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Friday, May 3, 2013

Making a Pagan Housewarming Basket

I am Pagan, I neither hide nor avoid this in my life. So many times when my friends or family receive things from me they have some Pagan flair to them - even if they don't know it.  So I love the idea of a "Pagan Housewarming Gift." If it's for another Pagan, you can be a little more overt, maybe include a pentacle wind chimes or something along those lines. BUT, even if your friend isn't Pagan, you can still fill their new home with positive energy. Of course you don't want to offend anyone, so if you know your friends faith prohibits alcohol, don't give them wine, instead go for a nice sparkling cider or something, the point and the energy is the same.

Either way, this has some great ideas on how to build a Housewarming Gift while incorporating a little Pagan flair!

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