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Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Start Researching Vaccines for Yourself

I have been encouraging people to research vaccines on their own for nearly 10 years now.  I myself have been researching them, as well as the illnesses they are associated with, for even longer.  It's an ongoing process, but it's one worth doing.

But the idea of starting such a process is often more than enough to overwhelm and confuse... So I am hoping to possibly give you a "guide" to starting your own search for the truth.

If you don't already know, I'm a binder-freak!  I have binders for everything. And vaccines are no
different.  Actually I have two - One for vaccines, one for vaccine related illnesses. But if you're less anal than I am about things, you could easily have just one. :)

So where do you start? My suggestion is that you start with the current vaccine schedule.  If you don't have children yet, begin by researching the first vaccine that your future children would receive according to that schedule. If you already have children begin with whatever vaccine is next on their schedule or with whatever vaccine you feel has affected your child (in the case of those researching after injury or reaction has occurred.)

But what do you need to know? What do you look up? And where do you go?  I suggest you research both the vaccine and the illnesses it is associated with together.

For each Vaccine you need to research the following information (remember, there are often more than one vaccine available for each illness, different brands, etc - do this research for each of them independently if possible.)

  • Brand Name & Company that makes it
  • Illness(es) Associated 
  • Ingredients
  • Live or Dead Virus
  • Maker Acknowledged Side Effects (Common & Rare)
  • Possible Side Effects (Common & Rare) which are NOT Yet Acknowledged by the Maker
  • Reported Reaction, Injury & Death Rates
  • Any Studies Done & Their Outcomes
  • How Effective the Vaccine is at Preventing the Disease
  • Purpose of Vaccine (many vaccines are not meant to prevent infection/transmission)
  • History of Development of the Vaccine
  • Also include package inserts and any other paperwork you get on the subject from doctors. 
And for each Illness look up this information:
  • Common & Scientific Name
  • Strand Differences 
  • Basic Description of Disease
  • Early Signs of Infection
  • All Associated Symptoms
  • Common, Medical and Holistic Treatments
  • Length of Infection (from Initial Infection to End of ALL Symptoms)
  • Infectious Period
  • How it's Contracted
  • Type of Infection (Bacterial, Viral, etc) and Transmission Route
  • Known Serious & Long Term Consequences of the Disease
  • Proportion of Persons infected who Develop Serious & Long Term Consequences.
  • Immunity Information (some illnesses are rare to get twice, like Chicken Pox, while others may be caught over and over, like the Flu)
  • Number of Cases (worldwide & domestic) & Reported Deaths Each Year
As I said before, it DOES seem like a lot of work, because it is.  But like anything worth doing, it's worth doing well.  So take your time and make sure you're getting your information from reputable sources.  Believe it or not, the CDC is usually a good solid source for many of these facts.  Unfortunately though they tend to write their information in ways which is very Pro-Vaccine, as apposed to being neutral on that issue.  This means that when researching things like Vaccine Injuries or Reactions, the facts may be somewhat masked by long winded paragraphs about how minor they really are.  

Some other really wonderful sources for information include:
Additional points to research should include: 
  • How the VEARS system works.
  • Laws supporting vaccination & your rights if you choose not to vaccinate (schools, military, etc.)
  • Herd Immunity
  • Information on individual vaccine ingredients
  • Immunization VS Vaccination
  • The History of Vaccination
  • Legal Cases Against Vaccine Companies
  • Laws protecting Vaccine Companies
  • Long term reactions & illnesses associated with Vaccines (Physical & Neurological)
  • Doctors, Researchers and other Medical Professionals who oppose the standard vaccine system.
I'm sure there are 1000 other subjects that could be added to this list.  But this is, I'm sure, enough to keep you busy for years to come.  You can see now why I keep a binder.  If I didn't, I would never be able to keep all the information straight!  

Remember to ALWAYS keep track of your sources!  I suggest simply making numbered notations on a separate page with your sources. This way if, and when, your choices or research comes in to question - as it more than likely will at some point - you will have everything you need to back up your personal research.  If you have access to studies themselves and include them in your binder along with your personal research, it will go a long way towards supporting your arguments.  But that's up to you.  I like to have everything - Like I said, I'm rather anal about things. 

Finally, remember that just because it's written online, doesn't make it true. I have found inconsistencies on BOTH sides of the argument!  So in general if there is no evidence to back something up, keep looking, it may be more conspiracy and less fact. There are people on BOTH sides of every issue with agendas! You're not interested in that, you're looking for truth, facts! With time and research, you WILL find it.  

Unfortunately nearly ANYONE who speaks out against vaccinations (such as Dr. Tenpenny, quoted above) is driven out of or away from the conventional medicine circles. Because of this you will not generally find their studies or information on government or common medical sites. And the reason why sites such as those listed above exist and are necessary for research.  Our current medical community is pro-vaccine, so if you want to hear the studies, research or numbers which may refute that stance, you won't find it there.  Not that it isn't important to hear their arguments, it is!  But it's more important that their arguments can be upheld when looked in to more deeply.  Remember that at one point in history the CDC endorsed the use of cigarettes. And that EVERY medication to have ever been pulled from shelves due to toxicity or dangers was first approved by them!  

Point being, just because the "officials" or "experts" approve or encourage the use of something doesn't mean it's safe.  They are as imperfect as everyone else, the problem is though that their choices (imperfect as they are) affect the lives of Millions of people all over the world. So when it comes to YOUR health or the health of your children, make sure the decision is one that's based on more than their beliefs...  

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