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Friday, September 27, 2013

20 Snack Ideas

I am still working on over hauling our eating in this family.  And for the most part, I do okay, not great yet, but okay. But snacking is definitely my downfall! I can do healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and healthy dinner. But between meals, when I'm reading or working, and after I get everyone to sleep - just before bed...  I tend to wonder and eat things I know better than to eat - prepackaged cookies, candy, lunch meat, cake... Yeah, as much as I know I shouldn't be eating them, I can't always help it. So having healthy snacks around that I can lean on is awesome!

Lately, I've been making lots of Apple snacks. Cinnamon Apple Chips, Apple Butter Whole Wheat Muffins, and sometimes, just Apples & Peanut Butter! But a woman can not snack on apples alone, so I needed some more ideas. Then I found this wonderful new post from Good Girl Gone Green and I'm loving all the new stuff swirling around my brain!

:Check out 20 Vegan Snack Ideas & Tips:

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