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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Witch's Toolbox: Book of Mirrors

Thanks to modern day cinema, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know what a Book of Shadows is. However, when it comes to a Book of Mirrors, I've come across many long time Pagans who have never heard the term. Personally, I think this is simply because while a Book of Shadows includes more "public" information - history, rituals, traditions, spells and other things you may share with a coven, group or family - the Book of Mirrors is a very very personal thing.

So what is a Book of Mirrors? Well, very simply is a Magickal Journal. In olden days a mirror was often called "reflecting glass." THIS is the meaning we attach to this journal - Reflection. Unlike a Book of Shadows which has technical information, how to and maybe even advice for future generations, a Book of Mirrors is solely for the use of the writer. Although from time to time they are passed on as well.

The idea of a Dream Journal is nothing new to many people, and most Pagans make a point to include their personal magickal experiences either in their BOS or in a second volume. A Book of Mirrors is essentially that second volume! It's a book, almost always hand written, which is filled with Dreams, Visions, Meditations and even personal experiences with Divination, Ritual, Spells and the like.

For many, SOME of these pieces are kept within their personal BOS, and others are simply not kept. However, there is some importance with keeping these things both accessible and current. The most obvious reason for us to keep a record of these things is so we remember what happened, what we saw or where we went.

But why does this information matter? Well, for many Pagans, their connection to the world around them is something very important. They don't tend to draw a line between awake and asleep, which means that the realms of conscious and "unconscious" are more easily blurred for them. Many find reason and meaning in dreams which can only be discovered upon reflection. Almost all will tell you that experiences through Meditation are not only personal but meaningful.  It's also very helpful to keep a personal record of ones more magickal experiences.

So, what is the difference between a Book of Mirrors and an every day Journal? Simple, a Journal may be filled with what happened in your life. Who did you spend your day with and what did you do? Who said what? What did you have for dinner?? Your Book of Mirrors should be filled, not with the mundane, but with the magickal! If you encounter an especially magickal moment during your mundane daily life, there isn't any reason you can't include it, but the majority of your daily life wouldn't be worthy of including in a Magickal Journal...

The simple difference is that while the purpose of a mundane every day Journal is simply to remember, the purpose of a Book of Mirrors is to reflect! To those who keep a Book of Mirrors, it's a blessed part of their day to pick up that book and begin to write, to read over old passages and see how they affected today, and to use what they have written as a way to help them make the proper choices long term...

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