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Friday, May 17, 2013

Teaching Kids to Go Green over the Summer

I've recently been thinking more and more about ways that I can teach my children to be more green. Right now, concentrating on being "Green" is mom's job. But my kids are really getting to the age where they need to start to learn the trade!

Some things, the kids are already doing without knowing they're being "green." But in the case that your kids aren't doing these things, I'm going to share some of the ideas.

1. Turn off the water when you're brushing!
2. Showers, not baths - although the two little ones do still have baths from time to time.
3. Garden! - Okay, so my baby kills more than she grows, in fact, most of what I planted this year, she has killed already. But the older two love to garden and watch things grow! And they love eating foods they grew themselves!
4. Take off your shoes when you come in the house!  -  This one may not seem to be "green" but taking your shoes off when you enter a home helps to stop the spread of dirt, fungus, molds and even fecal mater in to and around your home. Resulting in a healthier environment AND less of a need to use cleaners and energy sucking air cleaners!
5. Use both sides of the paper. - Okay, this is one we aren't perfect at. I tend to get fed up with the mess and just toss things, but we do have a drawer full of papers that were printed on one side. Most of them are letters from the school, worksheets, tests and/or other letters we've gotten in the mail.
6. Donate old/used toys & clothes to charity. - My kids don't quite understand the point of charity yet. But the point is that they understand that their old things are going to other people, and not in the trash!
7. Recycle - Yeah, we're not so good at this one either. The only way to recycle around here is to drive your paper to a big open bin behind a building on the other end of town or drive 20 min to recycle Aluminum - and it literally takes us a year to fill a trash bag with Aluminum, because I'm allergic & don't use it. So we just have the random soda can. But again, it's not about being perfect, just trying.

Now, moving beyond the things that we already do - or try to do - I wanna talk about all the things that we are going to start doing together...

1. Learning to Wildcraft! - Wildcrafting is the practice of finding eatable (and otherwise useable) plants out side and around the area you live in - Parks, your yard and local woods are great places to find great stuff to gather & use!
2. Going Veg! - The commercial meat industry is just horrid. While I'm not planning on going full time vegan. I am planning on going vegan or vegetarian for breakfast, lunch and at least one of our two daily snacks. Involving children in the process of choosing and making healthy food is a great way to get them on board with eating it!
3. Turning it OFF! - My husband would never go for electricity free time. BUT, he works 4 days a week at least. So every day that he's gone, for an hour a day, we are planning to turn off all the electricity we can. Obviously I can't unplug the freezer in 100* weather, but the idea is to use less. SO, off with the TV's, off with the games, and off with the lights. When it's a nice day, we'll use this time (at least) to head outside. It may get more interesting on rainy days, but hey, that's a part of the game.
4. Library Time! - We rarely go to the library. Mostly because our local library is horrid! But my kids LOVE books. So I will be making an attempt to make a weekly trip for books each week this summer. Using the library for movies, games and books rather than buying them helps to save money and resources!
5. Making Your Own - I make my own cleaners, personal products, cosmetics, fragrances, and so on. But so far, my kids have been completely ignorant of the process or the reasons why mommy does these things.We will be making lots of kid friendly (and kid relevant) things this summer including finger paints, clay, chalk, bubbles and more... Great stuff!

What ideas do you have for teaching kids to be green? I'd love to hear them!

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