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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Divinaton: What the heck is it?

Ever flipped a coin to make up your mind? If so, then you have already tried your hand at a very basic form of Divination and didn't even know it...

In it's simplest form, Divination is simply a means of making the unknown - known! Nearly every culture around the world has some form of divination tool or ritual as a part of it's history.  When we think of Gypsys for example, the first thing that tends to come to mind is the woman with the crystal ball, a perfect example of divination dating back ages!

 Most people who practice divination believe that all things, living or not, are made up of energy and that this energy is all interconnected to the energy of all things around them. It's the basic idea that we are all a part of the universe and so is everything else, this makes us connected to both one another and to all things. When you are working with objects such as a pendulum, bones, tea leaves, runes or other forms, you are connected to them, and they are connected to the divine.

 One theory of how divination works is that the information obtained comes from within ourselves.  Our minds, bodies and subconscious are consistently collecting and processing data and information, most of which we are never aware of. So it's feasible to think that this information is accessible during divination. Could it simply be that the unconscious mind plays a part in how the Tarot cards are ordered?

There is also the idea that these events are truly random and that it's up to the reader to interpret the patters and meanings of what they see, rather than that the tool itself actually has any power itself. With this thinking those same Tarot cards would be shuffled and laid out in a completely random way and it's then up to the subconscious of the person reading them to decide what the relationship of those cards is to their reason for reading...

In both of these theories WE are the connection to the knowledge, whether you see that knowledge as coming from some divine source or not, the tools are simply tools that help us access that information, rather than giving information themselves.

There is also the theory called synchronicity, which simply means that everything is meaningfully interconnected to everything else. Random events, no matter how disconnected they seem, contain meaning and wisdom if their hidden meanings can be found. For certain types of divination such as Tarot or Runes this theory seems to fit.

Can divination really tell the future? Most popular divinatory practices seem to prove so. However physics teaches that events happen totally at random. Which brings us to the question of whether fortune telling is even possible, or if it's all just a guess. Do events maybe occur the way foretold simply because we expect them to and therefore we take the steps to make them happen that way?

Well, to find answers to these questions you need to discover what you believe. For those who believe solely in physics, there is no question that things happen at random and therefore can't actually be foretold using mystical or any other means. However, if you truly believe in physics without the possibility of the divine, you wouldn't be reading this in the first place, now would you?

So what are some of the types and tools of divination? I'll get in to detail with most of these more in further postings, but for today I'll just give you the basics. You may be at least generally familiar with some of these, while others may be completely new...

Astrology - The reading of celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars & planets) in order to tell the future
Augury - The reading of the movement and activities of birds
Bibliomancy - The reading of Books, frequently religious texts
Cartography - The reading of Cards. This includes Tarot, Angel Cards, and even regular playing cards.
Chiromancy - Palmistry - The reading of the palms of the hands.
Chronomancy - The study of time in order to predict lucky and unlucky times and days.
Extispicy - The reading of animal (or human) entrails
Geomancy - The reading of markings on the earth or how soil lands when thrown.
I Ching - Chinese divination using coins or sticks.
Lithomancy - The reading of Stones or Gems
Necromancy - communing with the spirits of the dead.
Numerology - The translation of numbers in to meaningful sequences
Oneiromancy - The reading of and translation of dreams
Onomancy - Divination surrounding the meanings behind names.
Pendulum - The use of a hanging pendulum to receive simply answers.
Pyromancy - The reading of Fire.
Rhabdomancy - The reading of Rods
Runecasting - The reading of Runes.
Scrying - The reading of reflective objects. Includes Crystal balls, Scrying Mirrors and Water.
Spirit Board - Talking Board use - Ouija board
Tasseomancy - The reading of Tea Leaves of Coffee Grounds

There are many other forms of divination found all around the world, and each of these categories tends to hold many variations and options as well. Some are easier than others to "master" and each person will be drawn to different forms. So if you're looking to get in to divination, and one form doesn't seem to fit, try another... As I said in further postings I will talk about some of these in more specific terms and how tos, so stay posted and discover what works for you.

Originally posted on my blog "One Witch's Wonderland" on 8/28/10
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