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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anti-Rape Wear?

Over the last few years I have seen more and more Anti-Rape devices coming out on the market.  It seems as the issue of rape is being tackled more, everyone wants to find an "easy" solution.  Quite frankly, some of these are clearly doomed to fail, but I like the fact that we are attempting - on a world wide scale - to solve the issue of rape.  Unfortunately there are still those (many of which in power) who prefer to fall back on the old idea that if an individual is raped they deserved it or at least did something to "ask for it" at the time.  But even in countries where rape was once a way of life, the people are fighting back against such ideas and giving women the tools to defend themselves. It's still not a perfect solution, rape still occurs on an hourly basis - actually, more than that. And there are still places in the world where a raped woman can be punished - either domestically or criminally. But it IS getting better, with many countries now even criminalizing spousal rape.

Like I said, numerous Anti-Rape devices have been invented. Some, like the chastity belt are either completely useless, or stop the wearers ability to use the bathroom. Others, such as those pictured here, are meant to be worn internally and damage the rapist upon entry.  The issue with these tends to be that in order for them to work, the woman must be penetrated. Additionally, if they are not cleaned properly after each use, they can cause vaginal infections.  So not only do they NOT actually prevent rape, but they can in fact cause injury to the wearer, AND, they are in fact, and unfortunately, illegal in some places.  So it's time for something that's practical, easy to use and in fact, keeps women safe. And finally, it seems there may be an option out there worth taking notice of!

AR Wear is a new company, still in the "pre-launch" stage with a goal of creating a new Anti-Rape line of Underwear and Running Shorts which are both comfortable and attractive, but which actually deter rapists!  The challenge was not just to create underwear, but to create something that was easy to wear, could be worn beneath nearly any piece of "regular" clothing, and that worked all at the same time. As you'll see in this video, it seems they may have achieved their goal!

While the company is NOT yet open for sales, they are in the process of doing so.  I will make sure to post order/purchase information the moment I have it!  Few subjects touch me as deeply as rape.  So this is something I WILL be watching and WILL make sure to keep everyone posted on!

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