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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tetanus Vaccines Fail To Protect

When I was 15 I fell through the railing of my mothers front porch and a nail ended up in the back of my leg. Not knowing any better, my mother took me to the doctor who informed her that I "needed" a Tetanus booster.  It was the reaction I had to this vaccine that started me on the path to find the truth. So in some ways, I suppose I should be thankful for an injection that nearly killed me, but in all seriousness, it sucked!  The pain from the injection was worse than the pain from the nail wound, and the vomiting, fever, dizziness and other nasty side effects that I'd rather not list were simply horrid! But I think the worst part was doing the research years later and discovering that the wound I had was NOT even something that was at risk for Tetanus, so the vaccine would have been useless even if it did work... 

But I digress...  The point of this "link share" is to better explore the Vaccine itself, how it is supposed to protect, and why we know it doesn't, not for me to bitch about my own vaccine mishaps.

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