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Monday, October 27, 2014

First steps of a long journey...

Last week I announced that there were going to be some changes here, as well as to my FB pages. The largest of course being that I closed my "SabrinaMBowen" FB Page altogether.  For those who had been following me there you'll know that I began working really hard on moving forward with my goals of getting healthy.  In this past week or so I've taken a small backslide, but I expected this would happen once or twice. No one ever makes changes to their life without a few slip-ups.

Part of why I started my personal FB page was in an effort to get some support, which wasn't quite what I got.  And for all the time it took away from healthy aspects of my life, it needed deleted. But that has left me, once again, completely unsupported on this journey.

So here I am, turning to all of you.  For the past few years I've tried to use the time from Sabbat to Sabbat for making changes.  However, like most people make resolutions and within a week or three, they fall away.  I vowed to myself that this time I was going to do better.  I would take on small resolutions, rather than vowing to change my entire life.  And every six weeks I would revisit and revise where needed, creating changes or moving forward where possible.

Over the last 5 weeks I've primarily focused on eating better and working out more.  Both of which I've been doing okay in, not perfect, but not horrid either, certainly not as poorly as I had been.  But with Samhain approaching I'm coming to the end of my first 6 week I feel like I have accomplished much of what I meant to. Still though, I have room for improvement.

I have just 5 days left before it's time to move to the next step.  So it's time to make a plan.  And the first step of that plan is making the choice to switch from using FB to my blog for all my updates, recipes and so on...

I will continue to move forward with changing my diet and workouts.  But I will be adding as well, although I'm unsure as to what my next steps will be.  I do know that I will be working on blogging about my journey and achievements as well as things like my meal plans, workout routines, recipes, and weekly updates on how I'm doing.

My goals are not simply physical health related, although that's where I chose to start.  My reason for beginning to start with my physical health is not out of vanity, but because that's the area I feel I need the MOST help in.  While my business, spiritual and mental goals are just as important to me as my physical health, I know that I can not achieve them unless I am physically in a place to do so.  No amount of meditation can produce a healthy mind if the body is full of negativity and chemicals.  And No amount of crafting can create a strong bond between the physical and spiritual without first having a healthy body.  This is why, as you will notice, my physical struggle seems to be a "main feature" in the beginning of this journey, but I assure you my waste-line is not my driving factor - health is - TRUE HEALTH! You won't see any "diet food" or pills or fads here!  And you will NOT see me cutting out sugar, wheat, meat or any other food in an effort to find quick results.  Instead, you'll see me working to build a healthy diet, healthy workout routines, and a constant forward movement...  With the closure of each 6 week period - from Sabbat to Sabbat - I will reevaluate and "tweak" as needed.  All the while keeping you in "the loop."

Show your support by sharing your own recipes, experiences, tips and struggles in the comments, or feel free to email me directly at  OneWitchsWonderland@gmail.com.  My hope is that by making my struggle public and by gaining the support of my readers I can not just find success, but help all of you do the same!

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