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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cast Iron Cooking

It seems like every month there is another warning out about the dangers of common cookware.  Even the US Government has gotten involved when it comes to the teflon coating that's on many non-stick pots and pans. It seems that, once again, grandma knew best!  So more and more people are learning about the benefits of cast iron, and learning to love them as much as our grandparents did! 

But many people are nervious about cast iron. Some cast iron brands are expensive and many people are afraid of misusing or rusting cast iron. While it's true that you can not treat your cast iron the same way that you do other cookware, learning to use and clean it is well worth it!  And the cost can easily be avoided IF you have a grandmother who can - or will - pass theirs down, or if you have a local second hand shop around where you can purchase it.

Many times rusted cast iron can be found for a very small cost. And with just a little TLC, it can easily be brought back to life! Seasoning and/or Restoring a cast iron skillet (or pot) does take time, maybe the better part of a day, but is without a doubt worth it!

**Just as a note, many Cast Iron Pieces will say "Seasoned" or "Pre-Seasoned" on their labels, but it's ALWAYS best to wash and season your cookware for yourself once or twice before you use them for the first time.**


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