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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Good Witch's Gift DVD Release

Okay...  Early this morning I posted that The Good Witch's Garden was FINALLY being released on DVD.  Let me just say that was enough to get me excited... BUT, now I have even more excellent news! As it turns out it's NOT just The Good Witch's Garden which is being released on DVD, but the Good Witch's Gift as well!

This third film in the series is being released on June 17th, 2014 and can be pre-ordered through Amazon NOW.  Again, I've already pre-ordered!

So that means we now have the first three of 6 films on DVD, hopefully with another 3 to come quickly!  A 7th film is due to air this October on the Hallmark Channel, and a Television Series is set to begin in 2015.

Order the first THREE Good Witch Movies TODAY!

Movie 1:  The Good Witch

If you're as much of a fan of this series as I am... I'm sure you're now officially chomping at the bit waiting for DVDs of The Good Witch's Charm, Family and Destiny to be released... Don't worry, I'll make sure I post the moment I know they're available for pre-order!  

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