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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Theistic Evolution

A few weeks back I posted my views on whether or not Evolution or Creation should be taught in our Public Schools. And I briefly mentioned that I hold a firm belief in Theistic Evolution and I don't understand why the scientific community - especially those with a belief in God - are so quick to dismiss it as a possibility. But I did not discuss what Theistic Evolution is.

Well, it's fairly simple. It's the belief that Creation and Evolution are not in fact mutually exclusive. To completely simplify the idea, it's the belief that Evolution is a "tool" used for creation. Christianity teaches that there was a great flood used to destroy life. In this case the flood was the tool used to destroy, even though God did it. Evolution is no different by this theory.

Even those religions which teach creation don't generally teach HOW creation takes place. (Again, I'll refer to Christianity as it's the religion who's creation myth is most widely known.)  The Bible teaches it's believers that God used 6 days to create life. Those of course were figurative days, and most Christians don't believe they were actually 24 hour days, but could have been millions of years. If assuming these were millions of years and not the actual 24 hour day - which is a physical impossibility knowing how old the earth is - then there is nothing standing in the way of evolutionary beliefs.  **Of course this type of logic does not work on those individuals who choose to prescribe to the "Young Earth" way of thinking and deny the proven age of the Earth, or similar Anti-Science teachings**

Creation is an ongoing  project. There are new species being found every year - plants, animals, insects... Of course if you talk to hard core creationists you'll hear one of two beliefs - 1. The creatures have been here all along and we never found them or 2. God is still creating new species. If you ask a hard core evolutionist, it's clear that these new species are simply evolving from old ones... For me, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I find it rather insulting to all of humanity to think that there have been these plants and creatures out there all the time and we simply were to busy to notice. Rather it makes more sense that they are in fact NEW. Now, as a Pagan I am a firm believer in the Gods, but as an educated person with some decent common sense, I understand Evolution.

However, both theories have gaps. IF we are to believe creation we must first believe that the Gods didn't know what they were doing. I mean, if they knew what they wanted, why would they create the dinosaurs and then the large mammals and then finally all that we have now, but only after destroying everything they had already created... Come on, does that sound like it makes even half an ounce of sense? Now, lets think about Evolution alone... What started it? The Big Bang? Okay, but something had to trigger that. Nothing comes from Nothing - I went to third grade, I know that much.

So, now lets look at them together for just a second... All of a sudden all the answers are there. What started evolution? What created the Big Bang?  In both cases, it's rather clear that science is missing something. Even Stephen Hawking admits that he doesn't know WHAT triggered the first reactions which started the process of creation...  Something pushed the button.  If there is no one to do that, creation can not happen. The Big Bang can not happen.  Nothing, comes from Nothing...  Why did we go through the dinosaurs and the mammals and eventually present day? Why do we keep finding new creatures and plants?  Because creation doesn't happen in a moment, it happens over Millions of years. The Gods guide old life forms adapt and evolve to fit new and changing circumstances as the Earth herself changes and moves, and these old life forms eventually become new, better equipped life forms.    Wow... Finally it all fits. Theistic Evolution fills all the gaps in BOTH arguments.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, but I don't believe I am!

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