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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Ideal Place

Every day I open my email and have at least a dozen new petitions - Stop Fracking, Support Education, Keep Animals Safe...  There are so many good causes in this world and I often feel overwhelmed by it all.  Watching the news or reading the local paper makes it even worse.  And now, I'm at the point where I can't even look out my back door without seeing huge black helicopters on their way to Fracking Fields or huge trains full of coal (although to be fair, I've grown up watching that).  Sometimes I just reach the point where I need to just shut myself up and block the world out so I can pretend it's not like this, this isn't real...  Sometimes I even feel like I should be packing my family up and moving them somewhere better.  But then I wonder, WHERE?  Everywhere is dealing with the same issues!  I wish I could twitch my nose or wave my wand and create my perfect world...

So what would my world look like?  I've talked before about how I don't believe in the notion of Utopia on a large scale, but what would the world look like if it were up to me?  How would things be different?

I'll be honest, I don't think I have all the answers for every issue. But I can tell you what MY perfect place would be like...  I can tell you about the world I got to sometimes, in my dreams, that I wish I could move to - My Ideal Place!

Picture if you will, for a moment, a small town setting - maybe what we would today consider an "Artisan Town." Somewhere where main street is filled with numerous little shops selling everything from handmade jewelry, pottery, clothing... Just about everything you need for a good life.  Picture a huge indoor farmers market at one end of town where all the locals gather to sell and purchase a great array of farm goods from all the surrounding farms.

Homes would all be built using reclaimed and sustainable methods and each and every home would be fitted with solar panels, fire places, ambient heating and rain water collection systems.  Better yet, each house would have enough land for home owners to have their own small gardens where they would grow herbs, small amounts of vegetables and maybe even a fruit tree or two.  Natural spaces in town would include small parks and community gardens alike.

For the people in this town, a Natural Lifestyle is a given.  There is no Fracking, no added chemicals in the water, no laws preventing people from owning chickens or goats...  Cars are electric, powered by solar chargers placed at homes and in public parking areas.  The only "Fast Food" places are organic juice and smoothie bars and restaurants are all Farm to Table!

Holistic Medicine is the norm here.  The "town doctor" believes in natural medicine and nutrition over pills and needles.  No one here is vaccinated, over medicated or mistreated by a medical professional.  Births are attended by Midwife & Doula, but the women's center (birthing center & Red Tent included) has a very capable doctor on hand for when mother's choose (or need) pain relief, emergency services, or surgery due to unforeseen circumstances, "high risk birth" or other things which may come up.  And of course the local hospital (in the small city a few miles away) offers care for more serious issues or ailments.  But for the most part the "healthcare" here consists of herbs, energy work, crystals and of course prevention through nutrition.

The local school system encourages actual education rather than memorization. Students are encouraged to learn through hands on experimentation, music and play.  Although they have a good solid physical education program, it's not the focus of their Highschool. Teachers are encouraged to have an "up to date" education for history and science classes and teach what is current rather than what political agenda in the 1970's text books.  "Home-economics" and "Arts" classes, electives in many school systems, are embraced and fully supported.  REAL Education is the focus, not robots.

When trash day comes, it's rare that each home has even a single bag.  Most homes in my ideal place don't produce trash.  Instead, composting, recycling, and swapping unneeded items has cut down the trash to nearly nothing.

I suppose my "ideal place" seems very much like the 1900's - maybe even earlier... And it may appear as if I want to get as far away from "today" as possible.  In some ways, that's not wrong.  But the fact is, I'm not "Anti-Tech" or "Anti-Progress."  Yes, I love the idea of living in a farming and artisan society.  But I don't believe this has to happen without Telephones and Computers.  But I believe we should be using these things smartly.

Lets think bigger for a moment, now.  Not just my ideal town, but my ideal world. A world where all small towns were like this... But also a world where "big cities" mirrored the same progressive ideals.  Where garbage trucks often return to their base half empty.  Where there are no more "gas stations." Where even the highest apartment building had a rooftop gardens and neighborhoods all maintained community gardens as well.  Where electric companies rely on wind, water, sun and geothermal energy sources rather than coal or natural gas.  Where you could trust that, even in a restaurant or "fast food" place wasn't laced with toxins, chemicals, medications or hormones.  A place where there was little to no gridlock because few items were trucked in bulk.  Where manufacturers employed people, not machines and local economies were intertwined, but still local.

Sounds like heaven to me!  A society where community is more important than corporations, where education is more important than political agendas, where health is more important than medicine, and where people are more important than dollars!

Yeah, I know I'm dreaming. But if no one ever dreams it up, it can't ever become reality!

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