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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Someone is going to do it... Why not me?

I live in South West PA. And around here Fracking is a HUGE industry! My husband works in a plant making and packaging agricultural products (top soil, vermiculite, etc), and quite frankly, it's very hard work for little pay.  So we have had a great many people say to us "Why doesn't he just go join one of these Fracking teams?" But we simply don't see it as an option.

Whenever someone brings it up to me, I usually just say "I refuse to believe a paycheck is worth compromising our children's future for."  Or simply "Our marriage is more important to my husband than the amount of his paycheck." People who know me know I would never support such a harmful industry, so they know what I'm saying.

But a while back when the issue came up in conversation, someone said to me "Well, someone's going to do it, why not use it to pay your bills?"  And my answer was simple... "Someone is going to murder to pay their bills, I still wouldn't do it. Someone is going to sell drugs to kids, to support their family, I wouldn't do it.  Someone is going to make bombs, smuggle deadly viruses, sell slaves or rape children just to make a dollar, but I would never be one of those people, nor would I be married to or even friends with one."

Fracking may not seem, at face value, to be as evil as any of those things. But in fact, it's worse! It's worse because it doesn't kill ONE person, it doesn't harm ONE person, ONE child or even ONE family as many of those other things do... It doesn't even hurt just ONE town. Instead, it hurts us all. It poisons our water, our air, and our land... It may not kill us all right out, instead, it's killing us all slowly.

And it may look as if there is a huge difference between fracking and murder. If nothing else, fracking is legal.  But there's a simple answer for that as well..  Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it should be.  Just because something is illegal, doesn't mean it should be.

I can't stop the entire fracking industry. But I can stop MY husband (or me for that matter) from doing it.

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