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Friday, May 24, 2013

Pagan Books For Kids

Since most of us did not grow up Pagan, raising our own children Pagan can present some challenges. While we all had children's versions of common myths, it takes some seeking to find Pagan Myths for Kids. And learning ways to adapt Sabbat, Esbat and other aspects of our Pagan paths to fit the needs of our children. Thankfully, there is help out there.

First, there are a growing number of books, perfect for encouraging your family to explore their path together.

The Earth Child's Handbook Series

There are two physical books in this series, but smaller downloadable versions are sometimes available through their Facebook page.  All of which are wonderful!  They have everything from recipes and crafts, to "busy work" like word searches.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook too, so you can get all the free downloads as they come available!

Circle Round

This is, I think, the most recommended book title of this kind. I personally keep my copy right next to my bed. It really has everything you need, and written with small children in mind. The mythology is written in a way that makes it presentable for children and the craft projects can easily be adapted to any age or skill level.

The Simple Sabbat
I guess I'm bias on this one because I am a HUGE fan of Flora Peterson. But it really is a wonderful book. It's easy to read, short and to the point, with crafts, rituals and activities for each Sabbat.

Growing Up Pagan

I do not have a copy of this title, nor have I had the chance to review one for myself. However, between the book description (A children's workbook designed for Pagan families! Chock-full of puzzles, games, mythology, beautiful illustrations, and Pagan symbols, this workbook teaches the basic Wiccan belief system.) and the comments from those do have it, I would say it's a good option for Wiccan or Wiccan-ish Families to check out.

Pagan Parenting

Unlike many of the other books here, this title is not for children, but meant to be a guide for parents who are feeling at a loss when it comes to raising their children in a Magickal or Pagan tradition and focuses on Spiritual development from infancy through adolescence.

Everyday Magick

It's clear that this author is not just a witch, she's a mom! This book is wonderful for families! Poems, Activities and Ideas on finding the magick in all sorts of situations. This title encourages fun, creativity and imagination. A beautiful addition!

Raising Witches

This is another book I have not had a great amount of time to read through. However, I have had the chance to skim it. From what I say it had some great ideas on rites and rituals from pregnancy to adolescence as well as ideas on discussing issues that arise for all parents - just from a Wiccan angle.

Pagan Degrees For Children

These books, from what I an tell, are designed to guide children, from ages 5-18 through three "degrees" of their path. The system is set up like a "scout" group would be with merit badges and projects.

One thing I would note here too, is that these books are not packed full of mythology or history, instead the encourage that the student/child do their own research and exploration.

A Witch's Primer

I love this book! It's written in "text book" form and there are no pictures, which to me, is the only downfall.  But chapters are short and easy to understand, and each is ended with a "test" to help the student (or teacher/mentor) to track their progress. Subjects include Esbats & Sabbats, Tools, Elements, Herbs, Rituals, History, Pantheons and SO MUCH MORE!

The Pagan Family

Unlike many of the books listed here which are meant solely for children or as a parental guide, this book was writen as a general guide for the entire family. It's full of great ways to incorporate your faith in to every day celebrations, like birthdays and weddings, as well as Sabbats and Esbats and even ideas on every day magick that the entire family can enjoy!

My First Little Workbook of Wicca

This book is good for the youngest among us. But I would say anyone above 7 or 8 is probably to old.  It's full of coloring pages and songs written to match the tunes of songs they already know (or that most kids know). But if your children are two old, it won't keep their attention.

Let's Talk About Series

I haven't gotten the chance to completely read these titles. However, from what I can tell, they do an okay job at answering some of the more "normal" questions that kids have and help kids understand things a little better. But they aren't great for younger kids.

Kid's Herb Book

 This isn't really a "Pagan Kids' Book" but it NEEDS to be included in all Pagan Family Libraries! It's a wonderful way to introduce your children to the world of herbs!  Coloring Pages, Recipes, Chants, and Activities will teach your children all about common herbs, gardening.  herbal remedies and SO MUCH MORE! This book is perfect for families of mixed faith or who don't want to teach their children faith, but who wish to include them in a natural lifestyle.  

This list is only a small portion of what I have found out there and does not include the many books full of mythology and/or stories meant to inspire.  I have been building a Listmania List for Pagan Children's books. If you're looking for more titles, make sure to check it out!

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