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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Life's Goals

So lately I've been talking a good bit about goals and making changes. I've made a point to "let you my business dreams, I don't believe I have ever really laid out my goals here for you all to see.  I'm a big believer in the idea that writing your goals down is the first step to seeing them happen.  Because of that I have a hand written version of this in my "day to day binder" (which is something I will explore in depth in another post) where I will see it daily.
all" in on my personal journey of change and vowed to continue posting here throughout in an effort to both find and provide support.  But with the exception of

However, since I have chosen to include all of you in my journey, I thought it only fair that you too get a glimpse of my "end game."  Although to be fair, I have no doubt my ultimate goals will change as my journey continues.  You'll see that my goals (in some areas) cross categories, my physical health is directly tied to many of my spiritual goals and my spiritual goals go hand in hand with many of my lifestyle goals...  But I am listing them the way I am simply for simplification and not because one is more important than another.

For those of you who follow my One Witch's Wonderland Facebook page, this may look familiar as I have posted a short version of it there...

Personal Goals:
  • Build a diet of 90% or more Whole Vegetarian Diet
  • Daily Workout Routine
  • Daily Meditation Routine
  • Get to a healthy weight (150 range)
  • Learn to Kickbox
  • Learn TiChi
  • Learn Yoga
  • Daily Energy Working Routine
  • "Master" My Craft
  • Create Heirloom Book of Shadows for Each Child
  • Earn a Holistics PhD.
  • Earn BS in:
    • Immunology
    • Comparative Religion
    • Women's Studies

Household & Family Goals:
  • Own a Home
  • Send (or be able to) Kids To College
  • Renew Vows & Take Honeymoon
  • Take Kids to Disney World!
  • Create an Heirloom Cookbook
  • Become Fully Organized
  • Build a Sustainable Mini Farm
    (Garden, Chickens, Bees, Compost Heap, etc...)
  • Become a Plastic Free Home
  • Ditch the Teflon & Aluminum Cookware!
  • Learn to Preserve and Can Fruits & Veggies
  • Become a Chemical Free Home
  • Master the 5 Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot
  • Build Organic, GMO Free, From Scratch, Whole Foods Diet

Business Goals:
  • Purchase Store/Home
  • Build Online Business Website
  • Build a Monthly Income of $5000
  • Publish Books:  (Working Titles Given)
    • Sabbats: History, Stories, Celebrations, Food & Family
    • The Witches Herbal Grimiore 
    • The Eclectic Pagan Witch's First Year and a Day Guide & Workbook
    • The Day to Day of a Pagan Witch: Creating Magick Everyday
  • Become a Yearly Vendor at:
    • Pittsburgh's Renaissance Festival 
    • Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day
    • Pittsburgh Pride Day
  • Author and Teach In-Store Classes on:
    • Natural Living
    • Holistic Parenting
    • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Create Wholesale Jewelry and Cosmetics Lines
  • Become a "Public Speaker" in the areas of Herbalism, Holistics and Spirituality

SO there you have it.  It's quite the list isn't it...  Yeah, I know it is. But I like to fancy myself a "shoot for the moon" type.  Maybe I won't actually get it all done in my lifetime, but if I work hard, I just might.  My ultimate goal is to have a life that I control and walk a path that I carve out for myself... Even if I never achieve all of these goals, so long as I am working towards them, I will still fulfill that! One small step in front of the other - and AWAY WE GO...

See you all among the stars!

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