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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's Wrong With Utopia?

Utopia is defined as "a place of ideal perfection." In many religions the idea of Utopia is not one of myth, but simply something which has yet to take place. When I was growing up I was taught that after Armageddon the world would become a Perfect Paradise Earth where all life would live together in peace and harmony. We were taught there would be no death, anger, sadness, illness, conflict or negativity of any kind. It's very understandable why people would be drawn to such beliefs and promises. But is there any real validity to such claims? Is there any reason to see any truth to the idea that such a Utopia could ever even exist? In simple terms... No. 

We live in a world of balance. Dark and Light. Black and White. Good and Evil. You can't have one without the other. If you would, the balance would be thrown off and we would spiral in to dangerously out of control. Good would inherently envelop evil and the two would become indistinct, most likely we would start to see extreme repercussions to any actions or thoughts which were seen as anything less than perfect.

Now, those who believe in such a Utopia would argue that there is no need for dark, as God can give us a world of pure perfection. This is what I was taught for a great part of my life. However, this too does not quite fit. The simple basic understanding that Free Will will always provide people with their own feelings, thoughts and understandings defines that we will always have at least moments of disagreements, even small ones. In a true Utopia, a truly perfect world, conflict could not exist, not even on a minimal level. Yet, free will dictates that each of us will have our own tastes, likes and dislikes, feelings and beliefs any of which will and do lead to disagreements. 

Additionally we have to try and imagine this Utopia... If it is a place of ideal perfection, who gets to define what perfection is? A world of perfection in my mind is greatly different to that of some of my readers, and certainly to that of my mother or millions, possibly trillions of other people throughout the world. 

I imagine a world of equality, yet individuality. A world where persons of differing races, sexualities, gender identifications, beliefs, and so on were able to live together with complete acceptance of one another. A world where fear based solely on the differences was simply non-existent. Of course I would add to that a world with no violence, no illness, no hunger, and no need... A world where people had complete love, trust and respect for all forms of life - human, animal and plant...And a world were our Governments were in fact out for the best of the people as a whole... 

But even in that description which I just jotted down, I know there are those, possibly those reading this, that would say "No, that's not quite right." My point being that what is "perfection" is relative! So how could a world with Trillions of individuals be perfect for all of them? That old adage about never being able to make everyone happy, is completely and totally true!

Regardless of free will and differing opinions though, Utopia isn't something that could work out. We need the Bad, to truly appreciate the Blessings. We need to know illness, to appreciate health. We need the occasional pain, to fully enjoy pleasure. It's just nature. Now, it's easy to think "We don't NEED murder, sickness, rape or any of the other horrid things that go on in the world" but the truth is, we do. We NEED passion, we need purpose, and we need growth. and although a great love does give us these things, we simply can't learn all our life lessons in pleasureful ways. More than that we have to understand that death is important, on a physical and a spiritual level. And even in a life without pain, illness and so on, we still would feel the pain of death, if at least we want to progress, if we want to truly grow and evolve. 

I wish I could say I believed the purpose of life was simply to live happy healthy non-discript lives. But I don't believe that. I know better, and if you've made it this far through my blog, I'm pretty sure you do too.  Pain, as the old saying goes, is a great teacher - in many ways, the ultimate teacher. 

In the end, Utopia sounds like a great idea - happiness, pain free, no worries - but then when you realize that the price, as it so often does, doesn't equal the reward, maybe it's not the greatest idea after all! Sure, I would love to see a perfect world, but the idea of being trapped in someone else's perfect world or worse yet being stuck, unable to grow or move up and on, isn't really my idea of perfect in any way shape or form! I'll take free will and the opportunity to move on, grow and mature over just about any ideal Utopia theory! 

*This blog post was originally published on my One Witch's Wonderland Blog which has since closed.*

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