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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Top 5 Ways to Work from Home

These days the cost of living is increasing and it seems very difficult to get a good paying, solid job with the way the economy is. It is pretty much necessary to have two incomes coming in the household for most families. Many stay at home Moms are now having to start searching for a job outside the home. Which in most cases they will make just enough to pay for daycare, gas, and food. Left with just enough to pay one or two small bills if that.

With unemployment growing and the economy struggling ~ the work from home trend is better than ever! As many are looking for "Plan B" and want something stable that they can depend on for income. Finding the right home based business, opportunity or home job means that many from stay at home Moms to Retirees to those who work outside the home now can start earning income from home. Working from Home gives you the freedom, time and schedule that you want. It will allow you to work when you want and need to verses having someone else telling you when you can work, what days you can have off, and if you can attend your child's activities or not. There are many reasons to work from home and every person out there can find at least a few reasons they would love to or need to. Well, it is definitely possible... There is something out there for everyone, but you just need to decide what Home Based Business, Home Job, or Opportunity that's the right fit for you. Also understanding the difference between a Home Based Business and At Home Job are big keys to choosing. You also will want to understand what Scams are out there. So what is the right fit for you?

1. Direct Sales / Network Marketing: What started out many years back with different companies like Avon, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Candles, etc. has now grown into such a tremendous market. Many can now just get services and shop for products directly through representatives of these companies. What is great it now can be completely done from your computer, internet and phone. In some companies it is better to go locally working. This area of work is pretty much 95% Moms. Either Moms that worked outside the home who wanted to come home or stay at home Moms who needed income. But what is great is anyone can do this. You definitely need to find something you are passionate about, that you would love and be proud to represent. After you decide what service or product you want to represent, you will need to choose a company. Some there are not many choices like service based but other's there are many companies with the same type of products. So you will need to choose which company is best for you. You will want to compare compensation, commission, etc. to decide which one is the right fit. The main way to be successful in these opportunities is to promote both your service/product and your business opportunity. You will earn income on both sides also creating a residual that can pay you for a lifetime with in 2 to 4 years given the right amount of time and effort. These choices can definitely create a six figure income or more with in a few years.

2. Freelance Writing: What is good about freelance writing is that you just need a computer and internet service to earn an income. There is no cost in earning income doing freelance writing. It does not have the potential of Direct Sales / Network Marketing but it will bring in a decent income with in time. There are many who make a full time income with freelance writing. It is good for stay at home Moms as you can do it around your kid's schedule, and family time. To start on this venture you must remember it will take time and you must be able to capture other's interest. Write about subjects people want to hear about and definitely something that you have a lot of knowledge in. To get started you can visit many places like Examiner, Bukisa, eHow, Helium, etc.. You will want to publish just a couple article's at first and then apply to every article writing site that you can find to add those same articles in. You will then want to stay consistent adding articles and getting them out there.

3. Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistant's perform pretty much the same office duties an administrative assistant does, you just do it from your home office verses outside the home. You can start this area of business by going through many freelance websites for work. You can also specialize in different areas like building blogs, creating groups, creating profiles on social sites, etc. This is a Home Business, so you have to build your clients just like you would doing direct sales, network marketing, etc.

4. Graphic Design: With Graphic Design you can do many different things. This may include designing complete websites for other's (if you have the experience and expertise). If you do not have that knowledge you can definitely offer services to individuals and companies designing logos, images, etc. Digital scapbooking is another great way to get into this area of home based businesses.

5. Child Care: This is a great way to stay home with your children and also having them have other children to play with. Working outside the home you will have to put your children in daycare which can be very, very expensive and in a lot of cases take most of your paycheck. Starting a home based child care is awesome for those who loves kids and have patience. A great way to advertise for this is to get flyers out locally everywhere in you area, run an ad in your local papers, hand out business cards, and even find some local sites to advertise like craigslist and backpage.

There are many options to working from home and starting a home based business. You just have to choose what is best for you and what you will enjoy doing. Write down your goals, what you want, and where you want to be in a few years.. work from that to decide what best fits you. Anyone from stay at home Moms, Retirees, work outside the home individuals, stay at home dads, college students, etc. can work from home making a great income. You just have to be willing to put in the time... become determined, driven and creative to changing your circumstances.

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