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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am a Feminist

Someone recently asked me why would I willingly identify as a Feminist.  Apparently the term Feminist was something this person saw as "low" or "insulting."  But my answer to her was "why aren't you?"  Her answer:  "Because I'm not one!" And she was very clear about identifying herself as a "real woman" and "not someone who wants to be a man."  Responses which honestly took me back a little bit...  I am a very proud Feminist, and beyond sometimes wishing I had the ability to stand and pee, I wouldn't want to be a man for anything!

But if I don't want to be a man, how can I be a feminist?  Because being a feminist has NOTHING to do with wanting to BE a man... In fact, feminism, at least to me, isn't even just about helping women.  Feminism is about choice equality.

What the hell is choice equality?  It's about having the ability (whether you're male or female) to make whatever choices fit you and your life without having to face inequality with other individuals making the same choice, but of the opposite gender.  Simply put, if a man wants to be a stay home dad, he should be able to be seen as equal to all the stay home moms out there. And if a woman wants to be a welder, she shouldn't face a lower paycheck than a man, just because she's a woman.  But it also means that if a woman makes the choice to stay home and not work, she shouldn't be looked down on by other working women.  Feminism is about giving people CHOICES and not begrudging or belittling them because of their choices.

Some people see feminism and think of the shoulder pad wearing, bra burning, hairy legged, loud mouthed and generally angry women who brought the original movement to the forefront in the 1960's, 70's and 80's.  The women who used words like "Breeder" and saw breastfeeding as demeaning.  And while those women are/were a valid and somewhat necessary part of the feminist movement taking hold, they are NOT what feminism is about as a whole.  Now don't get me wrong, these women are most definitely feminists and were HUGE in bringing the feminist movement up to what it is today.  Without a doubt, they were assets in the early years. But as all movements must do, the feminist movement has grown and matured to include people of all walks of life and from all backgrounds.  Today's feminists include everyone - Men, Women, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Gendered, White, Black, Asian, Theists, Atheists... You name it!

So who isn't included in the feminist group?  Simply put it's only those who believe women are unequal to men. Only those who believe that rape and abuse of women and girls is okay...  As I see it, the only people who aren't feminists are those who make the choice not to be.  And IF you feel you fall in to that group, I want to ask YOU something... WHY?  Why do you feel your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter... Don't deserve to earn the same as a man when they do the same job? Why do you believe the women in your life are less worthy of respect and acceptance than the men in your life?

So, why am I a Feminist?  Simply put, because I am a woman, I am strong, I am intelligent, and I am my husband's equal, not his servant, not his maid, not his lesser...  I respect and love my husband, and I most certainly want the best for my sons. Being a feminist does NOT get in the way of those things. If anything, it enhances them.  I get to be a real partner to my husband, not just someone who bends to his will, but someone who gets to compliment him and fill in where he has weaknesses. And I get to be a strong mother that not only encourages and supports her children, but that educates them and provides for them too.  All of my children - sons and daughter - will be better for being raised by a woman that doesn't take shit. That's something I'm proud of!

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