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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Natural Weed Killer

I love gardening, but I HATE pulling weeds! For the most part, I do my best to NOT kill plants, not even weeds! Usually, I just attempt to find out what the "weed" is before I remove it. I've actually discovered the value of a few different native plants that way. If I discover it's a beneficial plant, I will usually just move it. But for those that aren't, it's nice to have an easy option for getting rid of them. This is also the weed killer I use when getting rid of weeds growing up between the bricks in my sidewalk or in the stone walls around my property.

**DO NOT spray this on your plants though, because it WILL kill them!**

You need just 2 Ingredients:
  • White Vinegar
  • Salt  (optional)
 Simply fill a spray bottle with vinegar and mix in a few table spoons of salt (for a little added punch) and spray on the base (closest to the roots) of unwanted plants. Make sure you are using a "stream" setting on your sprayer, a "mist" will not soak the plant well and will more readily damage neighboring plants.

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