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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am a Bitch

A few days back I was reading a blog from one of the "Feminist" pages I follow on Facebook.  The post was talking about how demeaning the term Bitch is, and how it should not be tolerated in ANY form or use.  The author felt that when a man is called a bitch, he's being called a low, weak woman, and she equated the term with numerous racial epitaphs as if they were even comparable.

Now, first, let me say I have never understood why women - or people in general - feel the need to get so upset over name calling.  Quite frankly, I've been called some really horrid things over the years, but seriously, Sticks & Stones people!  I tend to assume that if someone's only argument against what I do or say is to call me names, they must not have an argument worth worrying about in the first place.

But lets talk about the term BITCH for a moment...  When is it used? What does it really mean?  I think most people at this point understand that the term "Bitch" actually means (if we were to look it up) a female Dog.  I guess, if you're not a dog lover, being called a dog could be insulting. But what are dogs and what is the difference between male and female dogs?  Well, dogs are, in my opinion, beautiful creatures, descendants from the wolf.  Nobel, strong, and powerful - none of which I am very insulted by.  They're highly intelligent and work much harder than most humans will - which is why we use them for everything from pulling sleighs, to herding sheep, goats & cattle, to finding lost children, and now, they're even used to detect cancers...  Fact is, dogs are our most beloved pets for a reason, and it's not because they're lazy, weak, dirty or sneaky...  And while male dogs may seem more vicious than females (generally) try and take the puppies of a female dog and you will learn quite quickly how vicious they can be.  Unlike male dogs who will generally bark at anything, females tend to be quieter, more reserved, right up to the moment that they feel you have over stepped, then they will eat your face!

Now think for a moment about when the term Bitch is used to describe a woman...  Usually, it's when she's standing up, speaking her mind, possibly at the expense of someone elses feelings.  The term "Bitching" has evolved to mean complaining, but when someone is referred to as a Bitch, it's not because they're simply complaining, it's usually because she is making herself and her feelings known.  A Bitch is a woman who doesn't allow herself to be walked on, someone who understands that she is the only one who will ensure that her and hers are stood up for and cared for. She's a woman who has strong opinions and isn't afraid to speak up about what she believes is right or wrong.

Just like that female dog who will attack rather than allow you to harm her puppies or her home, a Bitch, is a woman who doesn't lay down and allow herself, her friends, her children, etc, to be walked on.  Yes, a Bitch may be willing to hurt others to get hers, but she's not out to hurt people just to hurt them, she's simply ensuring her own are cared for.

So yes, I am a Bitch. I'm more than proud of that fact!  I say what needs said!  I will stand up for what I believe and to ensure that me and mine are cared for, protected and get what we deserve!  I will not allow you to take advantage of those I love, or quite frankly those I feel I should be working to care for.  What I say may come off as brash or insulting from time to time, but that's not my goal. I am strong and proud, and I don't back down just because someone else may confront me.  I am willing to fight for what is mine, and I have no issue fighting for others!  I am a Bitch, and I am NOT insulted by that term.  I embrace it.  I wear it proudly!  Clearly, the term means a woman with strength, pride, and a willingness to fight for what is right.  Maybe that's something others find insulting, but not me!  I am not a quiet, sweet little woman.  I am not someone who will sit in the background when a voice is needed in front.  I am not someone who keeps her views to herself.  I am a Bitch - and I LOVE it!


  1. I'm a Bitch too and damn proud of it!

  2. Good for you! I love being a Bitch, but there is something I would like to add. I've been rather frustrated with a friend who is obsessed with being politically correct in everything including how she speaks. She's given herself headaches over it and while she's just trying (exhaustingly in my own opinion) to be kind and considerate of others) I feel that she and a lot of people are missing something with all of this hooplah over words. Yes, words hurt, but only if you let them. Someone could call me a million different and derogatory names, I am after all a white, fat female in a lesbian relationship, and currently unemployed, and also pagan. There is so much people have said to me, about me to my face and behind my back that I later hear about and you know what? I have just learned to let it slide off. That is their opinion and the only thing that matters to me is getting back on my feet, protecting and loving my family, and getting through the day or the week, or the next month. There is simply too much going on, too many other things to worry about other than being called a "bitch". I feel like if people are going to get so bent out of shape over a word or being called something, then they are giving those who called them that power and far too much.

    And an aside to that, I think I don't hold much stock in name calling because in high school, one of my favorite games to play with my best friend was the creation of clever name calling. It was all in fun and play and never geared toward hurting anyone. I still play that game with my partner from time to time. We've come up with Whoresmach, hoochi mama heffer head, and hooker-mon (that was our little pokemon creation).


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