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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fred Phelps, Honey Maid and My Refusal To Let Hate Eat Me Alive

Yesterday, the news that Fred Phelps Sr., the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church passed away.  His health had been failing, so I think everyone knew it was coming.  Moments after posting this information (as well as a plea for prayers & positive energy towards his loved ones) to my Facebook Page, I decided to check my email.  And what did I find there?  A message from One Million Moms asking their followers to harass HoneyMaid (and Nabisco it's parent company) in an effort to get them to remove their new TV ad from the air.

It seemed strange.  There weren't but seconds between my asking that everyone be kind about the death of the leader of one hate group, and getting an email from another asking for my help.  It felt almost as if the Universe felt the need to balance out the hate... One man down, another fight begins...  I'm sure that's not quite what happened, but it sure felt like it.

So as always I read through the email from OMM, the email they are asking their followers to send and watched the video they are so angry about... And then, as always, I sent my own email to the company. Lastly I posted the emails and whatnot to my Facebook Page as well as a way to let others see what they're doing.

Personally, I found the ad to be beautiful!  But of course that's because I find love and families beautiful and would prefer see someone happy than not - which I believe is the opposite of OMM's stance.

But after I was finished with all the posting and emails and all, I started thinking.  Here I am spending an hour or so of my time dealing with WBC and OMM... All this time dealing with such hateful people.  And all the while trying to encourage others to be loving - even towards them.  And I wonder for a moment if loving and kindness are really the best defense against such groups, or should I be out there swinging my ax (so to speak).  Instead of encouraging people to pray for Fred's family, should I be encouraging them to pray that this ends his church?  Instead of simply emailing HoneyMaid in support of their ad, should I be sending out emails to LGBT groups asking that they take on OMM?

Then I think... IF I do that... IF I spend my time and energy spreading hate... Does it not make me more like them?  Does it not make me one of them? And does it not make this "war" they continue to push as reality - in fact a reality?

Truth is, their actions, their methods, their views even, PISS ME OFF!  But do I hate them?  No.  I worry for them. I feel for them.  And I pray for them...  All of them.  Just as I would a lost child - for they are lost souls. Don't get me wrong, I hate what they stand for, pure and simple. But I don't think THEY deserve my hate.  And honestly, neither do I.

At the same time though, I do feel for them.  I think, it's no wonder they are fighting so hard. They know change is coming, and I'm sure they know, on some level, that they're wrong.  More than that, they know they're losing.  And I think that makes them scared.  I think too about how will they be remembered?  How will "history" see them.  I know it won't be good.

When I was in school I remember learning about the Civil Rights Movement, and the Women's Rights Movements.  And I remember listening to the stories about people who fought against change and thinking what horrid people they must have been...  I wonder if my children, or my grandchildren won't think the same thing looking back at groups like these.

I also worry that groups like these will further damage the reputation of Christianity.  Obviously I'm not a big fan to begin with.  Organized Religion has never done anything for me.  But the fact is although it's numbers are beginning to dip, Christianity continues to be a force all over the world.  As it continues to die out, will history choose to remember groups like WBC and OMM as "examples" of how Christians believed, acted or thought?  I hope not.  Sure there has been a momentous amount of pain and bloodshed due to the Christian faith. But for the most part, the individual believers are not hateful or cruel.  No, the average Christian has a good heart and is drawn to their faith, not because of the hate it spreads, but because of the love it's message includes.

So as always I will light a candle and say a prayer for these poor lost hearts, and for their children. I believe at their core they are doing what they think they are supposed to be doing to make their God happy.  I hope they learn otherwise, but if they do not, that's on them, not me.  I will not let their hate and intolerance towards others drag me down with them...  I will continue to try and love those around me - even those who don't love me...  Of course, that doesn't mean I will let them walk all over me or that I'm going to stop speaking up or out... It just means that I won't be fighting against them any time soon, rather, I'll keep fighting FOR what I believe is right!

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