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Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Fae Skirt with Old Curtains

I came across this blog thanks to a post on Facebook. Unfortunately, it's in French, which I don't speak. BUT, I get the gist. This blogger used old curtains, but you don't really need old curtains, you could use any material you have (or you buy.) Since I don't have curtains, I'll be buying fabric. But regardless of where you get the fabric, the HOW is the same.

Just cut a piece of elastic to the desired length and sew the ends together (I will over lap to make it more secure). Cut your fabric in to strips of 2-3 inches in width, depending on the look you want. To find the length you want, measure from your (or the person who will be wearing it) waist to the desired length and add 1 inch. If you're making a long skirt cut the ends in a point (you can also round the ends for a different look). Then simply fold the fabric strips in half and attach them to the elastic band. To do so, just wrap the folded end around the band and pull the ends through the loop.  Pull the elastic band taunt and fill it up with fabric strips. Then, just put it on and DANCE!

To see all the pictures and read (if you read french) the original post check out Over The Moon.


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