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Saturday, June 7, 2014

What is My Path?

Although One Witch's Wonderland is my Facebook page, I have a wonderful woman who has become my "second in command" over there.  A few days back she posted a question for the pages follwers and I thought it was a wonderful question to discuss here.  Her question was:
"What does being Pagan mean to you? If you only had 10 minutes, how would you describe your path to someone?" 
My initial reaction was "That's two different questions."  But I'm going to take it as one - especially since I've discussed more than once in the past what "Pagan" is. 

When I created this blog it was in order to "make my voice heard" and have a way to express my views. But I don't believe I ever really talked about what "MY PATH" is.  Often times I've had to explain it offline, and I'll be the first to tell you, it can be a rather daunting task. Not that my path is complicated, but to explain it to someone who has no idea what I'm talking about can seem overwhelming.  It is something, however, that we will all do at some point in our lives. And, although I have never thought about this before, having a "pre-written" form for such occasions probably isn't a bad idea. No, I'm not saying we should create and rehears some monologue to recite every chance we get. Instead I'm saying we should all more than likely take some time - alone - and decide how we would describe our path if we only had a few moments to speak - but all the time in the world to decide what to say.  

You may be wondering: "Why? Why is it so important that I take time to decide what I might say if the occasion comes up? I'm sure I can handle it all by myself. It's MY path, why wouldn't I be able to wing it?"  Well, in my opinion, a well thought out and clear answer to such questions - or challenges as they often seem - is much better than a trying to think on our feet.  When it comes to explaining your path, do you really want to be thinking later, looking back, and say "Hmm, I wish I would have said THIS" or "Maybe I shouldn't have said that." 

When it comes to topics like Paganism and Witchcraft there are, as we all know, a great many misconceptions out there. So a few misplaced or misunderstood words, can create a rather confusing and maybe even a rather "scary" view in the eyes of those you're speaking to. 

So, lets get down to it... If I had just 10 minutes to explain my path to someone, or a group of someones, who had no real understanding of Paganism, what would I say? 

If I were to put my path in to it's simplest terms my path is about Growth, Nature and Teaching. Yes, my path is simple, but it's not "easy." It's about self exploration, understanding and education. It's about learning to live within nature and learning to think before I act. And it's about teaching others to do the same.

Expanding on that simple explanation is quite the daunting project for me.  Because, like so many others, my path is about personal growth, rather than theology or religion, it's difficult to really put in to words exactly what it's about - where it's going.  But I feel my path is taking me to a point where I can more fully become the classic (in Pagan terms) Crone Witch.  A woman who is educated in the ways of healing, herbs, energy, magicks & lore.  But also a woman who is self sustaining and able to provide for herself, in a wholly natural way.  Healthy - physically & mentally, yes, but also spiritually.  But also a woman who is out there - working within society to create positive changes, educating others, helping others and fighting for a better world.

It may seem like a dream.  But I do not believe so. It IS my dream, my goal, but I fully believe it's one I can - and will - achieve.  I'm not looking for fame, I'm not looking for financial richness, I'm working for a better me - FIRST.  But I believe that with a better me, will come a better whole.  The better I become, the better I can help others to become.

SO I suppose my path is just that - it's about educating myself to be a more "whole" person, a person who lives as one with Nature. But it's also about becoming someone who uses that knowledge and lifestyle as an opportunity to help others to do the same. That is my path.

Simple? Yes. But not easy. I do not come from a background where this type of life, this type of thinking was encouraged or taught.  So although it may seem simple, I'm doing it on my own. I'm learning one herb at a time, practicing my energy workings between cleaning my house and working my business, and taking things one day at a time.  And I feel, so long as I keep moving forward, keep working hard, I will not get lost.  

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