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Monday, February 4, 2013

Three Types of Home Solar Power & How to Mount Them

My husband and I are working our butts off this year to straighten out our credit scores so that we an purchase a home sometime in 2014. We assume we will be purchasing a "fixer-upper" due to the fact that it's highly doubtful we'll be able to pay more than $45 or $50 thousand for a home and we need a MINIMUM of three bedrooms and a liveable basement. But so long as we can live in the house while we do the work, it's really not that big of a deal for us.

As we work to fix out home we will do our best to make "green" choices. But the first project we plan to tackle is for both Earth friendly reasons AND budget! Even though we are at least a year from buying any house, let alone installing solar panels, I like to know my ducks are all in a row well before it's time to march. Plus, I like research! So imagine my delight when just a few days after beginning my research for this article finds it's way to my blog feed...  It seems the more in tune with the universe I become, the more work it saves me!

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