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Friday, January 3, 2014

Please Help Me Achieve My Dream!

Recently, for those who don't yet know, I opened an Etsy Shop.  For years I have dreamed of opening my own shoppe but wasn't every able to really narrow what I wanted to sell. So I finally decided there is no need to really narrow...  All the things I love work well together inside my head, so there is no reason to think they wouldn't work well together inside a store...  So my shop is a little difficult to describe.  I have items specifically tailored to a Natural/Organic Lifestyle, and those which are more "Metaphysically" aimed, and those which fall in to the middle.

Long term my goal is to have a shop that is part "Witchy"/New Age, part Apothecary, part Natural Living and part Holistic Center.  I hope to focus on creating handmade & organic cleaners, cosmetics, teas, remedies, incenses,, candles and more...  Plus have "green living" items such as cloth diapers, un-paper towels, and so on. And then have an area for books, a room for "magickal items" like ritual tools and an area where I can have "classes" and workshops too.  I also want to have my own jewelry line.

There is an old house in town that different shops have been in and out of over the years, and I hope to someday buy and open my shop there. There are four rooms upstairs, two that would be perfect for Pagan/Witchy items, another that would be perfect for books, and one that would work well for an office.  Downstairs has a beautiful front room perfect for cloth items and small gatherings (classes, workshops, etc) and two other rooms which would be perfect for herbs, tinctures, teas, lotions, makeup, etc... And there's a small area awesome for jewelry, stones, crystals, etc...  Plus the basement would be great for a workshop where I could actually make everything - it's cool & dark so tinctures & teas won't go bad!  There's even a kitchen and a small back yard so I could possibly grow & dry some of my own herbs...   And I love the history of this house too!

Would it be a lot of work? Yes. But if you're doing what you love is it really work? I don't think so. And this is what I love! Getting started though, that's a LOT of work! And not all work I am loving. My biggest issue is not having the cash I need to really jump in.

What I've been doing so far is making ONE item to sell, and using the profit from that to make ONE MORE item... Each time I sell an item I get enough cash to work on the next. But moving at this pace I am never going to achieve my dream shop! I just don't have that many years left!

Please click the picture to donate! 
So I decided I would like to "jump start" my business by doing local Vendor shows through 2014 in addition to having my Etsy shop online. BUT, I need your help to do this! I just can't do it alone!  In total, I need around $2500 to purchase supplies, tools, herbs, containers, marketing materials and a spot in a few of our local vendor shows.

I know money is tight for everyone! And I would never ask anyone to give something they can't afford! But if you believe people's dreams can come true, I'm asking that you donate.  ANY and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated and I am happily "rewarding" donations of $5, $10, $15 & $25 with free items from my shop, free shipping and/or free downloads of my ebooks... I wanted to post rewards for $1 donations, but GoFundMe (the fundraiser company) won't allow it. :(

Thank you again to all who are willing to help me out! I am more thankful than you could possibly know!

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