they did.

But prison? I don't think she is the classic child abuser. I don't think this was a control issue or a child who is unloved. I think this is a mother who is repeating an abuse cycle out of a true want to create a better life for this child and his twin. She made bad choices! And she needs help, but she's already admitted to and reached out for that! So, therapy, parenting classes, mentoring, even community service? These could be wonderfully benefits for this mother AND her children! But prison? What's that going to do? Remove the mother? Leave the father with 6 kids all by himself? Sure, but is it going to fix the problem? Far from it. If anything it's going to create more issues!

I understand that the system wants to make an example of this woman, and that since her issues were aired on TV something has to be done. But I think there are better options out there than a year of prison for her and a year without their mother for the kids.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homeless people are people too!

So yesterday I was listening to the radio and the "daily question" on one of the local stations was "How do you handle homeless people asking for money?" The answers I heard made me sick to my stomach! But one in particular made me so angry I had to change the station.

A man called in and said "I work hard for my money and shouldn't have to share it with low life's who can't be bothered to do for themselves." he then went on to tell the story of how he saw a guy with a sign that said "I need beer" so he went and bought the man a 6-pack...  Seriously? People who are starving, cold, wet & sick... They don't deserve your $.50 but some guy begging for alcohol earns a 6-pack? What the hell is wrong with people!

Homeless people aren't all angels, and many of them are there because they made poor choices. BUT, they aren't less than people because they are poor. Sure, there are those who will take your dollar and buy booze or a fix. But who are you to decide that someone doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt? Who are you to decide they aren't going to buy a dollar sandwich? And if you're really so convinced that they are going to do something you don't agree with with your money, go buy them a sandwich or a loaf of bread! Give them something that they can't spend on drugs... but don't just walk away!

People seem to think it's so easy to get off the street and that only bums are there. But in reality any of us can end up on the streets  at nearly any time. Some of the most common reason for homelessness are mental illness, job loss and divorce. Things which can and do happen to anyone!

And getting out of that kind of situation is even harder than preventing it! You can't get off the street til you have an income. You can't have an income til you get a job. You can't get a job til you are off the street & have a valid address... It's not like someone chooses to stay on the street or chooses not to do better for themselves. But the cycle of negativity is ridiculous!

Pittsburgh has about 400 shelter spots which are given on a first come first serve basis. But there are about 1500 to 2000 people living on the streets of the city year round who simply can't find a shelter with room! Or course they are dirty, smelly, cold, hungry and needy... You would be too if you were living in back alley ways with one outfit and no where to shower for weeks or months at a time! Why would you hold it against them? Common sense says if you don't want to have them in the system or have them on the corner begging you need to help them get out of the situation they are in.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awesome Show Today!

So I had a great Wildtree show today at the local coffee shop! It wasn't the largest show I ever had, but it was a great fun time. I was able to make some great connections on the local business front and get a few more people introduced to Wildtree at the same time! Thanks to all those who came and thanks to all that ordered! If you'd still like to order I won't be finalizing my order til Monday, so visit the website and place your order or give me a call and let me know what you need!

Friday, August 5, 2011

So I have to sell my car to pay for my BILs porn...

First let me say I'm all about "Do the Crime - Do the Time" kind of thinking. But when did paying the bill become the crime? I am one of these people who honestly never downloads ANYTHING unless I have paid for it and know it's from a company and not some person who could be screwing me with a virus or something. My Brother-In-Law however, not so much. He's a big P2P user. I have said over and over again - STOP DOWNLOADING!!! I hate it! All our computers are on a network together and the last thing I want is some creep bugging our network because he downloaded the wrong thing.

So anyways, he apparently can't enjoy all the free porn that's already online, he had to download some... And low and behold, he violated copyright laws. But it's MY name on the Internet bill... So guess who's being sued. Not him. Not the adult that actually broke the law... But ME. I got a notice yesterday that said I have 20 days to settle the case out of court for $3500, or they are taking me to court for the full $30,000 allowed by law... 

Where the hell am I going to get that kind of money? Seriously! We don't have the cash to pay the Gas bill right now, and now I have to come up with $3500 or face $30,000? So, it looks like we need to sell the car now. Yep, that's right, I'm going to be a full time mom of 3, with no car, and a HUGE hill between me and ANYTHING. Gods only know how I'm going to get Alex to the bus stop when school starts.

Hopefully we can get enough for the car that we can afford to get a little $500 beater that will last til the spring, but I honestly have no clue what the hell we're going to do!

But seriously, how is it even legal to sue me, who didn't break the law, rather than suing the man who actually did it? He even admitted that he did it! Not that he has the money either, but at least then he would be on the hook for it instead of me... Maybe then he would quit doing this... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lets repeal anti-discrimination laws!

I have come to the conclusion that they should repeal all anti-discrimination laws! Yes, I just said that. I am the type of person who would prefer to support my fellow American over some foreign company. But here's the thing. I have lately been thinking about WHO it is that I'm actually supporting.

Recently on FaceBook a woman stated that she was having an estate sale, but she would not sell to LGBT, Muslims or Illegal Aliens. Many people reported the post/page as discriminatory and offensive. But I felt like I wanted to thank the woman. I find the entire idea of Bigotry, Discrimination and Hatred to be completely disgusting. BUT, I feel as if as a customer, I should have the right to know who it is that I am supporting.

Generally I will shop in a small family owned business over a big corporation. But why? Well, for one, most large corporations are built on the backs of underpaid, overworked employees... For two I feel as if when I support a family owned business, I know that that family and not some overpaid CEO is making a paycheck. But, after I read this woman's ad it made me really consider if paying the little by and shopping "family owned" is really doing anything to make sure my money is going to people I would choose to support if I actually knew them. I would much rather walk in to a shop and see a sign that says "No Gays" or "Whites Only" than to unknowingly support a business or family who is going to use my hard earned money to support such views or organizations.

So I say, go right ahead - Hang your "I'm a bigot" sign and let me know who you are. Let me and my hard earned income walk right by your store and shop somewhere where I can know my money is supporting good, decent people... I would love to see it, how about you?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VENT: You're a parent now!

Do you remember those commercials that said "Having a Baby Changes Everything?" Guess what genius, it's true! I just answered a question on Cafemom about "Do you think Formula v. Breast is a Personal Choice?" To which I answered honestly - "No. I think if you CAN breastfeed, you should." I'm not of the "Formula is Poison" breed, but I believe formula should only be used when the breast is either not a healthy option (in cases of communicable illnesses or medications) or where for physical reasons it's simply not possible. This attitude of "I'm not comfortable" really blows my mind. I mean, you feel it's better to feed your infant chemically filled formula than dealing with your own insecurities and giving them what's best... What they hell? If you're not willing to set your feelings and wants aside while your child is an infant and 100% dependent on you, you're going to have a LONG hard road ahead of you when your child starts to do and think for themselves...  Get a grip - stop being so selfish - do what's best for your child and stop focusing on your for a second! That's what being a parent is all about!

Why I will NOT sign the petition for Caylee's Law

   All around the country people are jumping on board to sign this petition to create a law that will require, under penalty of law, parents or care takers to report missing children immediately. I have been "invited" to sign this quite a few times now, and I have not, and will not do it! I think many of the people who do, simply aren't thinking about it first. I feel they are signing because they are upset over the outcome of the Casey Anthony Trial, instead of out of actual consideration of this law.

    I think first it's important to remember that there is a BIG difference between what should be basic common sense and what should be made in to law. There are lots of things which people may consider to be simply dumb, which shouldn't be illegal. That's part of the beauty of living in a "free country." We have the freedom to be dumb when we choose!

    I think also there is a huge difference between legal and moral! Just because something seems to be immoral according to YOUR beliefs or feelings, doesn't mean it should be illegal. Again, part of being in a free country is having the freedom to make choices which others may not agree with.

   I also think it's dumb to make up laws over every single little thing. I mean, when did we become the kind of society that had this need to tell everyone how to live? I am one of the most opinionated people I know, and I, obviously, believe my opinions to be the correct ones. BUT, I also understand that there are other opinions out there, and even when I believe those opinions to be wrong, I don't feel it's my place to decide that because I don't agree with them others shouldn't be entitled to them. And this idea that we need to literally dictate every choice people, especially parents, do boggles my mind! Should we next require people to call the police every time they see a home w/o "baby proofing" or a car seat they don't like? What about reporting families that feed their kids processed foods or fast foods? By some people's standards all of those things seem to be life or death. But every parent/person needs to be free to make their own choices - even when they aren't good choices.

    Also, it's worth noting that in this specific case, the proposed law can create as much danger as it can prevent. Sure, there are those who will call police sooner in order to prevent legal trouble. But the majority will not. I mean, think about this case for example - IF she killed her daughter as everyone thinks, she is already guilty of murder, do you think the charge of not calling the police matters at that point? So what's it really going to do? It's going to create more lies, more deceit and more police heading in the wrong direction... Not to mention people will simply put more time and planning in to things so they can report it and still make sure the body is gone... OR, simply they will lie about how long the child's been gone. Lets face it - Criminals are NOT the most trustworthy people!

    Then there are kidnappings to take in to account. In MOST kidnapping cases it is best to notify police, but what about those where it's not? Should we have a law in place that requires parents to make choices which could end their child's life? Do you want to be the parent that has to call police to protect yourself knowing it could mean someone will kill your child? I don't! Of course I don't want to be in the position which means I may have to make that choice, but seriously, I wouldn't want to even think about what parents who have to choose between calling police to save themselves or not calling police and saving their child... How do you do that?

    I understand the drive behind laws like this. I really do. People nationwide feel there was an injustice done here. And I don't totally disagree. But I feel if we make laws about every injustice we see, if we make laws about every act we deem immoral or dumb, if we make laws about everything we don't agree with, we not only limit the freedom of others, but delete our own.

    Instead of focusing on making blanket laws or limiting freedoms of others, we should be focusing on making changes in our communities. There have always been those who ignored the laws of the land and did what they chose, and no measure of community is going to change that fact. But the majority of those in prison right now aren't there for cereal murder, rape or some other horrid crime. The majority of those who are there are there for small crimes - drug use, prostitution, or wrong place wrong time... And a great many of those "crimes" come out of two facts - 1. Lack of choices & 2. Abundance of irrelevant and unnecessary laws.

    Which brings me to the question, what is the purpose of laws in the first place? Well, many people are going to say there are so many kinds of laws how can you generalize. But the truth of the matter is that laws are meant to do two things - 1. Protect the General Population and 2. Protect the Stability of this Country. Mostly what that means is laws are meant to protect the people and the country as a whole from collapse. They aren't meant to protect individuals from themselves! And continuing to make laws which are there for that reason only limits the freedoms of everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stop the Hover Parenting!

When I was young kids didn't police everything. Their kids went to school, ate lunch there, made friends there, rode their bike with their friends, watched tv, got up Saturday morning w/o their parents... yadda yadda...

Today, it's like parents have to have monitors on their kids at all times. They tell their kids who they can talk to, what they can watch, what they can read, even what radio they can hear... Really? Do kids need to be kept in a bubble now a days?

Why? Was your young life so horrid that you feel any freedom with for your kid is going to corrupt them? I feel like every choice I make for my kids has to be defended.

Yes, I let my kids watch TV, I don't limit their time, they don't need me to.
Yes, I let them watch Family Guy, Simpsons & whatever else they want to. Not everything needs to be educational.
Yes, I let my kids play outside when they want by themselves. They know the rules and follow them or face consequences.
Yes, I give my kids soda and candy once in a while, they don't need to be denied junk to learn proper nutrition.
Yes, I spank, cause I believe it works.
Yes, my boys have dolls & painted nails - they like them!
No, I don't make my kids wear helmets, we never did and we're just fine.
No, my 4ft tall 5yo is not using a booster seat. It doesn't fit in the car and he fits just fine without it.

Do I need to keep going... Kids are not breakable! We don't need to control their every thought to keep them safe, happy & healthy! If you don't like it, tough! Take the stick out your ass and realize that children aren't in danger if they think for themselves!

You don't need to pad them, pat them down, monitor their every thought or feeling... And guess what, they will turn out just fine!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Children & Age Discrimination

Recently there was a local restaurant that has decided to ban children under 6 from dining there. I talked to some other moms about it and they all said the same thing "It's his choice." But I have to highly disagree with this attitude. Sure, he owns the place, but when you open a business to the public, you don't get to pick and choose who that public is. I mean, if he said "I'm not going to serve anyone over 60" he would be facing a list of law suits. So why is it different when it's children?

Now, don't get me wrong, I think there are times when children and adults shouldn't have the ability to do the same things. Age limits aren't a bad thing on all things. But if it's not a safety issue, there shouldn't be restrictions based on age.

Children are NOT second class! Children are our equals and there is simply no reason to treat them different just because of their ages. Discrimination laws protect adults from discrimination based on their gender, sexuality, religion, age or race... But children are left out. I don't understand that! How is it that in a country where we place laws and regulations about EVERYTHING children do from bike helmets to crib styles there aren't any laws in place to protect children from discrimination based on their age? And what's worse is how is it that there are so many parents that think it's okay?  Maybe it's just me, but there is no way I would ever eat in a place that didn't welcome my children!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stop Killing Your Kids!

Okay, seriously, I just saw the second news story this week about a parent who didn't want their kids so they killed them. One child had been smashed by a brick, the other starved... Seriously, What the hell is wrong with you! If you don't want your children, think you can't raise them, can't afford them... There are legal ways to get rid of your kids, you don't have to hurt them! Puerto Rico and 49 States have safehaven laws that allow you to simply abandon your child without facing legal action! These laws are in place to stop this exact thing! So use them! Why would you prefer to go to prison for killing your child when you can simply give them up?

And hell, for that matter how is murdering a child that's here and kicking okay when you obviously weren't willing to abort. Did you just decide you didn't want her? I mean, did you look that beautiful child in the face and think "hmm, not good enough?" Cause if you knew all along that you didn't want her you had even more options - Abortion, Adoption, Open Adoption... But no, you're a stupid bitch and you thought it was better to kill your baby... Wow! Good for you MORON! You are officially the worst parent ever!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We all gotta die...

Does everyone realize that people all have to die some day? Or is that a foreign concept? This attitude of "I don't smoke cause smoking causes cancer" drives me nuts. Adults know that, but if they choose to smoke there isn't anything wrong with it! Cause guess what, cancer or not, everyone is going to die. And this idea that living in to old age is a great thing - yeah, apparently no one ever met an old person. Dementia, Alzheimer, Arthritis...  Pain, exhaustion, confusion... Yadda Yadda... I would prefer die early because I did something I enjoy than live a long life because I deny myself... Especially since old age is full of so many pitfalls, illnesses, worries and weaknesses...  So who cares if an ADULT makes choices that COULD cause eventually make them sick or kill them - they are adults, they know the possibilities of consequences and can make their own choices...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alec's first day of school...

So today was my Alec's first day of Pre-Kindergarten. We all went to orientation on Friday, just so he could get a taste, but when I woke him up this morning he was less than enthusiastic. He came out and asked to lay on the couch for a few minutes - Okay, not an issue. Then about 20 mins later I told him he needed to come in and eat breakfast. That's when he started to cry. I pulled him on to my lap and asked him what was wrong, he said he was scared and didn't want to go to school... So I explained to him that there was nothing to be afraid of and that Mommy would never send him somewhere bad. He wasn't buyin' it! But when I asked him again to go in and eat, he did.

Then we repeated the issues when it was time for clothes, shoes, and even brushing teeth... Everything and anything set him off, he just kept crying and I didn't know what to do. I just kept working with him to breath through it... Finally I talked to him about the bus, and he said he was scared of the bus. Seriously, I live 2 minutes from the school, so I just drove him. I mean, I have to drive to the bus stop anyways, so why not go the extra 2 blocks and take him to school myself. So that's what I did.

We get to the school, I get out and get him out... We get 2 feet from the car, he looks at me and says "Okay mom, I'm not scared any more, BYE!!" and starts to run in to the school...

Really? All the drama and headaches and crying and he is JUST FINE!

That said, his father and grandmother are less than fine. Jason started calling from work to check in at about 7:45 and didn't stop til he came home at noon... My mother said she actually cried last night because he was going to be starting school and he's "growing up so fast." Apparently I'm the only one that's excited about him starting school - Hell, I can't wait for the baby to start school some days! But that's most likely because I'm the one that's here with them all day and I'm the one that can't ever get anything done because of the fighting and crying and all around craziness... 

Anyways, when we went to pick him up from the bus, we were kinda afraid he would be to scared to ride it. And when he got off he wasn't talking, and wouldn't look at us - which is what he get's like when he's upset. So we assumed he didn't like school. We get him in the car and start asking him questions... Did you like school? No answer... Did you like your teacher? No answer...  Are you glad to be home? "NOOOOOO" he hollers, "I wanna go back to school!"

So as it turned out, he loved school! Loved his teachers! Loved the other kids! And had no issues with the bus...  It was by far the best situation it could have been... Now I can't wait til he goes all day! It was kinda nice only having 2 for a while...

Sometimes I wish Fibromyalgia was deadly...

    Okay, so I don't really! I would never actually wish that. BUT, sometimes it would be nice. Sometimes when I'm having a rough day, when I'm having trouble walking or lifting my little one people look at me like I'm just being lazy or something. People say "Are you okay?" And when I say I have fibromyalgia they say things like "Oh, you'll be fine." I bet if I had cancer people would at least ACT like they had sympathy... But you say fibromyalgia and they say things like "Is that real" or "Well that's not so bad." Really? I mean Really? Would you walk up to someone with arthritis and say "That's not so bad?" I think not!

And it doesn't help that there are so many "old school" doctors who still say they don't believe it's real. Hello assholes, it's real, I know, I deal with it every day! And there is nothing fake or okay, or easy about the pain, the twitches, the headaches, the IBS, the dizzy spells or anything else that comes with this illness.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you Dr. Kevorkian, May You Rest In Peace!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Jack Kevorkian(Dr. Death) died on Friday, at age 83. Through the 1990s he was a hot news topic on the subject of assisted suicide. And of course as with any other similar subject there were a great many people on both sides of the discussions.

As for myself, I've always been a supporter of assisted suicide as well as euthanasia. Of course I feel there should be guidelines, but for the most part I see no reason why we shouldn't have the right to be at peace when we or our families choose, as the case may be.

My opinion may not be the most popular but I've seen death, and it's ugly! If my cat or dog were so sick that death were inevitable I would put them out of their misery, why can we not do the same for our human loved ones? Why must grandma, grandpa and Aunt Em suffer through organ shutdown as the cancer eats their brain waiting for death to relieve them? And for that matter why should those who choose suicide for other reasons be forced to risk permanent damage when such archaic methods as hanging or pills don't work, when we have such reliable methods as lethal injection? I mean, if they are going to do it anyways, why shouldn't they go peacefully?

So here's how I think it should work. Persons who choose assisted suicide because of illness or other reasons should have a 30 day wait period from the time they find a doctor UNLESS they are already terminal. This would allow for those who are simply going through a down period to change their minds. Persons who are terminal should have the right to forgo that period simply because they are just speeding the inevitable. From then, I like Kevorkian's set up. He would give them an IV and allow them to administer the injection when they were ready. Again, this gives the control to the individual but allows the procedure to be under a doctors care to assure that injection levels are proper and death rather than injury occurs.

For patients who are terminally ill I feel the option should be left to them to give their family control of death or not. For those who would prefer to wait until the are beyond help they could sign the paperwork that would allow for their spouse, children or other caretaker to decide when it was time to administer death. Yet, it would prevent families from simply "getting rid" of family members whom they no longer wish to care for in the case that they don't choose to give their family that power...

I know there are many people out there who disagree with me because of their beliefs. And I say to those people, if you disagree with suicide, don't kill yourself. But for those of us who would prefer a peaceful transition in to death over allowing a horrid disease to take us, I feel we should have that right. I know if they doctors ever said to me "There is nothing more we can do" I would wait until I had no quality of life left, and I would end it... Why? Because my children shouldn't have to see their mother that way. My husband shouldn't have to change my diapers. I want my children to have memories of me healthy and happy, not sick and shriveled.

I find it ironic that the man who was known best for aiding the suicide of others died of natural causes! But as it stands today, for all his efforts we are still fighting over this issue. I am however thankful to him for starting the conversation. Hopefully by the time I get to that point the proper changes will be made and my family won't have to suffer simply because I am.

So I say Rest In Peace Jack! Thank you for all you did!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lies are lies... Even when they are "fun."

Caption reads: Dear Children, 
Some day you will learn the truth
about Santa. On that day,
remember what they told you about Jesus!
Wow, seriously I just want to slap some parents. You don't lie to your kids!!! There is simply NOTHING okay with that! Children learn what we show them. They see what we do, they hear what we say and they absorb it... Lying to children simply teaches them that it's okay to lie!

And guess what - Santa, Toothfairy, Easterbunny - if you're not being honest with your kids - YOU ARE LYING TO THEM!!!  This "they are fun so it's okay to lie" attitude makes me want to murder someone. If your child lied to you just for "fun" would that be okay? Something tells me it wouldn't. So why is it okay for you to do? There is absolutely no reason for holidays or special events to be less fun or less "magic" just because you're honest with them, so take that argument and throw it out the window!

So guess what... I have 3 children. One has no idea what Santa or the Easter bunny are... The other two, know they aren't real! And guess what, they were never upset, never let down, never felt cheated!! They still get gifts, they still get to enjoy their holidays and they still have "magic" in their lives. Hell, if anything they get it twice since they get Christmas AND Yule, Ostara AND Easter and of course because mom & dad pay well for teeth!

And yes, if you're reading this and you tell your kids all that crap, I'm talking to you when I say this:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ahh... Teen Love

Okay, HUGE pet peeve of mine here - Guess what people TEENS ARE PEOPLE TOO! If I hear one more parent say something like "Well, they are only teens, they aren't in love" or "It's not love, it's infatuation" I think I might get violent. Seriously, were you people never teens? Did you never have that first love? I know I sure did, and there's not a doubt in my mind that it was very real love! Hell, I'm almost 30, we broke up nearly 15 years ago, but to see him today, I still feel that flutter in my stomach, and I know he still has a remnant of feeling as well. That love never leaves, and it is very real. I didn't understand that kind of thinking when it was my mother saying it and I surely don't understand it now...  So here's my message to parents - Grow up! Deal with the fact that your children aren't babies any more! And be there to support them, not try to control their love under some mislead notion that because they are young they can't be in love...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to make it official!

So obviously, I've been kinda MIA lately. Anyone who follows my blogs knows I just haven't been writing. And I've gotten a few messages from readers making sure I'm okay. Well, the truth is I am great. However, I am busy. I started a new home based business with a company called Wildtree and I am doing everything I can to hit the ground running!

For anyone who hasn't heard of Wildtree, it's an incredible food product company. Our products are all natural and free of MSGs, Fillers, Additives, Preservatives and Food Dyes! Plus, they are easy to use and affordable! Really, it's just awesome stuff.

I have tried so many companies and so many products, but I simply couldn't find one that I really truly believe in. Wildtree, on the other hand is something that flows with my beliefs and my passions... Really, it's a no brainer for me.

So anyways, that's why I've been gone. If you like to eat, like good healthy food options or just want to know more visit my website at http://www.sbowen.mywildtree.com

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breast Feeding On Sesame Street

Believe it or not there was a time when breastfeeding was the NORMAL thing to do. It wasn't offensive, or "immodest" or "gross" it was just accepted and normal! I breastfed ALL THREE of my children - and I did it in PUBLIC! Hate me if you want, but nature has never created a bottle!

I found these clips and I am simply elated! Apparently in the 70's and 80's Breastfeeding was so accepted and normal than they even did it on Sesame Street! These clips are just AWESOME!!!

At what point did feeding a child become offensive I wonder?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Belief O Matic Results

If you've never taken the Belief-O-Matic test, it's so awesome! For me, and most people I've talked to, it's 100% on track. Plus, it's just fun! But it gives you the chance to see not only what religion your beliefs most align with, but also where you stand overall in the religious world.

Here is the test if you want to take it your self.

And here's my results!
1.  Neo-Pagan (100%)
2.  Mahayana Buddhism (81%)
3.  Unitarian Universalism (79%)
4.  New Age (76%)
5.  Jainism (72%)
6.  Reform Judaism (70%)
7.  Hinduism (65%)
8.  Liberal Quakers (65%)
9.  Sikhism (61%)
10.  Theravada Buddhism (60%)
11.  Baha'i Faith (57%)
12.  Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (54%)
13.  Orthodox Judaism (53%)
14.  New Thought (48%)
15.  Scientology (46%)
16.  Secular Humanism (46%)
17.  Islam (43%)
18.  Taoism (39%)
19.  Orthodox Quaker (38%)
20.  Nontheist (26%)
21.  Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (22%)
22.  Eastern Orthodox (20%)
23.  Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (20%)
24.  Roman Catholic (20%)
25.  Seventh Day Adventist (19%)
26.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (18%)
27.  Jehovah's Witness (10%)

No surprises here!

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Hookers" Killed in Long Island?

I'm a big fan of the news. I usually watch it at least twice sometimes three times a day plus Good Morning America. So of course I've been following the serial killer case as it unfolds in Long Island. So far there have been at least 9 (although I'm hearing a 10th is possible) women found along a secluded beech. Autopsy reports are saying asphyxiation, and some of the bodies have been dismembered. What these women seem to have gone through is disturbing and disgusting.

But what I am finding to be even more disgusting than what this monster did to them, is what the media is doing to them. I am so tired of hearing the word Hooker! It seems as if in every report I'm hearing they are being labeled hookers as if it were a title. Instead of it being this poor woman was found it's "Hooker So-and-so's body was found today."

I do understand that many people (although not me) see Escorts as a lower class of person or as criminals. But frankly I don't see how any of that should matter. These women aren't the ones in the wrong here, they didn't ask to be murdered and dumped. They simply wanted to live their lives and move on. Yet some creature of the night took advantage of that "low status" in our society, attacked them, killed them and walked away! HE (or she) is the one in the wrong here, the one who warrants our anger and hatred. These women were someone's sister, daughter, aunt, friend, etc.

So I have to say that I am completely appalled at the use of the word "Hooker" preceding each of their names or even simply referring to them as an "unidentified hooker" as if they were less than your average woman. These women deserve just as much respect and honor as any other woman would get. And it sickens me that we live in a society that is so quick to blame the victim. Sure, they aren't saying "Well, they deserved it cause they're hookers" but that is surely how they are presenting it. As if their occupation is high risk so it's not quite the big deal it would have been otherwise. Sickening! Truly sickening!

So, here is my message for the popular media:
These are WOMEN first!
Murder VICTIMS second!
Sex Workers LAST!
Stop saying Hookers as if it were a title!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you Catherine Zeta-Jones

As of now just about anyone who has turned on the TV, listened to the radio or so much as walked through the checkout at the supermarket knows that Cathrine Zeta-Jones was admitted in to a mental health facility for treatment. Although initial reports said "Alcohol Problem" a spokesperson has now made it clear that while she has been receiving treatment it is NOT for alcohol.

Instead, she was hospitalized for her BiPolar II condition. As a person suffering with BiPolar II, I know how difficult this illness can make simply getting out of bed. But the hardest part of living with BiPolar Disorder (BPD) is when others find out. You get the "Oh, your crazy" look and the "I'm sorry" comments. Most people hear "BiPolar" and think "Nutbag!" Or they see someone like Charlie Sheen ranting and raving and assume that if you aren't acting the part you are simply faking the condition or making it up.

I have never been afraid of being honest about my condition. But I don't usually introduce myself as "Hi, I'm Sabrina, the BiPolar Girl" either. When it comes up, I'm honest about it. Fortunately for me, it doesn't come up often though!

I have been hospitalized twice, medicated quite a few times and in and out of therapy since I was a child. BUT, at the moment I'm exploring some more natural options of dealing with my condition.

Anyways, the whole point here is simply to say how thankful I am the Catherine Zeta-Jones has not only sought the treatment she needs, but that she is willing to be open and honest about it. Like most mental conditions BPD is greatly misunderstood by the vast majority of the population. Because of that, many people who could benefit from treatment, avoid it so they don't have to admit they have a problem to their friends, family and co-workers. Left unchecked and untreated BPD can lead to everything from basic depression to eating disorders and even to suicide.

Thanks to her honesty about her condition, and her willingness to make that condition public, many people will be able to be helped! Already I'm hearing people ask "What is BiPolar Disorder," "What triggers it" and "Who can be affected?" Like most conditions of this type it takes a high profile case to open minds and doors. Through her willingness to speak out, the stigma around BPD is lifted slightly more and information will flood through the news and in to the hands of those who may need it.

So this is my THANK YOU Catherine Zeta-Jones! Thank you from all of us suffering each day in silence! Your openness about your treatment will save lives!

Tennis Balls In The Dryer

So I just got back from doing clothes. My dryer has been broken for ages so I am forced to do the laundromat thing - UGH!  While I'm there I see a woman drying her daughters bedding - Okay, it was Pink Barbie bedding, so I HOPE it was her daughters, but you never really know...  Anyways, she loads all the freshly washed bedding in to the dryer, turns the heat on to high and then tossed in 4 or 5 TENNIS BALLS! This practice is becoming more and more common as the price of fabric softener goes up and as people are trying to go more natural and use less chemicals. But, DO NOT USE TENNIS BALLS IN THE DRYER!!!  If you want to go the dryer ball route, awesome! You'll cut down on the chemicals your family is exposed to, prolong the life of your clothes (because fabric softener breaks down the fabric) and you'll be saving a small part of nature - good for you! BUT, dryer balls are meant to be used in the dryer - Tennis balls are NOT. Tennis balls have HUGE amounts of lead in them and using them in the dryer releases that lead on to your laundry... Drying children's bedding and clothing with Tennis Balls increases your child's exposure to lead which causes everything from mild hallucinations to full on medical conditions...  So, do yourself, your kids and your pets a HUGE favor, don't risk their health so you can save a few dollars... Spend the extra $2 on actual Dryer Balls OR Make Your Own!

I will ALWAYS encourage green living! But don't do it at the risk of your loved ones!

Wanna learn some tips on going green?  Read these posts:
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood Cuts

Okay, this should be a short one. But it angers me that Republicans are even considering, let alone pushing for funding to Planned Parenthood to be cut. To me it shows exactly how Republican's really feel about America. If you aren't rich and beautiful you don't deserve to be here.

Planned Parenthood provides basic healthcare, parenting classes, birth-control, mammograms, OB/GYN services and other things for millions of low income or impoverished women across the country. Denying them that simply because 6% of their business is providing abortions is simply disgusting!

We are talking about an increase of death from birth-defects, disease, infection and even cancer simply because women no longer have access to healthcare in low income areas. Unwanted pregnancies, HIV & AIDS cases will increase, resulting in more people on disability and welfare. And lets face it, if half of those women who can't afford Birth-control and end up pregnant have to try and pay for their delivery out of pocket, we're looking at more homeless women and children too...

I know it's hard to get through some people's heads, but Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization! Unfortunately Anti-Choice groups would have you believe PP is out there with the sole purpose of killing every child the US sees...

So here's what I have to say, if it comes down to cutting Planned Parenthood and a Government Shutdown - SHUT IT DOWN BABY! The millions of women in this country that depend on PP need that funding way to much! No one has ever ended up with HIV, an unplanned pregnancy or a Birth Defect simply because of a Government Shutdown - PP shut down on the other hand places WAY to many at risk!

Educate yourself about the roll that PP plays and the funding needed. And do what you can to support them! Make it known that women are important!

Planned Parenthood Official Site
Women's Health At Risk: Support Planned Parenthood
Take Action: A Letter to Congress

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drug Tests & Welfare...

Okay, so I've been looking for a good topic to start this blog off with, but simply couldn't pick one. So I figure this one is good as any as it keeps coming up in my online communities.

So, here's the question - Should we start drug testing Welfare and Food Stamp applicants?  My short answer - NO. Now, I've been called everything from a "crack head addict" to a "stupid liberal waste of life" and just about everything in between because of that view. But I think what people don't care to hear are the reasons I have that opinion. Believe it or not, there are reasons for people to make up their mind about things beyond simply wanting to be the disliked minority.

I honestly have a hard time understanding why anyone things drug tests would be a good idea in this situation. Now, sure, on paper it sounds great. If people can afford illegal drugs why can't they afford food? Right? Well, unfortunately, like everything else in the world it's simply not that black and white.

For one, drug tests are very expensive to do. Even if each test only did minimal testing like the ones you buy in the drug store, you're looking at a cost of $15 to $45 EACH. Now, multiply that by the MILLIONS of applicants each year. Where is that money supposed to come from? Higher taxes? Isn't the point of doing the tests, to LOWER tax money used for the welfare system? So how is adding MILLIONS of dollars to the bill going to help anything?

Secondly, are we going to test at the time of application and then let them go? Or are we going to do multiple tests when it comes time to re-certify or are we just going to do a single test and then stop caring if they use? Again - $$$!!!  I hear dollar signs!

Third, I know more than my fair share of drug addicts and users. NONE of them can't pass a test if they need to. So unless we are going to do hair tests (which test for past usage) or blood test (which is still easily falsified) there is simply no point because those who need to be stopped from being awarded benefits are simply going to find a way around it anyways.   Okay, so now, make those dollar signs completely pointless!

Finally, lets talk about the few who do fail their tests. If they are applying for welfare - guess what, they are low income. Sure, that means they should put what little money they have in to food and utilities over drugs, but obviously good choices aren't their forte. Lets take a low ball guesstimate that 50% of them have children... That's still, at the very least, THOUSANDS of children who will be forced to go without food or with less food.

But why not simply remove the children from those who fail the test? Wow, do I need to go in to what a strain that would cause on the system? There are already not enough foster homes for the kids that are out there. And one in SIX foster parents is abusive. So lets take children, who many times have at least one loving decent parent, away from homes which are otherwise loving and caring and place them in foster homes where they are little more than a paycheck, simply because mom smokes pot to calm her nerves after work...

I understand there is a HUGE amount of money going in to the welfare system and I understand more than anyone that WAY to many abuse it. But I also understand there are those who actually do need the help. Does the welfare system need to be altered? YES. But this isn't how! Rather than forcing drug tests and costing tax payers HUGE, no make that MASSIVE, amounts of money, why not look for alternative changes which can be made? There are cost effective alternatives. Of course there other options out there. Options no one wants to talk about because they would take actual work to get started and making them work...  Oh, and then there is the fact that it's simply easy to hate the "lower" members of society. Lets face it, if you make a few million a year and want to put a little powder up your nose so you can work all night, you're a joke, but you can still bill 9 grand to show at a party. But if you're blue collar or no collar and smoke a joint after work, you're the scum of the earth and not worth the time it would take to start the programs that could help you get out of the "poor house" and out of the system in the first place.
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