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Monday, October 21, 2013

How to do a Witch's Bottle

Witch bottles are considered to be a very old spell.  Their main purpose in the old days was to create a
decoy for curses or hexes which were cast upon a member of the home. Today however, we've adapted them to become more than that. They continue to act as a decoy and protector, but they also act as a type of charm which imbues the property, the home and those inside it with positive properties.

There are a great many versions of this out there and ALL are adaptive. I would suggest that you find a few and read through them, then create your own based on what you like and dislike about those, while using them as a guide. What items do you see in ALL of them? What items are "odd" in your eye? What properties do you want your bottle to contain? And so on until you have created your own personal ritual.

As always, taking the time to "create your own" will generate more energy and more power in to your spell. You can, of course use a version (such as the one below) just as it's found if you're uncomfortable changing or creating one.

This is the one I used when I first moved in to my home. However, I will be recreating it for my next home, as suggested above. This is my simple adaptation of Flora Petterson's adaptation of Selena Fox's Witches Bottle Spell. I have listed just a few herbs and their properties to give you an example, but you'll want to take the time to look over some herb and stone properties and choose the ones that are right for you.

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Witches Bottle

Ideal Timing: It's best to do this project on the first Full Moon after you move in to a new home or on the Full Moon directly before the Mid-Summer Solstice. However, if that is not possible, any Full Moon will do.

What You Need:
*Large (Pint or Quart) Wide Mouth Jar w/ Lid
*New Coin
*Pieces of Broken Glass (1 or more)
*Old Rusty Bent Nails (1 or more)
*Something Reflective (A piece of Mirror or a Tumbled Stone works great)
*Dried Herbs that match your intent (protection, love, safety, happiness, etc.)
*Stones or Crystals that match your intent
*Sea Salt
*Working Candle
*Hair, Blood, Semen or Urine from each household member
*Fur, Feather, etc from any pets in the house

You'll be burying your jar, so dig a hole large enough for your jar to lay and be covered by enough soil that it won't break when being walked over. I would say at least the width of the jar, plus 4 or 5 inches and wide enough that you can lay the jar down. If possible peel back the sod, keeping it as intact as possible, so you can simply lay it back in place. This will help to hide where it's been buried. This can be done any time in the days before you do your spell.
*IF you do not have a yard area, you can simply use a large planter, plant flowers or something on top and place it outside your door.

You'll want to do this at the height of the Full Moon. And you want to do it without witnesses by anyone outside of your home.

Create a sacred space (circle) and light your working candle.

Hold the bottle in your hands and say:
"With the Great Goddess and God
Working for and through me
According to Free Will and for the Greatest Good.
I now fill this bottle"
The remainder is said as you fill your bottle:
"These rusty nails, bent, now repels anything and anyone negative or life-denying.
The sparkling, shards of mirror hold the light for me and my deities.
This broken glass to deflect harm to anyone it is intended for."
"These herbs infuse the bottle with their living properties"
At this point you will list any herbs you are using as well as the properties they are bringing with them (these are only examples)
Mint for Money and Protection
Parsley for Protection
Sage for Wisdom and Protection
Rosemary for Love, Healing, and Health
Thyme for Health, Love, and Courage
"These stones/crystals infuse their properties into my spell"
Like the herbs before them, list any stones as well as their properties.
"These new coins manifests abundance in my home.
These whiskers/feathers/etc to protect (name) the (animal)"
Repeat this step for each pet including.
"My Hair/Blood/Semen/Urine to protect and draw any negativity to it and disperse it"
Include Hair/Blood/Semen/Urine from each person in your home and repeat the line as needed.
You can also create "Hair dolls" to represent each person for this part.

Now, fill the remainder of the jar with soil/dirt from the hole you dug earlier saying:
"Earth anchors this magick in the ground."
Hold your jar between your hands again, filling it with energy as you say:
"This home is divinely protected and effectively safe.
Nothing and no one can enter without my permission
Only those people and beings through whom the Gods work
Can stay here, can visit, can touch this place."
"Only Positive Witchcraft may live in this place
In safety, protection, abundance, love, and joy
According to Free Will and For the Greater Good"
Take the salt in hand saying:
"This this salt,
I banish all negativity from this place.
May my spell be safe and protected"
 Start to bury the bottle, and replace the sod while saying:
"I now bury this bottle
It is invisible to all but me
And its magick continues
And so mote it be."
Finish by covering any visible signs of your magick with leaves or something appropriate that will conceal your bottles location.

Finally, close the sacred space (circle) and snuff your working candle.

IF or when you move, it's best to dig up the bottle and preform this again at your next residence.

*** *** ***

IF you would like some more examples here are a few I have found:

I'm certain you can find more if needed. Just look around!*

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