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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Night Links

At one point this blog focused on sharing a lot of links and less of my own works... But I felt that this was not the path I wanted to go. That said, I come across a great deal of great articles, recipes, sites and so on... All of which I feel are worthy of sharing with my readers.  SO I decided to begin doing one post a week with some of the links I feel are in need of sharing.  I hope this will provide a "middle road" for my blog between the link type posts I have done in the past and the writing that I feel is so important.  I don't know everything, and I'm constantly learning - I hope you all are too. And I hope these links can help!

Welcome to my new FRIDAY NIGHT LINKS feature!

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This is one that I posted on my Facebook Page. It astounds and baffles me that we STILL have to fight this issue!  I have never heard of a community which held a ban on Christian buildings, businesses or practices, yet numerous such bans exist all across the country when it comes to non-Christian faith based buildings, businesses and practices... And the idea that allowing a Pagan business to exist within 1000 feet of a school would somehow damage the children is purely sickening to me! It simply goes to prove to me that we (the Pagan Community) still have A LOT of work to do educating the public!

In one part of the article it quotes a town hall meeting commented who stated:  "We do not advocate abuse or harm to any homosexuals. Such would be contrary to the virtue of charity. However, homosexuals do not usually extend such charity much less tolerance toward homosexuals who do not agree with them. You need to understand that most parents want neither pagan practitioners nor homosexuals to have access to the minds, bodies and souls of their children."  In addition she suggested the town adjust the license fee for inflation to $2,987 by her calculations and include more questions on the business license application.

Thankfully not everyone in attendance had such a narrow minded and intolerant view with another man stating: "I'm a Catholic and I believe that people should be able to follow their religion, whatever they want, and if Catholics can make money without being licensed, then anyone should."

A secondary article (and video) on this are also available at: http://aattp.org/in-2014-a-virginia-town-is-still-battling-witchcraft-magic-and-gypsies-video/

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The Catholic Church has made it's position on LGBT Rights known for years.  Even making threats to excommunicate those who vote in favor or Marriage Equality laws. So you can imagine it's not easy to be a part of that system and work towards a better future for LGBT individuals. This woman, however, has been doing it since 1977.  It's a beautiful story about a beautiful woman - a hero in my view - who has been willing to step outside of her place within the Church and attempt to make the world a better place.  I don't often see "Christ-Like" Christians, but in this case, I think we've found one!

--- --- ---

I am a Feminist, and as such I'm often the first to speak up about gender inequality.  This case is no different! Unfortunately I think most people aren't going to see that as the issue.  In this country gender inequality is preferable to men in "drag."  

In my view though, this is about equality! This is about the fact that women can walk in to the Drivers License place appearing to be males and no one requires them to change, but this young man walked in appearing to be female (which is how he looks in his day to day life) and is required to change his appearance.  Now, I always thought our ID's were meant to provide an "official" record of the way we look so that law enforcement (as well as others) can identify us when need be.  If this young man spends his every day looking this way isn't forcing him to change for his photo going to cause more issues? How can his ID actually identify him if it's totally different from how he appears every day? Women aren't asked to remove makeup to reveal themselves, so why is this young man? Because it's assumed that a woman with makeup is who she is... In fact when I didn't wear makeup for my photo I was asked if I wanted to take a few moments to "fix my face." It's also assumed that a young man in makeup is not who he is. An assumption which is both bias and discriminatory! 

I applaud this young man's mother for standing up for him and being willing to take this to court! Many parents in this country would not be so supportive. And although I'm not shocked by the state's actions, I'm appalled that in this day and age we are still having to fight against these types of narrow minded views on what makes one male or female and what is appropriate for someone's life because of their gender. 

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*CDC whistleblower confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement*

This is another story which I shared through Facebook, but which simply hasn't been getting enough media coverage. In fact for as HUGE as this news potentially is, I have yet to hear of it on ANY of the major news networks!  After years of blasting Dr. Wakefield as a fraud, not a single news story (to my knowledge) has come out in his defense now that the truth is being told.  The fact is, parents who did the research, already knew the truth. We saw the study results and we were able to read between the lines. However it wasn't until this very moment that the rest of the world has their proof - There is an UNQUESTIONABLE LINK between the MMR vaccine and Autism!  And the CDC KNEW IT!

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*U.S. Court Ruling Supports Polyamorous Families in Utah*

Times are a-changin'! And frankly, I couldn't be happier to see it.  While many are jumping on the wagon to support same sex marriage however, few have chosen to take up the cause of true marriage equality.  The Browns of TLC's Sister Wives, however, have been one of those few.  As a Plural Family, they have faced a great deal of static from all sides.  And with laws banning the practice of Polygamy in the US dating back to the 1800's, they've more than likely often felt like they had little chance of ever really seeing changes - especially since most American citizens still view polygamy as abusive.  It seems though that their fight was not in vain! As a U.S. District Court Judge finalized a ruling stating that Utah’s ban on cohabitation was unconstitutional last week.  It's worth noting that this ruling does NOT "legalize" plural marriage, but it instead takes the steps to officially decriminalize it, by changing the "cohabitation" laws.  What does that mean? Well, it means that, once officially decriminalized, those families who choose to live this way will no longer have to worry about facing arrest or criminal charges.  Utah, as well as all other states, continue to have laws on the books criminalizing "bigamy" which is the practice of having more than one spouse.  BUT, in most cases these laws ONLY apply to the practice of having more than one LEGAL spouse. So long as additional partnerships do not take place on a legal level (obtain a license, etc) and/or attempt to claim married status on taxes or other legal paperwork, they aren't technically "married" in the eyes of the law and therefore not illegal.  Who doesn't love LOOPHOLE!  

As I've said before, I would LOVE a second wife to join our family... In fact the only reason we haven't gone that route is my husband doesn't want "another person around telling him to take out the trash..."  

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I love homemade stuff!  If it were up to me I would figure out how to make everything from scratch - and somehow afford to make it all... But I haven't been able to find too many recipes that I felt did as good as I would like or that didn't include 15 different ingredients that I don't have. This one is simple enough and I have all the ingredients already, so I'm going to have to make it this weekend... You may want to too... Just to see how it works!

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I Love Coconut Oil!  And I've seen quite a few of these lists, but this is the first one that I've seen that actually explains HOW to execute each of their listed uses.  So even though this list has only 107 uses listed (I've seen some with over 300) I like this one better. I mean, if you don't know HOW to do something it doesn't help you to know it can be done...

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