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Monday, February 17, 2014

YouTube Videos With Heart

I would fair a guess (I haven't done the math here) that about 95% of the videos on YouTube are worthless crap! I mean, seriously, how many videos of cats do we need? Or worse, how many photo slide shows of celebrities set so music do we need?  Of the remaining 5 or so percent though, there is a good mix of family videos meant to be sent to friends or family, movies & TV shows (which aren't really supposed to be up there, but they are), informational videos on everything from how to apply eye liner to how to install electrical lines and even religious & spiritual information or exercises.  And although most of these videos are at least worth the data space they hold they, for the most part, aren't going to change the world in any way.  Yes, one could argue that a video on properly curling hair could get one a date with their future husband and their children could create a new, free energy source that will change the world, but for the most part, that's not going to happen.

There ARE however an extremely small amount of videos on YouTube which are not only worth a watch, but which have the ability to truly touch the souls of those who watch them.  Some of these videos have gone "viral" over the years, and some have not.  However, they are worth sharing here simply because if they touched me, they might touch someone else. And occasionally, such a touch can open minds and eyes and create a genuine change in a person.

Because of this, I have decided to create a monthly "YouTube" post here on my blog where I can share some of the videos which have touched my heart and my spirit over the past month.  I hope that if you enjoy the videos you see here, that you will share them with friends and family.

This months Videos:
**Please note that I do NOT own these videos. I do not know who does. If these videos belong to you, please contact me so that I may give proper credit and/or provide proper links to the originals!**


My Thoughts:
Oh, how I wish glasses like that were real.  I think we all get so caught up in our own crap that we forget to think of others.  What a blessing it would be to have such a tool to put us back in the right frame of mind.


My Thoughts:
I am Bi-Sexual (for those who don't know), and I grew up not only in a very conservative Christian home and family, but in a generally conservative Christian area and town.  Of course when I was in school LGBT lifestyles were not nearly as accepted as they are now, and I was already a target because my mother was a Jehovah's Witness, because I was Pagan and because I was generally different.  So when I came out, it was NOT understanding or love that I was met with. My mother accused me of doing it to torture her and called it "self destructive behavior."  My school counselor tole me I had "unexpressed anger towards my mother that was causing me to act out." And many of the people I was in school with were just cruel.  I got hate notes in my locker, gum in my hair, threats of violence in the bathroom... You name it. And I dealt with a LOT of depression through that time of my life, even attempting suicide a few times.  Of course, as I said, my sexuality was only a portion of what made me "different" but I wasn't willing to fake change just to fit in, and knew in my heart this was who I was (and who I am.) I did not choose to be different, I did not choose to be LGBT, I just am.

All these years later, I still deal with intolerance from time to time.  My family still thinks it was a "phase" and blame it on mental issues, drug use or just bad behavior. And since I am now married (to a man) they take the stance that I'm not really LGBT because I'm not in a relationship with a woman.  Most people who know me in town simply don't know at this point, because it's not something that comes up often. I'm not shy about it, nor do I attempt to hide it, but I don't have it tattooed on my forehead either. 

In the end, I have faced the anger and the hate and for the most part, I have come out the other side, stronger and better for it.  I believe adversity is what allows us to grow to some extent. But I also know and understand that there is a thing as too much adversity and abuse, even that abuse which leads to growth, can be disastrous.  

I wish this was a video they showed in schools! I wish this was a full length film. Because so many parents, teachers, and young people today are STILL under the impression that being LGBT is a choice and "destructive behavior."  Or that young people who come out are simply looking for attention. 

They never think about what's really going on. It's rare that people assume a teen who comes out is just like them, normal and/or simply trying to be true to who they are.  It's rare that people think about what their words and actions can really do to the soul of a person, or that they really think through what the long term consequences of their actions & words might be. Many of these young people, like me, knew from a young age they were different. They looked different, acted different and thought different.  And from a young age, many of them were targets of bullying - long before they ever knew what sexuality was.  Often times bullying, being from family, school mates or complete strangers, is only compiling on top of a life's worth of self doubt, depression and anxiety.  

MAYBE when people start to put themselves in the place of the other person, we can finally have a world where bullying is a thing of the past.  I am so glad to see the acceptance which has grown over the years since I became an adult. Unfortunately, we still have a LONG way to go!  

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