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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Of Magick and Gravity

Skeptics of Witchcraft often ask how I can believe in such things.  "There's no proof this is real" they will say or they claim "Witchcraft has been proven to be fantasy."  For the most part I will simply agree to disagree with these individuals and encourage them to experience it for themselves before they judge.  I don't see it to be my job to convince others of the reality of Magick, or Spirit, or anything else...  And quite frankly, if they are not open to belief, nothing I say will change that, so what's the point in arguing it?

But there are a few points I would like to point out here, as an answer to all those who disbelieve.  Arguments against the reality of Witchcraft nearly always surround this idea that we must have physical proof of something in order for it to be real. While even I agree that belief should be based on proof, I disagree that we need to be able to measure, dissect and photograph everything.  Fact is, there are those things which we KNOW exist, that even we can not quantify scientifically.

The most basic example of this would be gravity.  At one point considered a "crazy notion," gravity is now not only accepted but taught as a "rule."  But gravity is not a THING, it's a force, just like magick.  It is something which can not be taken apart, moved or otherwise seen.  Instead, gravity accepted as a force, not because of what it is, but because of what we can see it do.  Another example of this is Wind.  We can not see it, we can not photograph it or even really make it. But we know it exists because we experience it's effects and see what it does.  Now, there are those out there who will look at these examples and say "But we can measure the wind and gravity."  And this is somewhat true, but in fact, we are not measuring these forces themselves, but the strength behind them or caused by them.

Witchcraft is no different.  We can not place magick (or any kind) under a microscope or send samples to NASA.  But we can see the results and experiences magick (depending on the form) personally, as well as en-mass.  Energy healing, has been largely ignored by modern day medical science, but numerous cases of energy healing that have stumped doctors have been well documented over past years.  Other forms of Magick such as trance and meditative workings, are now being embraced by modern day medicine as their benefits on the human body are becoming quite well known.  And as advances in Metaphyical Sciences occur, new forms of "proof" of different forms of Energy Work are coming to light -- not to mention the new and growing amount of proof of spirit or otherwise non-physical beings.

Now, I am more than certain there are those who will refuse to believe all and any argument or even proof which may validate the reality of Magick or Witchcraft.  And that's fine.  However, with each advance in science we are becoming better and better at measuring the invisible forces behind such things.  If, therefore, your arguments against such beliefs lie in the scientific world, you may find yourself having to either ignore upcoming scientific advances or changing your view of the world to one which accepts the reality of such forces...

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