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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homemade Daily Vitamin Suppliment

Most people fit in to one of two categories - those who take a daily vitamin supplement, and those who should.  The problem is that even if people should be taking them, the majority of what is readily available on store shelves isn't any good! Mostly, it's artificial vitamins mixed with preservatives and additives - some of which are known to actually cause poor health rather than support a healthy body.

But what do you do? You know you're supposed to be taking them, and you know most of what is out there isn't worth spending the cash for... Are there better options out there? Well, yeah! You can spend lots of money on top of the line organic liquid vitamins, OR, you can look for ways to create your own! Personally, I prefer the "make your own" option! 

Obviously, this isn't the only recipe, but it's one I've recently found and happen to like!

Make sure to get your herbs from:

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