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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What happened to Americans?

What the hell is wrong with today's Americans?  This I wonder every day!

I'm sittin' around the other morning watching the History Channel.  All day I'm seeing specials after special about Early America.  Our break from the British Government, The Civil War, how we spread West...  And in each and every one of these specials I'm seeing a single threat of continuity...  These early Americans did not take shit! Especially from the government. When they saw someone threatening their way of life or their well being - even if it was only a perceived threat - they fought against it.

And they didn't just fight battles they knew they could win. They stood up, often, against enemies that seemed unbreakable to onlookers. But those fighting believed in their cause and often - won.  Not always of course, history has many great losses as well - Slavery, Segregation, Lesser Rights for Women... But as a whole, these early Americans won more than they lost. They chased out the British, massacred the Natives and they kicked the Mexicans out of Texas...  No, their causes weren't always noble, and their tactics weren't always dignified. But the point is, they saw something wrong, and they fought against it - or rather, they fought FOR their lives, their families and their right to live their lives they way they choose.

But what happened?  Today, it's nearly impossible to get people to sign a petition or join a peaceful protest.  How exactly did we go from a people who were willing to fight for what they believed was right to a people who were willing to just lay down and take whatever the authorities give out?  Obviously it's not everyone.  Unfortunately though, the groups who are known for their rallies and protests are those who are working against the people - not for them.  They're anti-freedom groups like the Tea Partiers who are fighting to remove your rights to freedom of religion or healthy food.  But, thankfully in some part, they are the minority.  But what happened to the rest of Americans?  GMO's, Pesticides, Toxic Water, Fracking...  Not only does it seem Americans are willing to simply lay down and watch their ability to live a healthy life die off, but many of them are happy to believe the government and corrupt corporations who are doing it when they say they have the people's interest at heart.

What happened I ask?  When did American's go from a people who fought through tear gas and live fire for their right to a safe work environment and decent pay (ex: Battle of Blair Mountain), to a people who were willing to simply allow Fracking companies to steal their land and poison their water & air?  Sure, there are a few speaking up, but not nearly enough!

What's worse is people today rarely understand what they should be fighting for...  Ask the average person what GMO's are - they don't know.  Ask the average person why Fracking is dangerous - they don't know. Hell, half of them will tell you the risk is worth the jobs.

When did people in this country begin to simply take what the government and corporations give them? When did we stop fighting for our rights and our freedom? Worse, when did we stop caring that we were losing them?  Isn't America built on a legacy of people who stood up and made changes?  I know my America sure is... So why is it so damn hard to even get people to sign a petition or hell - vote in an election? And why is it so hard to even get people to know what the issues are?  In this day of information and connectivity, people know less than ever about political issues, environmental issues and social issues than any other time in history!  And they're happier than ever to take the "official" arguments given by those in charge as fact - without so much as a question.  If this is how our founding father's acted, we'd still be paying our taxes to England - if not killed off entirely by the Mexicans and Native Americans (not that they didn't have the right).

Seriously people... It's time to honor our ancestors and stand up for changes that will make our descendants to be proud!  It's time to fight for our right to healthy food, air, water and soil... It's time to fight for our right to a decent day's pay and access to real healthcare - not medical business. It's time we stand up and fight for our right to the world class education we deserve.  It's not a hard concept...

And it's certainly not difficult to do.  Take just 10 minutes a day to educate yourself on the issues. Get both sides, learn the facts not just the hype.  Take another 10 minutes a day to send an email to your friends and show they what you've learned.  Take just 10 minutes a week to write a letter to politicians, sign, or start a petition to them, and lastly, VOTE with that information in mind.  It's not rocket science. It doesn't take an army of guns or bombs or teargas...  All it takes is a willingness to take 10 minutes every day to make your life - and your children's lives - better!

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  1. I feel the problem is that we are so busy fighting each other over stupid little things, ignoring the bigger problems, and no one wants to come up with compromises. That's in the government as a whole and also the people. Both sides, Democrats and Republicans, have been ridiculous, petty, and so very childish. It's so sad, it's pathetic, and I feel like this country needs a wake up call.


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