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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What to Keep in Your Car in Case of an Accident

As I said yesterday, I wrecked my car. And the one thing I learned, was that I was rather ill-prepared. So now that I've had some time to relax and chill out, I've really started to consider what I SHOULD have had in the car and/or ready...

First of all, I never got around to getting my Winter Emergency Kit put in the car.  So that was boo-boo number one. In my case, the car was drivable and I was only stuck at the scene momentarily. But had my car not been drivable, things like a blanket for my daughter would have made a HUGE difference, especially since it was only 18*F today. As would some extra snacks and something for her to do.

But there were also some things I wish I had had that weren't even listed in the "Emergency Kit" that I will be making a point to put in the car!  First, I will be purchasing one of those Disposable Cameras! I don't have a cell phone, and I didn't happen to have my digital camera on hand, so having a camera that stays with the car can make or break your case when it comes to legal matters! Thankfully this accident was pretty straight forward, but I still took pictures of the damage. It would be nice though to have pictures of his damage as well!

Additionally, I would have liked to have my information organized a little better. My husband had kinda shoved everything together in the glovebox, but I had to go back and forth to get everything I needed, plus, I couldn't find a working pen. So I've decided to break down and get one of those "glove box organizers."  That will make it much easier to keep everything straight. 

But more than all that, the two things I wish I would have had most will come in handy regardless of how serious your accident is and can help you skip some of the stress! And these things are now in my car.  First, I printed out a large clear page with of all our important car related numbers - Driver's License Numbers, Insurance Company Phone Number and Policy Number, Emergency Information (contact numbers, blood types & health insurance information) in case of serious injury, Road Side Assistance Phone Number, Local Tow Services, etc.  And second, is something the gentleman I was in the accident with had - a pre-typed "information exchange card." It had spaces for my name, phone number, address, insurance information, where the accident was, DL#, Witness names & numbers and police information (in case they are called).  Thankfully this gentleman had two, so he filled one out and gave it to me, and he gave me one to fill out too. His were tiny, not even as large as an index card, but mine are about "half page" sized, so that there is more room (both of us ran out when we were writing our phone numbers.)  All of these documents can be kept in the organizer, and will no doubt make it much easier to deal with!

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