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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All The Reasons Why Gays Shouldn't Be Allowed To Marry...

Blog also titled: All the Reasons Why Your An Idiot!
So a few days back I got in to a rather heated argument about Same Sex Marriage.  And the person I was talking to couldn't even be bothered to come up with new excuses for their hate. In fact at one point she even made the statement of "I hate gays as much as anyone else." However in fairness I will admit that she then amended that statement with this one:  "Well, maybe not. I'm Anti-Gay but I don't think it's okay to hurt them."  Although I'm not sure that made things "better" at least I know she's not someone I have to worry about breaking windows or spray painting obscenities on anyone's home - or worse. I suppose that's something.

After this conversation, like SOOO many we've had in the past, I was pretty angry.  I quickly developed a migraine and decided it's time to cut her out of my life - AGAIN.  After cooling down and weighing all the reasons for and against this, I - once again - decided that over all that's not a good option for my children.

But it brought me to think of all the things which she used to defend her argument, as well as some of the arguments I've heard in the past.  None of these arguments have ever made much sense to me or anyone who is willing to think for themselves, but biggots will continue to cling to them because they have no real arguments here, and they know it.

So lets take a look at SOME (not all) of the arguments against same sex marriage I've encountered over the years, and then do our best (in as small of words as possible) to explain why they don't hold up...

1.  Marriage is sanctioned by God and God disagrees with homosexuality.
Okay, there are two main reasons as to why this one doesn't hold up.
  • First, Marriage is NOT a religious institution, it is a legal one.  Yes, religious leaders have the ability to oversee and officiate marriage ceremonies, but they are not required to as many legal officials (Mayors, Judges, Magistrates, etc.) also have the ability to oversee and officiate the same proceedings. Marriage requires (in the US) a license which limits who may and may not marry (for example, in most states first cousins may not marry).  Since the 1st Amendment states (in part) that "Congress shall make no law ...  prohibiting the free exercise (of religion)" requiring a license in order for two people to enter in to a religious union would be a violation of their Rights.  And in fact, those unions which are solely religious in nature are NOT recognized by the government but they are (generally) not illegal...  The perfect example of this would be cases such as the Brown Family from TLC's Sister Wives.  Kody is LEGALLY married to his first wife, Mari.  His additional "wives," Janelle, Christine and Robyn, are not legally recognized as his wives, instead, they were married in purely religious ceremonies.  So in point of fact, even those marriages preformed by a religious leader are legal unions, first. Those preformed by a religious leader are ALSO a religious union, but only in ADDITION TO, a legal one. 
  • Second, there are literally thousands of recognized religions out there, each of which (with few exceptions) has their own God or idea of God. Numerous religions accept or recognize Gods which have no disagreement with or animosity towards same sex unions. So arguing that "God" disagrees with it should only apply to those who belong to religious groups which have such a God. Outside groups would not be bound by such a God's predilections. And to base laws on the beliefs of but one God, while not allowing for opposing groups to adhere to their group's beliefs or practices violates (again) the first amendment. 
2. The Bible Says Homosexuality is a Sin
  • As the arguments above explain, limiting one person's rights or one group of people's rights based solely on the religious beliefs of another individual or group is simply not okay.  If you wouldn't want the beliefs of another group dictating your rights, don't attempt to use your faith to dictate others.  

3. Homosexuals Can't Reproduce
  • This is one of my favorite ridiculous arguments.  If couples who can't reproduce can't marry, then anyone taking birthcontrol, who's undergone surgeries on their reproductive organs (whether they were meant as BC or to deal with other health issues), those who are elderly and/or those who suffer from any number of health conditions which prevent them from having healthy children would also be banned from marrying as well. Yet you don't see petitions encouraging lawmakers to stop cervical cancer survivors from marrying -- unless of course they wish to marry someone of their own gender. 
4. If we allow people to marry the same gender, what's next, letting them marry their dog? 
  • Do I really even need to provide a reason why people who think this way are idiots?  It's really very simple. Two adults - regardless of their genders - have the legal ability to enter into legal contracts, animals, plants, children and inanimate objects do not...  Same sex marriage is about allowing two adults to enter in to a legal partnership. Not animals, not children, etc. 
5. It's unnatural!
  • Actually, it's perfectly natural.  EVERY species on Earth exhibits same sex partnerships -- including species such as dolphins, penguins and ducks, all of which are known for partnering for life! If every other species shows a tendency to mate this way, why would it be unnatural for us?
6. Same Sex Marriage undermines the institution of marriage. 
  • In the US, statistics show that around 50% of Hetero-Marriages end in divorce, nearly 60% of men and 40% of women step out on their spouses and an average of 22% of spouses are abusive.  If anything undermines marriage, it's those things - divorce, abuse, infidelity...  Allowing two men or two women who love one another to marry does NOT in any way, shape or form damages the institution of marriage as a whole, or individually. 
Here's what it all comes down to.  YOU don't have to like what someone else does.  That doesn't mean what they are doing shouldn't be legal.  Everyone deserves the same rights to "Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" - that includes marrying the person they love and who loves them back. It doesn't hurt you, your family, your faith or your marriage in ANY WAY to give someone else the right to marry.  

10% of the population is homosexual, if you add to that those who are bisexual, transsexual or otherwise non-heterosexual the number of individuals who are or could seek to enter into a same sex marriage.  Limiting their rights based on your bias is not only immoral, but unconstitutional! So get over it and put your energy into creating change for the better, instead of fighting on the side of discrimination and intolerance. 

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