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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Links to follow for 2014

Happy New Year All!  For the last few years I have attempted to join and fulfill a number of Pagan Blog Challenges, but have never been able to actually fulfill my side. Usually I get behind after 4 or 5 months and finally give up, never being able to catch up.  It turns out my I simply have way to much on my plate to take on any long term blogging projects.  BUT, I really enjoy reading blogs from those who can keep up. Sometimes they have good information and other times they are just plane inspirational!

So even though I'm not going to be joining (or at least not officially) any blogging projects this year, I wanted to make sure that I made the links available to all my readers so that YOU can check them out - or even do them yourselves...

First, the Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge is an awesome way to discover new books for your library.


Second, The Pagan Blog Project has proven to be a wonderful source for a wide array of information, opinion and more... Really it's a little of everything.  


If, and when, I find more, I'll make sure to post them for you as well. 

Even though I am NOT going to be joining any projects this year, I am going to attempt to post more often.  I have more than a full plate, what with a new business, 3 kids - 1 home full time - and a house and quite a few other projects, but I really want to get back to posting, so don't delete me from your Bloglovin' list just yet! 

I can say though that I will not be able to post the 3 or 5 links or posts a day as I once did. But my goal is to post at least a few times a week. I'm also still going to be keeping up with my One Witch's Wonderland page on Facebook, pinning on Eva and my Pinterest Boards (Two Witches) and attempting to do a few videos each month for the One Witch's Wonderland YouTube Channel... And of course all that is in addition to my Etsy Shoppe - CellDara.  So yeah, I will post here as I get the chance. 

While we're at it though, make sure to bookmark all of my projects so you can keep up!

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