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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day to Day Pagan Practice...

I belong to quite a few Pagan groups online. Recently in one of them someone posted this question:
"How active are your in your Wiccan or Pagan beliefs?"
My initial answer to this question was quite simple. "I practice all day, every day, my faith is a part of me." But the poster was looking for something a little more specific. I have seen this and similar questions come up from time to time through numerous forums and sites. And I remember when I was coming in to my own practice how worried I was about "doing it right." So I am assuming this is a normal question for people looking to come in to their own practice and finding themselves worried they aren't adequate.

(Before you go further, please know that whatever you do, if you're connecting to it, you're doing it right!)

So I decided that since this seems to be such a common question, it was one I should address. Now, as I've said many times, my faith, my beliefs, and my practice are all a part of my day to day life. My faith affects everything from what meat I buy in the market to my bed time routine to the products I use around my home. But that isn't where my practice ends. I think for most people asking this question, they are asking less about how faith affects day to day activities and more on how or when to do things like meditation, divination, ritual, prayer and so on. So this is the area of the issue that I am going to talk about here. If you really want an answer to how it affects my meat selection, lets simply suffice it to say that I do my best to keep a chemical and cruelty free home.

I think the easiest way for me to address this is simply to walk you through an average day. Now, trust me, I'm not going to go hour by hour - you don't want me to! But I will go through the basics. And please keep in mind that with three kids and a husband, there are always variations all day every day, and the following is just a basic example.

Morning Routine:
  • Meditation
  • Record Dreams in my Book of Mirrors
  • Daily Devotional to the Great Goddess & God
  • Three Card Divination - Recorded with thoughts in my Book of Mirrors as well
  • Daily Affirmations
After this routine I can start more mundane aspects of my life - like waking the kids up, getting my son on the bus, making breakfast & lunch and so on, all the way down to bed time. The following are "practices" which are less routine and more spur of the moment within those mundane parts of life.
  • Blessing for my children that they may have a good day
  • At the bus stop, in the bathroom and when I'm nursing, I usually read whatever book I'm reading
    (I have a daily goal of 10 pages)
  • Prayer for safe travel (when my son gets on the bus, as well as any time we leave the house)
  • Blessing over our Meals (I not only bless our meals, but thank the Gods for them)
  • Story time with my children (I usually focus subjects like mythology, fables, nature or other "witchy" subjects)
  • Craft time with my children (I like to focus on holidays/sabbats, nature and the seasons mostly)
  • Cleansing prayers, chants, and/or songs as I clean the house & do laundry.
  • Injuries, illness and daily health are tended to with natural and herbal remedies, supplements and foods.
  • Offering to the Gods
And before you ask, I'm sure I missed a few! I pray throughout the day here and there, and I talk to the Gods, and other beings as I feel the need or want. When the need arises for spell work, divination or whatever else, that is done too. And of course around holidays/sabbats and other celebrations there are added things going on...

Once the kids and hubby are in bed my "Evening Routine" begins:
  • Meditation
  • Evening Blessing/Prayer
And I always have a number of projects going on in an attempt to focus on my own "growth" both spiritually and in knowledge.  My Herbal Notebook, Book of Shadows are current and ongoing projects, and there are a few others that I work on here and there as I have time.

Okay, so there you have it. A day in the life of... ME! Now, add to that all the mundane stuff plus things like writing here or running the Facebook page or answering questions in numerous forums or sites and you could easily extend that list a bit. Those are the basics though. As you can see my practice really does go on all day. Even the music I have in my car tends to be on the Magickal end...

I may not spend my day wrapped in robes, kneeling at the feet of a giant Goddess Statue, but my day is in no way lacking of spiritual activity. For me, this is how I live my faith, this is what fits me, my beliefs and my practices... If you read this and think "That's not right for me" then don't do it. There is never going to be a post here, or on any other blog, website or even in any book, that is going to fit every belief and tradition for every Pagan. Paganism is a living faith, so live it!

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