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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Daily Devotional and Affirmation

Last month I talked about my "day to day practice" as a Pagan...  And since then I've been asked to talk a little more about my devotional and affirmations.  I wrote both my daily devotional and affirmation myself and they are both on the "ritual" side.  By that I don't mean they are theatrical in any way, but that I do the same thing every day...  And like any other "ritual" the more you do them the more they become a part of you.  So these are MY practices.  Feel free to use them as examples for your own practice or, if they fit you well, take them outright - I'll never know and frankly, if they work for you, it's not hurting me!

My Box, Fully Deployed
First lets talk about my devotional.  I do this each morning about 20-25mins after I wake up.  That gives me some time to actually BE awake and able to focus before I begin.  This is important because you want to be able to really put your energy in to what you're doing. If you're tired you'll just "go through the motions" but not really make any connection.  My goal with my devotional is to connect to the Great Goddess & God, as well as the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire Water).  I want to renew my connection with them each day as well as reaffirm my devotion to them throughout my life as a whole.
I have a "Devotional Box" which holds symbols of all four elements, each with a small votive candle, and three taper candles - one for the Goddess, one for the God, and one for myself.

Before I begin, I ground and center.  Then I light the candle which represents me.  As I say each verse (below) I use my candle to light the candles for the Goddess & God. For the final verse, when I speak to the elements, I use my candle to light the votive associated with each element.  As I do each of these actions and say each verse I focus on the "entity" to which I am speaking and envision them filling me with their energy and blessings.  I then follow with a short "quiet-time" (not always meditation) where I can simply focus on their presence and my connection with them.

Box's Content: Candles, Holders, Mala Beads
Lighter, Parchment (with Dev. on it) 
What follows is my the wording for my Devotional:

Blessings be unto The Great Lady,
Mother of All!
I am your Daughter;
I am strong, proud and powerful!
May You Walk with Me Today,
Guiding, Guarding and Blessing,
as I Walk My Path!

Blessings be unto The Great Lord,
Father of All!
I am your Daughter;
My Body, Mind And Spirit are One.
May You walk With Me Today,
Granting Energy, Courage and Strength,
as I Walk My Path.

Hail and Bright Blessings
Great Goddess & God!
I Thank You For Your Presence
In My Home and My Life!

I call to you Spirits of Earth and Air, Fire and Water
Come to me and settle within.
I am strong, focused, powerful and healthy!
Bless me now, as I send blessings to you!

Closed and Concealed

Second is my Affirmation.  I usually start my day with this as well, but I will also say this at other points throughout the day when I am feeling depressed, stressed or anxious and need a pick-me-up.  There are no "actions" that go with this, I simply repeat the words and focus on them rather than whatever else is going on around me...  

I am a Witch.
Powerful, Strong and Proud, 
Intelligent and Beautiful.

No force on Earth can shake my Confidence, 
for the Elements and Gods are on my side.

Earth and Air, Fire and Water,
Ruled by Spirit, as all should be.

I am my best me... 
So mote it be!

I hope these both give you a little glimpse into my life as a Pagan and Witch, and maybe even help you to form your own daily practice.  


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