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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Witch's Toolbox: Book of Shadows Part 2: Buying Premade

When I went through all the whats and whys about Book of Shadows that you CAN buy a pre-made or professionally made one if you chose to, rather than using a notebook or binder. As with any other major purchase this is something that you need to look in to prior to committing. There are some beautiful options out there, some of which have blank pages, others have some pre-written information already in them.

My personal suggestion is to stay clear of those options with pre-written pages unless they are basic stuff like history or the Rede or something along those lines that would be the same regardless of whether you write them out or not.  Because a BOS is such a personal thing, I don't suggest buying one full of pages with someone else's Ritual or Spell work in it. If you want to do that, there are lots of published BOSs out there to choose from and they will cost you HUNDREDS less.

I would also suggest if you are going to purchase one of these beautifully made books to also invest in some good writers. Cheap Ball Point Pens are great when you keep your BOS in a cheap note book, but when you have spent a large amount of money on the book itself or when you have chosen to create your own heirloom BOS, a cheap pen just down plays the worth.

If you are someone who has chosen to type your BOS because your hand writing is not what it could be, make sure that the book you purchase has printable or removable pages so that you can use them with your printer - you may also consider a program that adds some nicer Script style fonts, that will add some beauty.

I would also suggest, if you are going to put this kind of money in to purchasing a Pre-Made Book of Shadows be very selective over what goes inside it...  I am a huge fan of the idea of an Heirloom BOS, as that's what I plan to make mine in to. I want something beautiful, full of information and something my decedents will be proud to have, keep and use.

I covered all the things that you want to keep in YOUR personal BOS, but what do you want to keep in your Heirloom version? Well, as with anything else, it's really up to you, however, what I like to do is keep all the personal experiences in a separate "journal" (also called a Book of Mirrors). I have talked to a few people who have a family book of shadows, and each of them have stated for them it's better to keep all the technical and historical stuff in the family book and then keep their own separate journal/BOM for the personal aspects. This allows them all to share their writings, spells, information, rituals and so on, while still allowing them to keep their own experiences their own. It also cuts down on the great bulk of the book, which would honestly grow beyond limits if everyone in a family of 5 or 6 added their personal experiences to it.

One family had what I found to be a beautiful tradition. My friends grandmother started their family Book of Shadows. And like I mentioned here she kept her personal experiences separate in a number of journals/BOMs. When it came time for her to pass everything on she passed on everything, including her journals/BOMs, which the family keeps in their attic in a steamer trunk. But what made this personally beautiful to me is the fact that her mother and aunts have continued to add to the collection, as she is also now doing, and as she would like for her children to do (who are also being raised in the craft).

The final piece of advice I will give on this subject is simply - KNOW WHAT YOUR BUYING! Make sure you are either buying from someone locally or at least someone you can contact with questions. You want something that is well made with good quality materials. If you're crafty enough, it would be great to look at a few of these options and then make your own... But for those of us who are not so crafty, there are LOTS of places on and off line where you can find Beautiful, Hand Made Books of Shadows. I am listing a few of my favorites below for you to take a look through. I have contacted these makers and checked out their ratings and reviews as well as made sure they were okay with my listing their products here. But please make sure you contact them directly with any questions or concerns BEFORE you buy!

Check out these links and see what you like, what you think and/or get some ideas for yourself...

Mystic Moon Media  -  Wonderful Esty Shoppe!

Lapulia Studios

Magical Omaha

Allegheny Candles - Pittsburgh Local!

Brahm's Bookworks

Bewitching Books

13 Moons

From The Shadows - Located in UK

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