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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy Apple Jelly

It's that time of year again! Time to start preserving all the blessings we have had growing through the summer!  Apples are one of our most abundant (at least in my area) fruits come harvest time. Farmer's Markets, Orchards and even Grocery Stores are over flowing in big, sweet, beautiful apples of all kinds. But what do you do once you have all these beautiful apples filling your home? Well, there's lots of options - cook them for sauce, bake them in pies, dry them for incense and spell work, or make butter & jelly...  For me, jelly is my favorite! This recipe makes it easy to do and SOOO GOOD! And the best part is, because the recipe only needs the juice, you can still use all the "pulp" to make Apple muffins or bread - perfect places for jelly!

All you need for this recipe is Apple Juice & Honey. As always I recommend Organic Apples and Raw Local Organic Honey - learn the bees names if you can, seriously, it should be that fresh if you're going to use it!

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