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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Newest Project - Pagans Together

Apparently a small business, part time classes, three children, a blog, 2 facebook pages and a house to run weren't enough for me. I thought hey, I still have 8 hours a day I sleep that aren't filled with projects...  To be completely honest, this project isn't completely separate from all the others, it's kinda in support of, rather than in addition to my business and blogs.  In fact, it's in support of Pagan businesses, blogs, authors and artists of all kinds!

So exactly what am I talking about?  Think about this - What if there were a Facebook Page where one could find products, services, blogs, websites, and all the things the Pagan community has to offer without all the filler?!?  You may be thinking, there are already a million facebook pages for businesses, blogs, artists and everything else - WHY do we need another one? Well, until now, they've all been separate from one another. So one page might have a reach of 10,000 people while another only has 200.  Because they aren't working together, they're missing out on a great deal of cross promotion.

There are other pages that were created to promote Pagan businesses and pages - this is true. Before officially creating mine, I took a few weeks to look into these pages and see how they worked and if they worked.  All of them had a few things in common - First, they were run by one or two individuals who were expected to neglect their own projects in order to promote others by sharing pictures and links...  Second, they rarely posted some even had weeks between posts.  Because of these two factors, they all had a third thing in common - VERY LOW readership! And quite frankly, low readership equals little to no actual promotion for those involved...

My new page is named Pagans Together.  And my goal is to involve as many Pagans as possible. Business owners, Artists, Authors, Bloggers, Website Owners and others who have something which they'd like to promote.  Each member posts to the page at least once a day, sharing updates on their projects, links to new products, coupon codes, give-a-ways, new blog posts, questions for members and whatever else that may come to mind...  Then they share our page with theirs twice a week.  What does this do?  It means that Pagans Together has constant activity AND continually grows in page likes.

How does this help? Well, if you have a page with 100 fans (assuming they all visit your page and view your posts) your posts get 100 views or so...  But if you could bring just 10 of those fans to a page with 25 other people - who also bring 10 fans, you've more than doubled your readership.  Now, think about what happens when that page then doubles, triples and quadruples it's readership...   You can see how quickly your posts would go from having just 100 views, to 200, 400, 1000 or more... And of course, more views means more sales, more readers or more views...

I can't say (today) that Pagan's Together will ever have 10,000 fans.  But, I officially launched this page on September 9th.  As of today, we have more than 350 fans and a post reach of over 5,000.  Of course the more members we have involved, the higher and faster those numbers will raise.

Now, it may appear as if this page only has benefits for those who have something to promote. But in fact it has benefits for non-promoters as well.  This page's purpose IS to get the blogs, books, websites, art, and of course businesses (and their products) to a larger audience who may be interested in them.  Those of you who fall into the "non-promoter" category ARE that larger audience!  DUH! Right...  But what benefit does that have for you?  Well, it means you will always know about sales, give-a-ways, and promotions for all your favorite (and new favorite) Pagan businesses. It also means you'll never miss a blog post, new pieces, or project from numerous Pagan artists and authors.

As Facebook is set up now, you have to follow dozens of pages in order to follow all your favorite Pagan authors, artists and businesses... And because most of them are small pages with a small amount of posts, most of them will never make it into your feed. Because this page is run by many members all posting throughout the day, the higher number of posts, page likes and activity means that it's MUCH more likely for these posts to show up in your feed - meaning you will miss a LOT less!

So how do you get involved?  Well, if you would like to join our team and promote your project (whatever it may be) simply visit and "Like" the Pagans Together Facebook Page and message me. Let me know what your project/business/etc is and I'll let you know what we need to promote you to our Admin team. Don't worry, there's no rigid application or anything!

If you don't have something to promote and you simply want to support others within your Pagan community, just head over to the Pagans Together Facebook Page and "Like."  If you really want to ensure that you never miss a post, make sure to select the "Get Notifications" option!

I can't wait to see every one of you involved! I'm so excited to see this project finally being birthed to life as it's something I've wanted to do for quite some time now!

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