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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Baby Dead, Another Excuse Made

At least once a week, sometimes more, I get a story like this one in my inbox:

And quite frankly, I'm tired of seeing them.  Not only are parents like this man having to bury their children, which no parent should have to do, but they are then facing court, prison, and sometimes worse public opinion.  Why? Because even though doctors know vaccines can cause bleeding in the brain and other "Shaken Baby" injuries identically to those which can occur from shaking, they prefer to assume the baby has been shaken.  Yes, there are those horrid parents who actually shake their child and kill them. BUT, any time a child dies the entire picture needs to be looked at. 

In this case, this child's symptoms showed up BEFORE the alleged shaking.  And those symptoms are documented, this isn't a case where the accused is coming up with all these things after the fact in an attempt to defend themselves.  Nope, the medical evidence is all there.

So why is this man sitting in prison? For the same reason as so many other parents.  Because the very medical system that relies on over medication and vaccination for it's income, is responsible for testifying in a courtroom about their safety.  Most doctors have no real education about vaccines, all they know is what they were told in school and by the vaccine companies. That's the equivalent of having an infomercial host tell you all the flaws with the product... Not going to happen! 

And unfortunately, the only defense these poor parents have is to say "I didn't do it." And hope they have the cash for a good lawyer.  If they don't, they can face spending the rest of their life behind bars.  

So what needs to be done here?  We have to continue to educate not just ourselves, but those around us.  Anyone could potentially land on the jury of one of these cases, so everyone needs to understand that vaccines can cause the same signs and symptoms of SBS.  

More than that, we need to start holding the medical community responsible for the deaths and injuries they cause.  How many times have I heard "Vaccines don't kill people," all the while deaths like this are chalked up to "abuse" or "Shaken Baby" instead of vaccines.  Fact is, vaccines do kill people, mostly children & elderly, which is bad enough. But what adds insult to injury is the fact that more often than not, the vaccines which took their lives are never blamed, instead blaming phantom injuries, illnesses or worse, creating abuse scenarios. 

At first glance, I suppose it doesn't seem to matter.  I mean, regardless of where the blame lays, death can not be fixed.  And I suppose too, that that's where the doctors stand. They have been taught that vaccines are good, so they don't want to admit to deaths or injuries because it may discourage the population from getting them. Or, I'm sure in some cases, they honestly don't believe the vaccines are able to injure or kill, and so, they look for other places to put the blame. However, I fear it does matter where the blame goes!  Vaccines are meant - at least originally - to help people. But when they are causing more harm than good, hiding the truth is not the best option for anyone. Instead, it harms the individuals and leads to the injuries of more and more people. 

It's not like we haven't seen this before.  Numerous medications have been removed from the market because of the damage they were found to cause after the fact.  Early cases of injury from those medications were often blamed on illness and/or injuries from other things as well. But once the cause of them was discovered people caught on, law suits followed and the medications were removed from shelves.  Unfortunately the vaccine companies are - currently - untouchable, they can not be held legally accountable for the injuries or deaths encountered from the use of their products.  

So why is it different here? Why are vaccines not being blamed when they should be? Why were other medications able to be blamed and removed from the system but the vaccines are not?  It's simple. Once one vaccine is shown to be a failure, and taken off the market the entire "vaccine system" is broken and doomed to fail. A complete failure in the vaccine market would cost the medical system TRILLIONS of dollars each year and all but take down the system we currently have.  

Now, while I understand WHY a complete collapse of our current medical system is a bad thing.  I also understand that continuing to damage and kill innocent people isn't a good option either.  While I would love to see vaccines (and many other medications) simply removed from our system, more than that I want to see our system changed.  I want to see a system based on health and healing, not financial gain. And I understand that it can't happen over night. BUT in my opinion, the FIRST step to having that system is to stop hiding behind lies and place the blame for vaccine & medication injuries and death where they belong. 

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