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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My 50 Favorite Stupid Statements People Make To Pagans

I originally posted this list on my One Witch's Wonderland blog, which I have since closed. But recently I was sent a YouTube video which, jokingly, went through some of the things the creator has heard said over the years to Pagans, Witches & the like. But in my opinion, she missed a few!  So here are my:

50 Favorite Stupid Statements
People Make To Pagans!

  1. You should read the Bible.
  2. So you don't believe in God?
  3. You do know you're going to Hell, right?
  4. Why would you do that to your kids?
  5. Witches aren't real!
  6. Even if you don't believe in him, Jesus believes in you!
  7. I'll pray for you!
  8. Why can't you just be normal?
  9. Have you ever met the Devil?
  10. Do you want to go to church?
  11. You're just lost, try praying!
  12. The Bible says Witch's are evil!
  13. So you're in to all that spooky stuff then, aren't you?!?
  14. Please tell me you aren't forcing your kids to do that too!
  15. But you look so normal!
  16. You're just looking for attention.
  17. You don't really believe that, you just want to be different.
  18. Someone should take your children!
  19. If you're Pagan why do you have a Christmas tree?
  20. Please turn back to God!
  21. Is that a sex thing?
  22. Oh, how sad!
  23. So why don't you just cast a spell to win the lottery?
  24. The Bible says there is only One True God!
  25. So you cast spells, right?!?
  26. Easter is about Jesus!
  27. How can you believe in Gods that aren't real?
  28. You believe in Jesus though, don't you?
  29. Where's your black cat?
  30. Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? 
  31. Do you have orgies?
  32. Paganism isn't a real religion.
  33. Will you catch fire in a church?
  34. Why don't you want to go to Heaven?
  35. What went wrong in your life?
  36. Why did you turn away from God?
  37. You don't hurt animals do you?
  38. Do you want to study the Bible with me?
  39. Does that mean you have to wear black all the time?
  40. Can you make someone fall in love with me?
  41. Can you pull a rabbit out of a hat?
  42. You do know your Gods are really just Demons!
  43. You just need more Jesus in your life!
  44. Christmas is all about Jesus, no matter where it came from!
  45. Stop trying to make Christmas Pagan!
  46. Pagans are what's wrong with this country!
  47. Are you possessed or something?
  48. Do you hate Christians?
  49. I thought that was illegal!
  50. You're Gods aren't real, only Jesus is real!
HA! And yes, I could come up with more if I thought about it! I've had so many stupid things said to me for the last 15+ years, I can't even remember them all!  From time to time, they piss me off, but for the most part, they just make me laugh, shake my head and wish people had a clue!

1 comment:

  1. I've heard a lot of those, living in North Carolina it's more or less par for the course. The worst however (and I'm glad that we've since pulled my son from private school) was my then 5/6 year old son telling me I was wrong because "There's no such thing as a girl God".


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