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Monday, April 15, 2013

Oral Health with Oil Pulling

I have a dear friend who turned me on to Oil Pulling a few months back. I'm still trying to get in to the habit of doing it EVERY DAY! But I'm doing better. I will say I've noticed benefits, even though I may miss a day here and there. My gums are visibly healthier, and my teeth are whiter! And while I can't say for a fact that my immune system has taken a boost from this (because I'm also doing other things to help support it) I can say that while my three children and husband were passing around a flu-like illness for over a month, I did not get it once - So SOMETHING is supporting my immune system, I can only assume that this is at least helping!

If you aren't oil pulling yet, you should be... Learn How and Why at the link below.

Now, I will say this, while this article doesn't talk about adding essential oils to help boost the benefits, I have heard of doing this. I warn though, IF you choose to go this route, start SMALL! Start with ONE drop of ONE essential oil.  To many or to much essential oil in a mouth that isn't used to it can be quite a shock! Personally, I recommend sticking to coconut oil by itself for a few months before you even consider adding to it.

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