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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dandelion Fluff Spell

I see a lot of blogs like mine posting spells and rituals, but it's something I very - VERY - rarely do.  Most of my spell work is (as you will see) not summed up in your tipical "magick words" set up the way many others are. And they aren't complicated with specific colored candles or a full altar.  Nope, for the most part they're very simple and generally rely on natural elements.  I once read that "a Real Witch can pick up a flower, whisper a few words and make magick happen."  And I took that idea to heart when I was forming my practice. I'm not going to say I don't do the occasional "ritual-like" spell with all the bells and whistles I see in all the books and blogs, because I do. But generally, this is how I do my magick!

So here goes.  I titled this one "Dandelion Fluff Spell For Growth" in my BOS, and it's one of the easiest spells I've ever done.  In fact, it's one that many people do (sorta) without ever even realizing it.

Remember as a child picking Dandelion Fluffs, making a wish and blowing.  When I was a kid the idea was "if you blew all the seeds off in one breath, your wish would come true.  Well, this is similar.

So what do you need for this spell?  You need a goal (something you want to see grow) and a Dandelion Fluff. Any other aspects you choose to include - like moon phase, time of day, etc... are completely up to you. I DO like to do this when the moon is new, but it's not necessary - it does encourage growth though, so if you're not yet very adept at energy work or focus, you may want to add that.

But here's what you do -
1. Choose your dandelion fluff and hold it in your hand(s).
2. Clear your mind and then focus completely on "growing" your goal.  For example, if you need more money, focus on the amount of money in your bank account going up OR if you need to break off a negative relationship, focus on the space between you two growing...
3. As you focus infuse your energy - your intent - through your hands, up the flower stem and into the fluff.  Close your eyes and envision your intent (your goal) filling this fluff in the form of a white light - SEE it glowing white.
4. When you are no longer able to focus or when you feel the fluff is "full" blow the fluff into the wind with the belief that as these seeds grow into new plants, your goal growth will also come.

As with all spell work, you want to attempt NOT to think on it to much afterwards and also not to retry it for a full moon cycle. Doing so will only take energy away from the spell itself, which of course, lowers the success.  But, if you don't think it worked, feel free to try again the following month.  With as easy as this spell is, there is no reason you can't do one (different ones) nearly every time you stumble across a dandelion fluff... Of course in my yard you'd run out of things to cast for before you'd run out of fluff...

Happy Casting!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have shared this spell/blog post on my facebook page today!
    ~Emberlyn Rayne (Mom's a Witch)

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