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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

School Year Memories Binders

This is one of the greatest ideas I've ever come across. I WISH I knew where I originally found it so I could give a decent shout out, but unfortunately, I don't remember. In the years since I found this idea though, I've become a little addicted to binders, I have them for everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING! But even for the non-binder obsessed this is a simple way to keep all of your kids' school projects, pictures and report cards neat and tidy for years to come.

I keep everything!  But I hate clutter - not that you could tell if you came over to visit.  When my oldest son started school I wanted to keep all the pictures and teacher notes and whatever else he brought home, but ended up losing them through the house, finding them wrinkled and ripped and often ended up just tossing them out after awhile touting the old but still good mantra of "we can't keep everything."  But I felt guilty and even now wish I could go back and have some of those things - those memories which I simply can't get back now that they've been tossed.

Binders have allowed me to not only keep a good deal more of the projects and pictures, but all of their report cards, letters from the school, photos, teacher notes and anything else I feel the need to hang on to for later.  And not only do I get to keep the stuff, but it stays neat, organized AND accessible - unlike all those boxes of stuff in the attic from MY child hood.  Binders can easily be kept on bookshelves, in closets or in the office where they can easily be pulled out and flipped through or showed off.

If you haven't figured this out yet, here's the 'how to' for this project.

You will need:

  • 3-ring binder
  • clear "sheet protectors"
I like to get the binders with a clear "pocket" on the cover so I can use this year's Year-Book or School Photo as a cover. But it's not a must... If you go with a "flat" binder (without a pocket) you can always have the kids paint the cover or something to make it more personal... Or you could just put a sticker on the front with the year, it's all up to you.

Then simply fill "sheet protectors" with whatever projects, pictures, letters and so on that your little darlings bring home to you and fill your binder with them. 

Here are a few photos of my binder from this (2013-2014) school year. 

The front of my binder, with my son's year book as a "cover."

A few projects from my youngest son.
As you can see from the photos, the page protectors keep each page neat, clean and still readable.  In the back pocket I tuck in all those projects that I can't seem to fit anywhere else - or that are too large for the page protectors.  

After having kids in school for 3 years now, I am slowly building a full shelf full of these binders.  And they are wonderful!  My husband and I love flipping through them and "remembering" all the wonderful things our kids did in previous years. I have no doubt you'll find this the perfect solution for organizing your children's school stuff as well. 

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